Grandpa earl 2019 Oakland Supercross pits-4937Grandpa Earl watching over the Wilson pits. 


The fourth round of the 2019 AMA Monster Energy Supercross series is hosted in Oakland, California — inside the Raiders Stadium. It is also the stadium where the Athletics play. With three different winners in each class in the last three rounds, it has made this year’s racing interesting to say the least. We got to Oakland early so we can give you a sneak peak into the secrets, the bikes and the people of Supercross .

Ken Roczen 2019 Oakland Supercross pits-5198Ken Roczen has stayed consistent thus far in the series which is working for him. He holds the points lead by two points over Eli Tomac going into Oakland. 

Alex Campbell 2019 Oakland Supercross pits-5148Dylan Ferrandis’ mechanic, Adam Campbell broke his elbow this week at the shop. That isn’t going to stop him from trying to be there for his rider. 

Justin Barica YZ450F 2019 Oakland Supercross pits-5124It looks like Justin Barcia will be lining up tomorrow to race after a bad crash last weekend in Anaheim. The clothes pin says “unplugged.” 

Raiders 2019 Oakland Supercross pits-5081Raider Nation!

Wonder what channels you can get with the KX satellite.  

The Rockstar guys had a rough morning as their rental car got broken into and all their belongings were stolen. No more clothes, toiletries or laptops. 

Colt Nichols 2019 Oakland Supercross pits-4896Colt Nichols rolling around in the Star Yamaha pit car. 

Lunch is served. 

Dean Wilson dad 2019 Oakland Supercross pits-4723Dean Wilson’s dad putting the finishing touches on his FC450. 

Cooper Webb KTM 450SXF 2019 Oakland Supercross pits-4685Cooper Webb put on an amazing performance last weekend at Anaheim 2 on his factory KTM 450SXF. Will he be able to do it again in Oakland?

Carson Brown 2019 Oakland Supercross pits-4718Carson Brown found out he has been racing with a broken navicular in his wrist. That isn’t stopping him from racing tonight. 

Pro Circuit Kawasaki team 2019 Oakland Supercross pits-4651The color of the Pro Circuit KX250 teams bottom fork legs are b-e-a-utiful. 

Pro Circuit Kawasaki team 2019 Oakland Supercross pits-4651Here is a closer look. 

Colt Nichols 2019 Oakland Supercross pits-5128Colt Nichols has a two point lead on Shane McElrath going into the fourth round in Oakland. 

Dunlop tires changing 2019 Oakland Supercross pits The Dunlop guys were busy. 

The fryers are getting ready for the crowd. 

Jess Pettis 2019 Oakland Supercross press day-56012019 Oakland Supercross pits-4960Jess Pettis’ Canadian factory KTM 250SXF. 

Jess Pettis 2019 Oakland Supercross press day-56012019 Oakland Supercross pits-4960Jess Pettis hangin’ out at his sprinter van. 

The Velcro wore off the Renthal grip saver so a rubber band keeps it on. That is our version of it at least. 

Ted Parks 2019 Oakland Supercross pits-4843Ted Parks is a happy guy. 

Dunlop 2019 Oakland Supercross pits-5182Up close and personal with factory tread. 

ELi Tomac KX450 KYB 2019 Oakland Supercross pits-5164Teammates using different suspension. Eli Tomac chooses KYB. 

Joey Savatgy KX450 Showa 2019 Oakland Supercross pits-5165Joey Savatgy picks Showa. 

Pro Circuit Kawasaki team 2019 Oakland Supercross pits-4651Both the Pro Circuit riders, Adam Cianciarulo and Garrett Marchbanks run their forks high up in the clamps.

Cameron Mcadoo 2019 Oakland Supercross pitsCameron McAdoo’s Geico Honda CRF250.

colin morrison 2019 Oakland Supercross pits-4841Remember Colin Morrison? The Metal Mulisha freestyle rider. He helped put together the SKVI Supercross team for 2019. 

fork tubes 2019 Oakland Supercross pits-4788More awesome colors on the Smart Top Honda riders bikes. 

Justin Muscutt 2019 Oakland Supercross pits-5153Alpinestars’ Justin Muscutt takes care of the boot needs of A-star sponsored riders. 

exhaust 2019 Oakland Supercross pits-5162The factory Kawasaki team has an assortment of different Pro Circuit exhausts to choose from. 

dog 2019 Oakland Supercross pits-5094#motodog.

Yamaha is trying to put more weight on the rear end by turning the tank around and moving it further rearward. 

fork telemetry 2019 Oakland Supercross pits-4885Aaron Plessinger is running what looks like a fork telemetry system that records data for the team. 

fork telemetry 2019 Oakland Supercross pits-4885We tried to get a closer look at it but the Yamaha guys didn’t seem to want us to see it. 

Lars Lindstrom 2019 Oakland Supercross pits-4759Lars Lindstrom putting the finishing touches on Roczen’s machine. 

ELi Tomac KX450 2019 Oakland Supercross pits-5201Eli Tomac’s factory Kawasaki KX450. 

This privateer had a rough day to the track.

Steve Westfall 2019 Oakland Supercross pits-4926Steve Westfall finding the perfect playlist to fit the Oakland atmosphere.  

Plessinger’s power plant. 

Joey Savatgy KX450 2019 Oakland Supercross pits-4697This is one fine piece of Pro Circuit welding. 

Ken Roczen Honda CRF450 2019 Oakland Supercross pits-4618Ken Roczen’s eject button. 

Ken Roczen Honda CRF450 2019 Oakland Supercross pits-4618Up close on Roczen’s Lamda sensor that tracks the amount of air and fuel per exhaust.

Joey Savatgy KX450 2019 Oakland Supercross pits-4697The gold hubs match the gold D.I.D chain on Savatgy’s bike. 


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