Dean Wilson 2019 Oakland Supercross press day-5608Dean Wilson was flowing during press day and he’s ready to race here in Oakland. 


Round four of the 2019 Monster Energy Supercross season is here and we are pleased to report that the weather looks good for Saturday! After dealing with rain at the first three rounds, it’s sort of odd that we aren’t expecting rain in Oakland. Isn’t it supposed to rain more up here? At Anaheim 1 it rained during the day and during the night show. Luckily the stadium in Glendale had a retractable roof because it rained there in the evening and all of the riders and teams had to load their trucks in the rain. At Anaheim 2, it poured down rain all throughout the week, luckily the weather was nice for the race, but the track was soft and rutted as a result of the weather leading up to the race.

The track in Oakland looks good so far, the riders were able to try out all of the sections except the two whoop sections which happen to be back to back. Surely this section will be a tough for the riders and it should create some interesting racing for the fans. MXA is here in Oakland to capture the race from the frontline, scroll below to see our best shots from the pits and the track during press day.

Dean Wilson_2019 Oakland Supercross pits-4998Dean Wilson strolling into the stadium for some press riding.

Rocky Mountain ATV MC rig_2019 Oakland Supercross pits-4817The Rocky Mountain ATV/MC KTM rig gets a wash. All of the team truck drivers wash their whole setup before every race. 

Geico Honda 2019 Oakland Supercross pits-4801The truck drivers are usually our favorite members of the teams, because they’re also the cooks!

Justin Bogle_2019 Oakland Supercross pits-5036Justin Bogle and Brad Frace hanging out, waiting for Saturday.

Daniel Castloo 2019 Oakland Supercross pits-4933Daniel Castloo is one of the hardest working mechanics in the pits, the Rockstar Husqvarna team is lucky to have him.

Rogar Decoster 2019 Oakland Supercross pits-4754At 74 years old, Roger DeCoster still isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty and help wherever it’s needed. He’s still The Man.

Bobby Hewitt Chris Laredo 2019 Oakland Supercross pits-4939Rockstar Husqvarna team manager Bobby Hewitt and Jason Anderson’s mechanic Chris Loredo. Now with Jason Anderson and Zach Osborne injured and Dean Wilson pitting under his sprinter van, the hometown kid, Michael Mosiman will be the only rider under the factory Husqvarna rig in Oakland.

Justin Brayton_2019 Oakland Supercross press day-5282Justin Brayton gets a feel for the dirt and eyeballs the jumps. After this he went out and jumped the triple on the first lap.

Vince Friese 2019 Oakland Supercross press day-5570Vince Friese checking out the back-to-back whoop sections. As of right now they look simple, but it will be another story tomorrow when they are chewed up from all the 250 and 450 four-strokes ripping through them. 

Kyle Chisholm 2019 Oakland Supercross press day-5666The great thing about riding press day is that the riders can get a feel for the dirt and the track layout. Kyle Chisholm is getting familiar with the terra firma after a big crash at Anaheim 2, we are happy to see him back on the bike. 

Jess Pettis 2019 Oakland Supercross press day-5601Canadian Jess Pettis has put in a good few round and sits 10th in points in the 250 West division. 

Dean Wilson 2019 Oakland Supercross press day-5608Dean Wilson was feeling good while wearing all black like the Oakland Raiders.

track shot_2019 Oakland Supercross press day-5339The first 450SX Class race held in Oakland was on January 18, 1979. Jimmy Weinert won the race on a Kawasaki. The track that season was completely made of sand and Weinert used paddle tires to get the victory, later paddle tires were banned from Supercross competition.

Steve Westfall 2019 Oakland Supercross press day-5647Rockstar Husqvarna’s crew chief Sean Westfall and Feld’s Sean Brennen talk shop. 

Chris Laredo 2019 Oakland Supercross press day-5287After Jason Anderson was hurt this week in a practice crash, his mechanic Chris Loredo is looking after Dean Wilson this weekend. 

Jess Petitis 2019 Oakland Supercross press day-5459Jess Pettis making a few changes before the second press riding session.  

Justin Brayton_2019 Oakland Supercross press day-5440Justin Brayton looked solid as usual.

Vince Friese_2019 Oakland Supercross press day-5554Vince Friese pops a nice wheelie across the start straight for the camera.

Adam Enticknap 2019 Oakland Supercross press day-5396H.E.P Motorsports Suzuki’s Adam Enticknap getting some laps in. 

Dean Wilson_2019 Oakland Supercross-2Dean Wilson learned the track quickly and put in some hot laps. 

whoops_2019 Oakland Supercross press day-5274Looks easy right?

Angelo Pellegrini (41) is from Italy. He made his first main of the year last weekend at Anaheim 2.

Dean Wilson 2019 Oakland Supercross press day-5608Start technique photo 1: Notice how tight Dean Wilson squeezes the bike and where his head is positioned, he knows what he’s doing. 

Vince Friese 2019 Oakland Supercross press day-5570Start technique photo 2: Vince Friese has some of the best starts on the market. Look where his feet are and where his head is.

Angelo Pellegrini_2019 Oakland Supercross press day-5663Start technique photo 3: Angelo Pellegrini looks cool, but because of the wheelie he had to let off the gas while Dean and Vince where able to put the power to the ground. 

Vince Friese_2019 Oakland Supercross press day-5540It was pretty cool to have this whole stadium to ourselves today. Did you know? The Oakland Coliseum is the only venue in the world to be home to both an NFL and MLB team. 

Martin Castelo_2019 Oakland Supercross press day-5463Martin Castelo currently sits 14th in points in the 250 West division after the first three rounds.

Vince Friese 2019 Oakland Supercross press day-5570Vince Friese and his wrench. 

Alex Ray_2019 Oakland Supercross press day-5547Alex Ray and the H.E.P. motorsports Suzuki team are in NorCal early for some press day riding. Alex currently is tied with Tyler Bowers for 20th in the 450 point standings. 

Dean Wilson 2019 Oakland Supercross press day-5608Up close on Dean Wilson. 

Justin Brayton_2019 Oakland Supercross press day-5288The two SmartTops Moto Concepts Honda teammates chat before they hit the track. 


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