Colt Nichols_2019 san deigo Supercross TRACK WALK-0597The 250 points leader, Colt Nichols checking out the track.


Round five of the 2019 Monster Energy Supercross season started off slow. With the rain that was coming, the Dirt Wurx and Feld crews decided to keep the track covered and alter the schedule in hopes of saving the track for the night show. Now the riders will only have one timed qualifying session and from that practice we will take the top 40 straight into the night show. Things are starting to speed up now as we get ready the qualifying sessions to start. Enjoy this wet track walk gallery while you wait in anticipation for round five to get started and keep checking back in with us throughout the night for updates on results, news and photos from round five.

Cooper Webb_2019 san deigo Supercross TRACK WALK-0949450 points leader, Cooper Webb has his game face on.

track walk_2019 san deigo Supercross TRACK WALK-0594A few weeks ago, nobody would’ve expected rain San Diego Supercross. Isn’t it supposed to be dry in California?

Cameron Mcadoo_2019 san deigo Supercross TRACK WALK-0682Cameron McAdoo is interested to see how this track will turn out.

Cole Seely_2019 san deigo Supercross TRACK WALK-0746Cole Seely checking out the clouds.

Jess Pettis_2019 san deigo Supercross TRACK WALK-0806Canada’s Jess Pettis should be good in the mud!

2019 san deigo Supercross TRACK WALK-0660This KJSC 50 rider is excited to play in the mud and his parents are happy that they don’t have to wash the bike afterwards!

Justin Bogle_2019 san deigo Supercross TRACK WALK-0819Justin Bogle and his mechanic Derek Rankin staring off into the sunset…

2019 san deigo Supercross TRACK WALK-0858Some of the guys are pumped for the mud! 

Trey Canard_2019 san deigo Supercross TRACK WALK-0866Trey Canard is smiling too. We talked with Trey earlier and he’s been in California off and on for a while now. He’s helping the HRC Honda team with testing during the week and he’s been at most of the races to lend a helping hand. 

Trey Canard_2019 san deigo Supercross TRACK WALK-0839Debating whether or not the riders will be jumping through the rhythm sections or not.

Chad Reed_2019 san deigo Supercross TRACK WALK-0912Chad Reed has won six times in San Diego. With the muddy conditions, we’re sure Chad is hoping for a seventh win. 

Ben Schiermeyer_2019 san deigo Supercross TRACK WALK-0903Chad Reed’s mechanic, Ben Schiermeyer has one of the best beards in the pits.

Jade Dungey_2019 san deigo Supercross TRACK WALK-0686Jade Dungey braves the storm without a hat or umbrella.

Juliana Daniell_2019 san deigo Supercross TRACK WALK-0606Juliana Daniell is still smiling!

Ken Roczen_2019 san deigo Supercross TRACK WALK-0788Ken Roczen navigates his way through the puddles.

dirt wurx_2019 san deigo Supercross TRACK WALK-0762Thank you to the Dirt Wurx crew for all their hard work. They have done their best to give us a great race track.

Dr alexander_2019 san deigo Supercross TRACK WALK-0957Dr. Alexander is one of the doctors on scene at the Supercross races. He picks riders up off the ground, he looks over the injured riders in the Alpinestars mobile medical rig and he also works full time as an orthopedic surgeon during the week. Dr. Alexander has performed surgeries on many of the top Supercross riders. 

This rider is documenting the track walk via iPhone.

2019 san deigo Supercross TRACK WALK-0705One of the Pro Circuit Kawasaki crew members helps a young KJSC 50 rider up a jump.

Garrett Marchnbanks_2019 san deigo Supercross TRACK WALK-0722The rookie, Garrett Marchbanks probably wasn’t expecting another mud race in California.

Ivan Tedesco_2019 san deigo Supercross TRACK WALK-0740Ivan Tedesco is probably glad that he’s not racing tonight.

Dylan woodcock_2019 san deigo Supercross TRACK WALK-0639Dylan Woodcock and Michael Carter from California Motocross Holidays checking out the track. 

Colt Nichols_Gareth Swanepole_2019 san deigo Supercross TRACK WALK-0601Colt Nichols and his trainer Gareth Swanepoel checking it out while Colt’s mechanic Trevor Carmichael sneaks into another picture.

Blake Baggett_2019 san deigo Supercross TRACK WALK-0602Maybe Blake Baggett is thinking about all the times he’s ridden in the mud at his house in Florida? 

Vann Martin_2019 san deigo Supercross TRACK WALK-0610Vann Martin is from Texas and he’s excited to ride in the mud.

Tyler Bowers having a laugh with one of the KJSC 50 Dads.

KJSC_2019 san deigo Supercross TRACK WALK-0584The kids are still having fun… Keep checking back in with MXA throughout the night for updates on results, news and photos from round five!


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