2019 Yamaha YZ250FThe all-new 2019 Yamaha YZ250F.

2019 YAMAHA YZ250F

For 2019 the YZ250F utilizes an all-new engine design that features electric starting, a new cylinder head, piston, cam shaft profile, cylinder geometry, larger diameter clutch and more. Working together, these changes produce more mid-range and top-end power.

The bilateral beam frame is all-new with an optimized engine mounting position to improve the machine’s rigidity balance, which is supposed to improve cornering ability and traction. Redesigned bodywork and ergonomics provide a lighter and more compact feel with easier rider movement, while the class leading Kayaba suspension have updated internal components.

2019 Yamaha YZ250F whiteThe YZ250F is also offered in white. 

Yamaha has updated the 2019 YZ250F with the same wireless power tuner that came standard on their YZ450F in 2018. The GYTR Power Tuner app is offered for your iOS or Android device. Using Wi-Fi to connect to the bike’s onboard CAN-bus network via a Communication Control Unit (CCU), the app allows owners to adjust air/fuel mixture and ignition timing maps to tune engine performance for track conditions, record race log information, and monitor a range of data such as maintenance and system diagnosis, engine run time, and more.

The Yamaha Power Tuner App also allows users to share settings among their team or with friends (along with other information), thus evolving the system into a tool that facilitates group communication.

Available in either Team Yamaha Blue or White color schemes, complete with the onboard Communication Control Unit (CCU) and the Yamaha Smartphone Power Tuner App, the all-new 2019 YZ250F will arrive at Yamaha dealers beginning in June 2018 with a MSRP of $8,199.


2019 Yamaha YZ250FThe 2019 YZ250F has an on-the-fly two-mode adjustable engine mapping button. 

Dual-mode engine mapping: Two-mode adjustable engine mapping allows the rider to adjust engine character with the push of a button, making it easy to tune the YZ250F for changing track or weather conditions.

Electric Start: Utilizing a compact starter motor and ultra-lightweight lithium-ion battery, the 2019 YZ250F brings the convenience of push-button starting to the racetrack. Powered by a high-capacity and ultra-lightweight lithium-ion battery, the system adds minimal weight.

Engine: A new, higher-compression flat-top forged piston features a bridge-box design for additional strength with minimal weight. The piston, rings and DLC-coated piston pin, along with the offset cylinder configuration, all reduce friction loss and contribute to quick response. The engine’s intake ports, cam profiles, high-strength connecting rod and optimized crank and counterbalancer all work together to produce more potent mid-to-high-rpm power with user-friendly delivery and exceptional reliability. The new cylinder is also lighter and angled more upright to improve mass-centralization.

2019 Yamaha YZ250F engineThe engine is all-new from the ground up. 

Transmission: The transmission was overhauled for a more direct connection as well as enhanced durability. The gears and shift drum have been revised for lighter weight, and the dogs and shift mechanisms are designed to smooth gear changes and improve durability under heavy demands.

Clutch: A larger-diameter clutch is designed to improve feel and boost reliability even further under high-heat conditions.

2019 Yamaha YZ250F clutchIt offers a larger diameter clutch. 

Radiators: The updated radiators are larger and angled more directly into the incoming air stream for improved cooling.

Exhaust: The wraparound exhaust pipe design improves mass concentration and improves power development, with revised geometry for 2019. The new layout moves the rear end of the exhaust pipe farther forward and enables a muffler position closer to the bike’s center of mass.

2019 Yamaha YZ250F batteryThe Li-ion battery used for the electric start. 

Frame: The compact bilateral beam frame is completely new for 2019. The all-new frame features a redesigned swingarm pivot area along with redesigned upper frame bracing and rear frame spars. All-new engine mounts that centralize mass and increase rigidity on lateral, horizontal and vertical axis.

Bodywork: The 2019 YZ250F features a new lighter, compact body from tip to tail. The radiator shrouds incorporate a new air duct with a concave shape that is narrower. The seat height has been reduced by 8mm towards the front and almost 20mm lower at the tail end.

2019 Yamaha YZ250F frameThe bilateral frame is all-new for 2019. 

Suspension: The KYB coil spring-type forks with speed sensitive damping receive updated settings, larger pistons and newly designed fork lugs/axle brackets. The KYB shock boasts new damping characteristics to match the new chassis as well as a new, lighter-weight spring. The reservoir has been increased 30cc to increase damping control during long motos.

2019 Yamaha YZ250F engine

Lighter Wheels: Careful computer-aided refinement of the EXCEL rim’s cross-sectional profile shaves valuable un-sprung weight without sacrificing durability, while wheel collars with increased rigidity provide an improved feeling of contact to the ground when braking.


2019 YAMAHA YZ450F

2019 Yamaha YZ450FThe 2019 Yamaha YZ450F has only a few refinements from the 2018 model.

The 2019 YZ450F went through a complete redesign in 2018. It returns for 2019 with its powerful yet easy to use engine, simple electric starting, rearward-slanted cylinder design with rear exhaust and forward mounted downdraft intake system as well as Yamaha’s exclusive Power Tuner iOS and Android App and communication control unit.

2019 Yamaha YZ450F engineThe powerful YZ450F engine. 

Available in either Team Yamaha Blue or White color schemes, complete with the onboard Communication Control Unit (CCU) and the Yamaha Smartphone Power Tuner App, the 2019 YZ450F will arrive at Yamaha dealers beginning in June 2018 with a MSRP of $9,299.

2019 Yamaha YZ450F battery


• Updated suspension settings for improved feeling of traction
• Redesigned front fork lugs/ axle brackets for improved rigidity and front-end feel
• Redesigned front and rear wheel collars for improved feeling of traction
• Updated starter system to reduce drag and horsepower loss
• Increased seat foam density
• Blue valvetrain cover

2019 Yamaha YZ450F whiteThe 2019 YZ450F is offered in white and Yamaha blue. 


More information on the 2019 Yamaha motocross models can be found at the Yamaha website. To find out more about the Yamaha bLU cRU rider support program, as well as demo opportunities and riding schools, visit


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