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Coming into the 2020 Atlanta Supercross, the 250SX East division points are tied between Star Racing Yamaha’s Shane McElrath and Geico Honda’s Chase Sexton. Both riders have a win and a second so far this year and they both have the red plate tonight at the Atlanta SX. But after tonight, there will be only one red plate holder. Who will it be? Rj Hampshire, Jeremy Martin, Jordon Smith and Garrett Marchbanks are also looking to make it interesting and grab a win tonight. The track has been a tough one for the riders so far today but it’s not because of the long whoops or deep sand, but the riders are mentioning the unique Atlanta dirt is really what is challenging the riders. MXA is in Atlanta at round nine of the 2020 Monster Energy Supercross season and we’re bringing you results updated throughout the night from both the 250 and 450 classes. Click the link below for all of our coverage from Atlanta, Georgia.


Click here for the 450 Race Results.


2020 Atlanta Supercross_Chase Sexton-5804Chase Sexton grabbed the win in the 250 Main Event.

Rj Hampshire grabbed the holeshot with Chase Sexton and Shane McElrath close behind in second and third. The riders stayed one, two and three for the beginning of the race and then Shane McElrath made a pass on Sexton to grab the second spot, but Shane went outside around the inside single in the sand section and Sexton easily passed him back. Then, Chase put the pressure on Hampshire and he came inside and slammed into Rj after the first rhythm lane and passed him for the lead. Unfortunately, Jeremy Martin went down while riding in fourth in the sand section and bent his bike all up. Chase went on to grab the win with Rj Hampshire second, Shane McElrath third, Jordon Smith fourth and the rookie, Jo Shimoda finished fifth.

1 1E Chase Sexton
2 24 Rj Hampshire
3 12 Shane Mcelrath
4 54 Jordon Smith
5 84 Jo Shimoda
6 66 Enzo Lopes
7 36 Garrett Marchbanks
8 68 Nick Gaines
9 352 Jalek Swoll
10 175 Joshua Hill
11 201 Cedric Soubeyras
12 39 Jordan Bailey
13 53 James Decotis
14 77 Kevin Moranz
15 367 Hunter Sayles
16 56 Justin Starling
17 163 Pierce Brown
18 349 Grant Harlan
19 6 Jeremy Martin
20 125 Luke Neese
21 981 Curren Thurman
22 194 Lance Kobusch

2020 Atlanta Supercross_RJ Hampshire-6012Rj Hampshire finished second in the Main Event.


2020 Atlanta Supercross_Jimmy Decotis-2202Jimmy Decotis crashed in his Heat Race and was forced to go to the LCQ. He came from the back on the start to finish fourth and get the final transfer position.

Grant Harlan grabbed the holeshot on the early lead in the 250 LCQ with Jimmy Decotis buried back in eighth on the first lap. Lance Kobusch was second with Cedric Soubeyras third and eventually Jimmy Decotis was able to get into a transfer position in fourth after he passed Jeremy Hand. The Hawaiian, Grant Harlan rode smart and smooth to take the LCQ win with Kobusch, Soubeyras and Decotis grabbed the final transfer position.

1 349 Grant Harlan
2 194 Lance Kobusch
3 201 Cedric Soubeyras
4 53 James Decotis
5 122 Jeremy Hand
6 711 Tristan Lane
7 67 Jerry Robin
8 247 Brock Papi
9 725 Richard Jackson
10 291 Zane Merrett
11 96 Justin Thompson
12 824 Carter Stephenson
13 570 Cody Vanbuskirk
14 251 Ezra Hastings
15 128 Carter Halpain
16 332 Dustin Winter
17 637 Bobby Piazza
18 47 Lorenzo Locurcio
19 333 Travis Sewell
20 43 John Short
21 116 Tj Albright
22 411 Kobe Heffner



2020 Atlanta Supercross Chase Sexton-2Chase Sexton grabbed the win in the second Heat Race.

Rj Hampshire grabbed the holeshot in Heat Race number two, but it was Chase Sexton who would make the move on Hampshire to grab the lead and go on to win the race. Rj and Chase got into it last weekend in Arlington went Hampshire took out Sexton, so Chase wasn’t going to let him win in the Heat Race. Sexton’s pass was assertive, but no contact was made. Then, Jordon Smith caught up to Hampshire and they went to battle. Both Rj and Jordon went back and forth, but it was Smith who would finish second with Hampshire close behind in third.

1 1E Chase Sexton
2 54 Jordon Smith
3 24 Rj Hampshire
4 68 Nick Gaines
5 36 Garrett Marchbanks
6 175 Joshua Hill
7 39 Jordan Bailey
8 367 Hunter Sayles
9 352 Jalek Swoll
10 96 Justin Thompson
11 570 Cody Vanbuskirk
12 194 Lance Kobusch
13 128 Carter Halpain
14 116 Tj Albright
15 637 Bobby Piazza
16 247 Brock Papi
17 824 Carter Stephenson
18 251 Ezra Hastings
19 291 Zane Merrett
20 67 Jerry Robin

2020 Atlanta Supercross_Jordon Smith-6151Jordon Smith finished second in Heat Race two.


2020 Atlanta Supercross Jeremy Martin-3Jeremy Martin won the first Heat Race of the night.

Jeremy Martin grabbed the holeshot in the first heat race of the night with his teammate Jo Shimoda behind him. Shane McElrath was further back around the five spot early in the race. Pierce Brown, Troy Lee Designs KTM’s newest rookie is making his debut tonight and he passed up into the second portion and ran there for a few laps before Shane McElrath came up and passed him. Jeremy Martin rode smooth and quick in the heat and went on to take the win by two seconds over Shane McElrath. Unfortunately, Jimmy Decotis went down and he will have to try again in the LCQ to qualifying for the Main Event.

1 6 Jeremy Martin
2 12 Shane Mcelrath
3 163 Pierce Brown
4 66 Enzo Lopes
5 84 Jo Shimoda
6 77 Kevin Moranz
7 56 Justin Starling
8 125 Luke Neese
9 981 Curren Thurman
10 47 Lorenzo Locurcio
11 122 Jeremy Hand
12 53 James Decotis
13 43 John Short
14 201 Cedric Soubeyras
15 725 Richard Jackson
16 333 Travis Sewell
17 349 Grant Harlan
18 711 Tristan Lane
19 332 Dustin Winter
20 411 Kobe Heffner

2020 Atlanta Supercross_Pierce Brown-5626Pierce Brown was quick in his first Supercross Heat Race, he finished third.


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