Ken Roczen 2020 Oakland Supercross practice-1132


The 2020 Oakland Supercross is officially here and round five of the 2020 Monster Energy Supercross season is shaping up to be a good one. The Oakland Supercross is always known to have a tough track because of the soft and rutted soil and this year is no different. Although they did screen the dirt for rocks which almost completely cleaned it up, it’s still soft and rutted. The layout is also going to be challenging today in Oakland with the deep sand section, turning rhythm sections and challenging whoop section leading into the triple. MXA is on hand in Oakland covering the race and bringing you results, news, best in the pits gallery and highlights from the day. Click the link below to see all of our posts from Oakland.


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Eli Tomac 2020 Oakland Supercross practice-1095Eli Tomac was fast in the second 450 qualifying session. He was one tenth of a second behind his teammate Adam Cianciarulo.

Starting off in the final qualifying session, Dean Wilson tripled onto the table-top in the turning rhythm section and cased it hard. He immediately pulled to the side of the track, grabbing his right wrist. After taking inventory to make sure the wrist was ok, he got back on the bike slowly and continued on. Cooper Webb is looking aggressive today in Oakland. He has some ground to make up in the Championship after a few rough rounds, so he’s looking to make the most of round five. Jason Anderson had a really cool line in the rhythm section after the start. There’s a small inside roller in front of the first jump that’s meant to slow the riders down and Jason used it to jump and wheel-tap off the first jump, and then go triple-triple through the rest of the section, into the corner. It was really fast and really cool to watch. There were only 39 riders who showed up to race today in Oakland so all of them qualified for the night show.

1 Adam Cianciarulo 59.448
2 Eli Tomac 59.508
3 Cooper Webb 59.970
4 Blake Baggett 1:00.071
5 Jason Anderson 1:00.110
6 Ken Roczen 1:00.154
7 Justin Hill 1:00.344
8 Zach Osborne 1:00.440
9 Justin Barcia 1:00.519
10 Dean Wilson 1:00.559
11 Justin Brayton 1:00.701
12 Malcolm Stewart 1:00.868
13 Martin Davalos 1:00.966
14 Vince Friese 1:01.274
15 Aaron Plessinger 1:01.750
16 Tyler Bowers 1:01.869
17 Alex Ray 1:02.021
18 Kyle Cunningham 1:03.247
19 Curren Thurman 1:03.605
20 Kyle Chisholm 1:03.945
21 Ryan Breece 1:03.960
22 Cade Autenrieth 1:04.086
23 Joshua Cartwright 1:04.120
24 Adam Enticknap 1:04.196
25 Jason Clermont 1:04.612
26 Cade Clason 1:04.668
27 Nick Schmidt 1:04.675
28 Aj Catanzaro 1:04.786
29 James Weeks 1:05.554
30 Joan Cros 1:05.923
31 Scotty Wennerstrom 1:06.504
32 Josh Greco 1:06.670
33 Deven Raper 1:06.899
34 Joel Wightman 1:06.966
35 Alexander Nagy 1:07.011
36 Jake Hogan 1:07.491
37 Theodore Pauli 1:07.567
38 James Milson 1:09.026
39 Johnnie Buller 1:10.291

All 39 riders transfered directly to the night show.

Adam Cianciarulo 2020 Oakland Supercross practice-1546Adam Cianciarulo crashed at the bottom of the finish line jump in the first qualifying session.

Cooper Webb 2020 Oakland Supercross practice-1557Cooper Webb is looking good in Oakland. 

Malcolm Stewart 2020 Oakland Supercross practice-1028Malcolm Stewart is representing the Raiders in Oakland.


Adam Cianciarulo 2020 Oakland Supercross practice-1066Adam Cianciarulo had a crash in the first qualifying session, but he got up and finished the practice strong.

Blake Baggett jumped to the top of the board on his final lap of the practice as he scored the fastest lap in the first qualifying session. He stated in his interview afterwards that the dirt is unreal. He said that it is slick in some spots, but it also has a lot of traction in other spots. Blake Baggett isn’t normally a strong qualifier but he’s looking really quick today. The whoop section is short in Oakland but they started out steep and they were tough for the riders. Now they are breaking down and there’s a lower line on the right hand side of the whoops that’s allowing the riders to skim through them a lot faster.

1 Blake Baggett 1:00.275
2 Jason Anderson 1:00.451
3 Adam Cianciarulo 1:00.643
4 Justin Hill 1:01.085
5 Cooper Webb 1:01.195
6 Justin Brayton 1:01.245
7 Justin Barcia 1:01.489
8 Ken Roczen 1:01.495
9 Eli Tomac 1:01.552
10 Dean Wilson 1:01.585
11 Malcolm Stewart 1:01.645
12 Zach Osborne 1:02.104
13 Martin Davalos 1:02.124
14 Aaron Plessinger 1:02.406
15 Vince Friese 1:02.724
16 Tyler Bowers 1:03.577
17 Kyle Cunningham 1:03.637
18 Alex Ray 1:04.385
19 Ryan Breece 1:04.786


track grooming 2020 Oakland SupercrossThe Dirt Wurx crew is very busy grooming the track in Oakland. 

The track in Oakland is soft and rutted. It’s also technical and this turning rhythm section in the photo above has been challenging for the riders. A few of the top guys are able to triple from the jump where the skid steer is grooming and they’re landing on the small turning table-top and then jumping off that and over the next jump. Then they are going triple-double through the rest of the rhythm.

Justin Barcia 2020 Oakland Supercross practice-1077Justin Barcia was the seventh fastest in the first qualifying session in Oakland.

Cooper Webb 2020 Oakland Supercross practice-1044Cooper Webb awaits the 450 group A qualifying session in Oakland.  

Justin Brayton 2020 Oakland Supercross practice-1017Justin Brayton preparing for the first qualifying session.


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