Cooper Webb Carlos Rivera 2020 Oakland Supercross track walk-0754


Before practice and qualifying get under way at the 2020 Oakland Supercross. The riders, mechanics, team managers and Chad Reed VIP participants hit the track to check it out and see what’s in store for round five of the 2020 Monster Energy Supercross season. This year, riders immediately noticed that there was a single added to the track after press day. In case you haven’t seen it yet, Jason Anderson and more launched a huge double into the sand section. Sadly, it doesn’t look like they’ll be able to jump the double today. But that is probably for the best to keep the riders healthy and the racing close. Riders and crew members on track walk also noticed the new dirt inside the Oakland Coliseum. We thought it was completely new soil brought in for 2020, but after talking with the Dirt Wurx crew we found out that the same Oakland dirt that has been used for years was cleaned up for 2020. Kirk Kitchen and his team spent two and a half weeks screening the dirt in the Oakland parking lot, sifting out all the rocks. After walking the track, it was very hard for us to find any rocks out there.


track changes 2020 Oakland Supercross-2 Changes were made to the track after Jason Anderson and more were launching this double during press day. 

This section was meant to be two wall singles to slow down the riders as they went into the sand section, but on Friday during the press day riding, Zach Osborne, Mitchell Oldenburg, Jason Anderson and a few others were launching off the first wall and landing in the sand on the back side of the second wall jump. The Dirt Wurx crew told the riders that if they jumped it as a double, they would change it for Saturday’s race and the riders still went for it. Check out our video of Jason Anderson launching it here.

track changes 2020 Oakland Supercross-2The Dirt Wurx crew added this small roller before the first wall jump to slow the riders down and stop them from doubling it. 

Justin Barcia Aaron Plessinger 2020 Oakland Supercross track walk-0654The factory Yamaha boys Justin Barcia and Aaron Plessinger chat on track walk.

Wil Hahn 2020 Oakland Supercross track walk-0773Wil Hahn, the Star Racing Yamaha team manager with his game face on.

Mitchell Oldenburg 2020 Oakland Supercross track walk-0615 Mitchell Oldenburg was one of the first riders to launch the double on press day.

Michael Mosiman 2020 Oakland Supercross track walk-0779Michael Mosiman staring hard at pastor Jake Vanada during the optional Chapel service after the riders meeting. 

Michael Byrne Blake Baggett 2020 Oakland Supercross track walk-0704 Blake Baggett and Rocky Mountain KTM team manager Michael Bryne.

Eli Tomac sound testing 2020 Oakland Supercross-0475Eli Tomac’s race bike gets sound tested.

John Tomac 2020 Oakland Supercross track walk-0728Eli Tomac’s Dad, John Tomac.

raiders 2020 Oakland Supercross track walk-0775Although they recently moved to Las Vegas, the Oakland-Alameda Coliseum still has lots of Raiders branding everywhere.

walk of fame 2020 Oakland Supercross-0439The “walk of fame” has been a hit in 2020. Before every qualifying session, the riders and mechanics have to walk their bikes down the “walk of fame” on their way to the stadium and fans are allowed to interact with riders and give them a high five on their way to the track. Once the pit party begins, the walk of fame will have fences around it for the fans to stand behind.

Ricky Carmichael 2020 Oakland Supercross track walk-0744Ricky Carmichael comes out for every track walk to get the inside scoop on the conditions and the riders before the TV broadcasting begins. 

2020 Oakland Supercross Orland tunnelThe field of the Oakland Coliseum is dug down into the ground. This is the ramp where all the riders will be going down into the stadium.

Eli Tomac 2020 Oakland Supercross track walk-0741Eli Tomac checks out the track for the first time.

broken stadium chairs 2020 Oakland Supercross-0465Here is the sad graveyard of broke stadium chairs…

Ken Roczen 2020 Oakland Supercross-6Ken Roczen comes into Oakland with the points lead.

Justin Cooper 2020 Oakland Supercross track walk-0768Justin Cooper walking the track with his Reno Power electrolyte mix.

Alex Martin Rene Zapata 2020 Oakland Supercross track walk-0681Alex Martin and JGR’s Rene Zapata staring down the track.

Dean Wilson Mitchell Falk 2020 Oakland Supercross-7Dean Wilson gives Mitchell Falk some tips about the track since Dean rode press day.


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