Cooper Webb Ken Roczen foot injury 2020 Oakland Supercross race -3975


The 2020 Oakland Supercross is now history and round five of the Monster Energy Supercross series did not disappoint. The technical Oakland track helped create some of the best racing so far this season. With epic battles in the 250 heat races, a surprise winner in the second 450 heat race, Ferrandis and Forkner dicing for the win in the 250 Main and an all-around amazing 450 Main Event, the Northern California SX fans definitely got their money’s worth in Oakland. Heading into the 2020 San Diego Supercross, Ken Roczen only has a three-point gap over Eli Tomac and Cooper Webb closed in on Ken by two points with his thrilling last-lap, last-corner pass. MXA’s Daryl Ecklund and Josh Mosiman were in Oakland to cover all the action and share every bit of information we could gather with our loyal readers. Click the link below for our video of Jason Anderson launching the big double, our best in the pits gallery, race results and more from round five.


Photos by Daryl Ecklund
Words by Josh Mosiman 


Eli Tomac 2020 Oakland Supercross race -3903 Eli Tomac won his second race of the season and tightened the point standings up in Oakland.

Eli Tomac looked good all day in Northern California. He qualified second fastest behind his teammate, he battled hard with Roczen in their Heat race and he had a good start in the Main Event which helped even more. Eli was third behind Cianciarulo and he had Cooper Webb behind him. For the first time this season, Webb looked aggressive and it seemed like he might have something for Eli. But Eli began to pull away from the 2019 Champ and close in on Cianciarulo. He got around Adam on lap eight and then set his sights on Ken who sprinted from the beginning of the race. Ken was struggling to try and jump through the cupped-out and rutted whoop section and Eli was gaining time by continuing to skim through them. On lap 11, Eli reeled in Ken through the whoops and over the triple to pass him in the next corner. It looked like Eli would sail smoothly afterwards, but Ken wasn’t letting up and eventually Eli made a mistake. There was a big braking bump that formed at the end of the sand section and Eli was lifting his front wheel over it, but on lap 15 he made a mistake trying to do it again and went over the berm. Luckily for Eli, he didn’t go down. He went around the outside of the berm and rejoined the track in second place. Then, again he mounted a charge and passed Ken in the exact same section. Eli won the race by three and a half seconds over Cooper Webb at the finish.

Eli Tomac 2020 Oakland Supercross race -3903Eli Tomac cut down the eight-point gap on Ken Roczen to only three going into round six.


Cooper Webb 2020 Oakland Supercross race -3879Here Cooper Webb launches the triple-triple in the rhythm lane before the finish line right after Cianciarulo tried to make a counter move and pass him back in the corner before this.

Cooper Webb showed up to Oakland a different rider than we have seen previously. Cooper was aggressive in practice which helped him qualify third. He started the Main Event in fourth, but he couldn’t keep up with the leaders early in the race. They slowly pulled away from him, even though you could tell Cooper was pushing and giving it his all. Cooper could have given up and settled for a conservative fourth, but that wasn’t in his game plan. He eventually caught Adam Cianciarulo and passed him with four laps to go. At this point any other rider would’ve settled for a podium. Ken Roczen had a decent size gap on him, but Cooper Webb doesn’t like to settle. Coming into the final lap it looked like there was no way he would catch him. Eli Tomac was just ahead of Roczen, but all eyes were on Webb as he seemingly floated across the whoops on the final lap and gained major ground in just one straight away to put a wheel in on Ken Roczen and flustered him. Cooper rode side-by-side with Ken on the final two rhythm sections and as the two riders landed off the triple in the final rhythm lane, Cooper’s wheels landed first which allowed him to hit the brakes first. Ken over shot the triple and couldn’t get on the brakes quick enough. Cooper squared him up, dove inside, bumped Ken and finished second place. The crowd went crazy.

Cooper Webb Eli Tomac 2020 Oakland Supercross race -3879The closest that Cooper ever got to Eli was at the beginning of the 450 Main Event. Eli pulled away in the middle of the race and then Cooper finished only 3.5 seconds back after he passed Roczen in the final corner.


Ken Roczen 2020 Oakland Supercross race -3740Ken Roczen rode strong, but he wasn’t able to keep Eli or Cooper behind him.

Ken Roczen is a competitor and he doesn’t like to lose. Especially not to Cooper Webb. But unfortunately for Ken, Saturday night in Oakland was all too familiar for him as Cooper once again passed him in the final seconds of the race. Ken rode great all day but in the Main Event, Eli Tomac and Cooper Webb were both able to get the best of him by continuing to skim through the whoop section. Ken was losing time in the whoop section, but anyone who has raced or ridden at any level from beginner-to-Pro knows that it’s hard to completely switch-up your line once your comfortable. Ken did his best to keep Eli behind him, but Eli was able to pass him in the corner after the whoops two-times in the Main Event, and that’s where Cooper Webb gained all of his time in the final lap of the race.

Ken Roczen foot injury 2020 Oakland Supercross race -3975After the Main Event, Ken Roczen immediately sat on the ground and pulled his boot off to check if his foot was ok.

Cooper Webb Ken Roczen foot injury 2020 Oakland Supercross race -3975Cooper Webb came to check on Ken. He asked if Ken was ok and told him good race.

Ken Roczen foot injury 2020 Oakland Supercross race -3975On Sunday, Ken Roczen posted on his instagram story this photo of his foot mentioning that he would get X-rays on Monday.

450 start 2020 Oakland Supercross race -3553 The key to a great start is to keep your front wheel on the ground and legs squeezing tight against the bike. If you watch anyone of these guys in practice that’s what they’ll do, but it’s a lot harder to do perfectly when you’re lined up next to 21 other guys and the adrenaline is going. 

Ken Roczen at the far left of this photo has the best form and he grabbed the holeshot. Cooper Webb has the next best form in this photo and he was fourth into the first turn.

450 start 2020 Oakland Supercross race -3553 Ken Roczen grabbed the holeshot in Oakland with Adam Cianciarulo and Justin Hill right behind him.

450 start 2020 Oakland Supercross race -3553Adam Cianciarulo, Eli Tomac, Cooper Webb, Zach Osborne and Justin Hill ride in picture perfect formation while Vince Friese is the first to step out of the main line on the opening lap.

Adam Cianciarulo 2020 Oakland Supercross race -3682Adam Cianciarulo rode third for a majority of the race, but eventually finished fourth in Oakland.

Adam Cianciarulo made a few mistakes throughout the day in Oakland, so when Cooper Webb passed him and he cased a triple in the rhythm before the finish, Adam seemed like he settled in to finish a respectable fourth place. In an instagram post Adam mentioned that he was happy with the majority of his race and that he dealt with arm pump. After crashing towards the end of the third Main in Glendale and not finishing the race, Adam ended up eighth overall. A fourth place in Oakland was a significant improvement from the weekend prior.

Ken Roczen 2020 Oakland Supercross race -3740Ken Roczen gave it everything he had trying to pull away from Eli Tomac. The riders were getting close to the mechanics area right after the finish line before they jumped into the sand section. 

Ken Roczen 2020 Oakland Supercross race -3740Ken Roczen leads Adam Cianciarulo, Eli Tomac, Cooper Webb and Justin Hill on the opening lap of the Main Event.

Jason Anderson 2020 Oakland Supercross race -3654Jason Anderson started the Main in seventh and finished in fifth. 

Blake Baggett 2020 Oakland Supercross race results-2875Blake Baggett was quick in Oakland, but his Main Event result didn’t show it.

Blake Baggett scored the fastest qualifying time in the first 450 session, but after the second session his time was beat by Adam Cianciarulo, Eli Tomac and Cooper Webb. Still, fourth in qualifying is a win for Blake Baggett. In the heat race, he started third behind Eli Tomac and Ken Roczen and battled with them for the win. Blake was making a run on Eli to pass him through the whoops while Eli was trying to make the same move on Ken. It was wild to see, Eli was catching Ken in the whoops and Blake was catching Eli in the whoops at the same time.

In the corner, Eli made a mistake and stalled his bike allowing Blake to get in second. Then, Blake was trying to make a move on Ken for the lead and got slowed up by Ken, which allowed Eli to get back by and put Blake in third again. Blake was also the first rider we noticed to hit the triple-triple in the rhythm lane next to the finish line. He did it in the Heat race behind Ken and Eli and then many of the top 450 riders caught on and started doing it in the Main as well.

Justin Barcia 2020 Oakland Supercross race -3660Justin Barcia was on a mission in Oakland, but his starts kept him from running at the front. Justin was in 11th place on the first lap of the Main Event and he passed his way up to 6th by the end of the race. He was two seconds behind Jason Anderson for fifth.

Justin Barcia 2020 Oakland Supercross race results-3120Justin Barcia was on a tear in his 450 Heat race when his bike failed him on the last lap, just two corners before the finish line.

Justin Barcia 2020 Oakland Supercross race results-3120Justin’s first reaction was frustration. He threw his hands up and looked at the crowd. But soon his pity-party was over and he ran it back to the mechanics area as fast as he could so that his mechanics could tear it apart and install a new engine in time for the 450 LCQ. The Yamaha boys changed it in ten minutes and had it back at the starting line in time for Justin to race the 450 LCQ.

fans crowd 2020 Oakland Supercross race -3413Justin Barcia had an excited young fan in NorCal.

Zach Osborne 2020 Oakland Supercross race -3721Zach Osborne ran in fifth place for the first eight laps of the 450SX Main Event. But his race came apart after that. First his teammate Jason Anderson passed him and then Justin Hill, Justin Barcia, Dean Wilson and Blake Baggett all passed him in the next two laps. Malcolm Stewart passed him later and he finished 11th in Oakland.

opening ceremonies 2020 Oakland Supercross race -2267Men and women of the U.S. Air Force carried the American flag and U.S. Air Force flag out onto the track for opening ceremonies.

Justin Barcia Arai helmet Justin Barcia paid tribute to Kobe Bryant in Oakland. 

Justin Hill 2020 Oakland Supercross race -3722 Justin Hill was a new man in Oakland. He won the second 450 Heat race of the night and he rode strong in the Main Event to finish eighth. 

Malcolm Stewart 2020 Oakland Supercross race -3755Malcom Stewart finished 10th in the Main Event. 

450 podium 2020 Oakland Supercross race -4013Eli Tomac, Cooper Webb and Ken Roczen on the podium.


1 94 Ken Roczen 113
2 3 Eli Tomac 110
3 51 Justin Barcia 98
4 21 Jason Anderson 96
5 1 Cooper Webb 95
6 9 Adam Cianciarulo 90
7 27 Malcolm Stewart 75
8 10 Justin Brayton 73
9 4 Blake Baggett 69
10 16 Zach Osborne 63

Eli Tomac 2020 Oakland Supercross race -3903Eli Tomac and his team were all smiles after the race.

Ken Roczen Eli Tomac 2020 Oakland Supercross race results-2799Ken Roczen grabbed the holeshot in the first 450 Heat race but he was passed by Eli in the second corner. Then, Eli decided to stay low off the wall jump on the first lap and Ken launched it far into the sand (as seen above). Ken was able to make the pass and hold off Eli to take the win. 

Aaron Plessinger crashAaron Plessinger picks up his bike during qualifying.


250 start 2020 Oakland Supercross race -3205 The 250SX riders light the fireworks as they take off for their Main Event in Oakland.

Dylan Ferrandis 2020 Oakland Supercross Dylan Ferrandis win Dylan Ferrandis won his second Main Event of the season in Oakland. 

Dylan Ferrandis 2020 Oakland Supercross race -3449Similar to the 450 class, the whoops played a huge factor in the outcome of the 250 race as well.

Dylan Ferrandis was fast in the whoops and he made his pass on Austin Forkner for the lead the same way Eli Tomac passed Ken Roczen in the 450 class. He gained momentum in the whoop section, scrubbed the triple afterwards and came up the inside to make the pass in the corner. Dylan got up close to Austin and it looked like there might have been a little bit of contact, but it wasn’t dirty. Austin went off the track and re-entered shortly after, but Dylan already had a decent gap after that and Austin couldn’t get close enough to retaliate. Austin talked about it in the post-race press conference said that he would’ve done the same thing to Dylan if it were the other way around. Sadly, the crowd still booed Dylan Ferrandis on the podium. Maybe they booed because Austin went off the track when Dylan passed him, or maybe the NorCal fans wanted to get in on the action and boo him for what happened two weeks ago between Dylan and Christian Craig.

Dylan Ferrandis 2020 Oakland Supercross race -3449Dylan Ferrandis threw a massive whip off the finish line to celebrate his Main Event win.

Alex Martin Austin Forkner 2020 Oakland Supercross race -3277Alex Martin leads the 250SX Main Event and Austin Forkner chases close behind. Here they launched off the wall into the sand section. 

Dylan Ferrandis 2020 Oakland Supercross race -3449Dylan Ferrandis was happy to be back on top.

250 podium 2020 Oakland Supercross race -3511Dylan Ferrandis, Austin Forkner and Justin Cooper on top of the podium. 


1 1W Dylan Ferrandis 109
2 32 Justin Cooper 107
3 52 Austin Forkner 99
4 30 Brandon Hartranft 92
5 26 Alex Martin 85
6 45 Jacob Hayes 73
7 40 Mitchell Oldenburg 72
8 101 Luke Clout 66
9 57 Derek Drake 64
10 28 Michael Mosiman 63

Alex Martin Austin Forkner 2020 Oakland Supercross race -3277 Austin Forkner gets kicked forward in the whoop section while chasing Alex Martin.

David Vuillemin 2020 Oakland Supercross race -3483David Vuillemin was excited to see his rider Dylan Ferrandis grab the win and points lead in Oakland. 

Luke Clout 2020 Oakland Supercross race -3407Australian rider, Luke Clout is making big strides forward in Supercross. He lead laps in his heat race and finished fifth in the Main Event on his Penrite Honda.

Michael Mosiman holeshot 2020 Oakland Supercross 250 start Michael MosimanMichael Mosiman rode strong in the first 250 heat race. He battled hard with Austin Forkner for the win, but eventually finished second. In the Main Event, Michael didn’t have a great start and was running ninth when he had a hard crash coming into a corner which took him out for the night. Michael’s bike also flipped up and Cameron McAdoo hit it with his chest when he came into the corner. 

Mitchell Oldenburg 2020 Oakland Supercross practice-1303Mitchell Oldenburg was also riding well in Oakland. He battled for the lead in the second 250 heat race with his teammate Luke Clout and he finished sixth in the Main Event. 

Jacob Hayes 2020 Oakland Supercross race -3379Jacob Hayes and Cameron McAdoo both had their issues in the Main Event. Jacob finished 12th and Cameron 14th.


opening ceremonies stadium shot track 2020 Oakland Supercross race -3156The Oakland Supercross from above.

The Oakland Supercross track was unique as it featured a wide range of obstacles which ultimately made for some great battles and passing opportunities. The whoop section was short, especially when compared to the extra long whoops in Glendale, but they weren’t easy. The whoops were big and steep and throughout the day and night show they broke down and had lots of kickers and ruts through them. Some riders had the whoops dialed while others lost valuable time in them.


turning rhythm section 2020 Oakland Supercross race -3265Luke Clout #101 leads Mitchell Falk #60, Justin Cooper #32, Brandon Hartranft #30 and more through the turning rhythm lane.

The turning rhythm section was also a challenging one for the riders. It featured four 3-foot tall jumps, a turning table-top, four more 3-foot tall jumps, a 5-foot tall jump and a 3-foot tall jump. There were multiple different rhythm options that riders used to get through it and a lot of time was either made up or lost in this section.

track grooming 2020 Oakland SupercrossA second view of the interesting section during qualifying. 


Adam Cianciarulo 2020 Oakland Supercross practice-1546Multiple riders crashed at the bottom of the finish line in practice. Adam Cianciarulo was the most well known rider to be taken down in that section. Ryan Breece and a few other riders were also victims of the rutted double before the finish line and they all ended up tangled in the tuff blocks at the bottom of the manager tower. 


Justin Cooper 2020 Oakland Supercross practice-1683Justin Cooper launches into the sand section.

After Jason Anderson, Zach Osborne, Mitchell Oldenburg and more doubled over the two wall jumps on press day, the Dirt Wurx crew added a small single before the first wall to keep the riders from launching it. Although they didn’t send the massive gap, the section was still exciting to watch. The riders were doubling over the first wall and then launching off the second wall, high and far, into the deep sand. It was really cool to watch and it made for some really cool photos and passes. The most notable pass was the one Ken Roczen put on Eli Tomac on the first lap of the 450 heat race.

track changes 2020 Oakland Supercross-2This photo shows the gap the riders were jumping on press day and the new single before the first roller that was added on Saturday. The fast line was to double over the first roller and then launch far and high off the steep wall jump into the sand. 

Michael Mosiman 2020 Oakland Supercross practice-1403Michael Mosiman chooses the inside line on the elevated turn.

Another interesting section was the elevated right-handed turn. In this corner, riders had the option to go inside and roll around the corner, or jump up to the outside and jump out of it. At the beginning of the day everyone was taking the inside line and it looked like a bad design by the track crew. But once the heat races began, riders were finding that they could make up time by hitting the outside line, and once the Main Events came around, the fast line was to take the outside. You don’t see this obstacle too often in Supercross, and we originally thought it would be a boring corner, but it turned out to be great for setting up passes.

ruts 2020 Oakland SupercrossThe biggest challenge in Oakland every year is the ruts that develop. Ruts in the corners are one thing, but ruts on the jumps and in the whoops really adds to the difficulty of the track. The ruts in Oakland definitely made the racing more interesting.

dirt pile 2020 Oakland SupercrossThe dirt in Oakland was rock-free this year.

The dirt in Oakland wasn’t all-new, but it sure felt like it when we stepped out onto the track during press day. The Dirt Wurx crew informed us that they hired someone to screen the dirt for rocks to clean it up. They spent two and a half weeks sifting the dirt out in the Oakland parking lot and it really helped. We could barely find any rocks in it.


Eli Tomac 2020 Oakland Supercross race -3903Eli Tomac posted via instagram: “Well a bit of wild ride in the main! The track seemed like a tight layout, but ended up racing sweet! Lifted the front end to high over the sand bump which led to the squirrel over the berm move. Lucky to get back on that quick and into the battle again all things considered. Overall great night for us and better starts!”

Adam Cianciarulo 2020 Oakland Supercross race -2151Adam Cianciarulo posted via instagram: “4th last night in Oakland. Happy with my effort, excluding the last 5min or so. Arm pump isn’t usually an issue for me but it was in the main and I think it must’ve had something to do with not riding much last week. Regardless, I rode smart and made the most of it. Those guys are ripping! It’s fun being up in the battle. Let’s do some more of that.”

Justin Barcia 2020 Oakland Supercross race -2109Justin Barcia posted via instagram: “Sometimes the result doesn’t show the true ride and effort that went into a race! I had a lot of challenges to overcome that were thrown at me in Oakland, I was having a good heat race and had a mechanical on the last lap… my guys changed an engine in no time and we were onto winning the LCQ. I knew I had my work cut out for me on the farthest outside gate in the main event. I put on one of my best rides in a long time, charged through a lot of great racers made clean racing passes and finished p6. Honestly the confidence boost I got from Saturday night is huge so I’m very excited going into the San Diego round!”
 Dean Wilson 2020 Oakland Supercross practice-1138Dean Wilson posted via instagram: “Oakland 7th – Stressful day. Came up short on a rhythm and literally thought I broke both my wrists. But she buffed and just sprained them. Anyways had a problem in the heat had to hit the LCQ which was sketch got in the main and came from around 11th to 7th. Happy with my progress will keep getting better. Thank you Team”

Justin Hill 2020 Oakland Supercross race results-3146Justin Hill posted via instagram: “O.co had me hyped up. Felt pretty at home, got myself a heat win and a much better finish in the main. Still got a lot of work to do, I’ll keep grindin”

Dylan Ferrandis 2020 Oakland Supercross race -3490Dylan Ferrandis posted via instagram: “#1 at Oakland last night. so stocked on this one 1 red plate is back !!! Couldn’t do it without the support of my whole team”

Cameron McAdoo Austin Forkner 2020 Oakland Supercross practice-1329Cameron McAdoo posted via instagram: “Stoked to get a heat win in Oakland! The main didn’t go so well I got hit by someone’s bike a few laps in knocking the wind out of me which was very hard to manage the rest of the race, then stalling my bike towards the end. We will take some good positives into next weekend in San Diego. So happy to be back on the gate!!”

Luke Clout 2020 Oakland Supercross race -3407Luke Clout posted via instagram: “we made some solid gains this weekend! qualified P5 and then I led some laps in the heat race to finish 4th, and a P5 in the main event!”


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