Chase Sexton wins 250 Main Event 2020 SALT LAKE CITY SUPERCROSS ROUND 13-16


Round 13 of the 2020 Monster Energy Supercross season is in Salt Lake City, Utah, and it’s a wet one! At the first two rounds of racing in Salt Lake City, Shane McElrath was able to win both of the Main Events on hard pack tracks with Sexton finishing 2nd and 5th so far. With the rain and muddy track conditions, now the pressure is on even more for Shane McElrath and Chase Sexton as they are both tied in the 250SX East Coast point standings. With a dry track, it’s easy to imagine Chase and Shane up front earning maximum points, but with a muddy track, bike malfunctions, crashes and more can easily hinder a riders performance and make for a big shift in the point standings. See below for 250 Heat Race, LCQ and Main Event Results as they are updated throughout the night.

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Chase Sexton 2020 SALT LAKE CITY SUPERCROSS ROUND 3 -3331 Chase Sexton wins in a dramatic 250 Main Event.

The rain started to come down in Salt Lake City after the 450 LCQ just before the 250 Main Event. Chase Sexton grabbed the holeshot with his rival Shane McElrath behind them. Then, Shane came up the inside in the next corner and block passed Sexton. Chase then went off the track and re-entered in fifth place. Then, two corners later Chase tried to triple into the corner and he landed on the back of Enzo Lopes which took them both down. Sexton was outside of the top ten, but he quickly began making passes. Then, the race got red flagged because Garrett Marchbanks was down and not moving quickly. The riders then had to go back to the starting line to restart the race because only two full laps had been completed.

After the restart it was Shane McElrath with the holeshot and his rival Chase Sexton right behind him in second. It was very impressive to see these two up front again. Chase followed Shane for a few laps and then, McElrath was trying to pass a lapped rider and Chase Sexton was able to get by. Shane got up in second place still, but Chase was able to get the lead and begin to pull away. Chase then managed his lead while Shane McElrath slowly caught up to him, but Shane wasn’t able to get close enough to apply pressure. After a rough start, a red flag and then a whole new race, Chase Sexton won the 250 Main Event in Salt Lake City and took back the points lead with 3-points ahead of Chase.

1 1E Chase Sexton
2 12 Shane Mcelrath
3 13 Colt Nichols
4 163 Pierce Brown
5 38 Kyle Peters
6 352 Jalek Swoll
7 49 Chris Blose
8 66 Enzo Lopes
9 159 Jace Owen
10 43 John Short
11 84 Jo Shimoda
12 367 Hunter Sayles
13 56 Justin Starling
14 128 Carter Halpain
15 185 Wilson Fleming
16 59 Joshua Osby
17 77 Kevin Moranz
18 157 Darian Sanayei
19 75 Coty Schock
20 47 Lorenzo Locurcio
21 73 Chase Marquier
22 36 Garrett Marchbanks

Garrett Marchbanks 2020 SALT LAKE CITY SUPERCROSS ROUND 3 -3131Garrett Marchbanks went down early in the 250 Main Event which caused a red flag. We hope he’s ok.


Justin Starling 2020 SALT LAKE CITY ROUND 12 qualifying-9991Justin Starling won the 250 LCQ, but this photo was taken at Round when the track was dry.

Darian Sanayei grabbed the holeshot in the 250 LCQ but it was Justin Starling who got by him on the first lap to take over the lead. Wilson Fleming was third and he made his way by Darian to get into second on lap two. Unfortunately, Jerry Robin went down early in the race and he was ok, but his bike wouldn’t start and that put him out of the race. Hunter Sayles got around Darian Sanayei to get into third, but then Darian block passed him in the next turn to get back into third. Then, Darian was able to passed Wilson Fleming back and take over the second position again.

1 56 Justin Starling
2 157 Darian Sanayei
3 185 Wilson Fleming
4 367 Hunter Sayles
5 258 Justin Rodbell
6 981 Curren Thurman
7 248 Travis Delnicki
8 208 Logan Leitzel
9 124 Lane Shaw
10 162 Maxwell Sanford
11 357 Kameron Barboa
12 160 Vincent Murphy
13 67 Jerry Robin
14 125 Luke Neese
15 332 Dustin Winter
16 364 Chad Saultz
17 39 Jordan Bailey



Chase Sexton 2020 SALT LAKE CITY SUPERCROSS ROUND 3 -2415Chase Sexton through the whoops.

Colt Nichols put a huge gap between he and the rest of the pack heading into the first turn. He started in the same spot at his teammate Shane McElrath did the Heat before. Colt tried to do the same move and hit the backside of the landing of the finish line jump which is making for a big berm on the start, but Chase Sexton dove up the inside and passed him in the first turn. Chase quickly put a gap between he and Nichols while Justin Starling got tangled between two other riders and went down in a rhythm lane on the first lap. Jerry Robin had nowhere to go when Starling crashed and he rain Starling over. Kyle Peters looked good in fourth place early in the race and he was one of the few riders still skimming through the whoop section. Chase got caught up with lapped rider Coty Schock when Coty crashed in a corner, but Chase was able to maintain his lead and go on to win the Heat race.

1 1E Chase Sexton
2 13 Colt Nichols
3 163 Pierce Brown
4 38 Kyle Peters
5 159 Jace Owen
6 47 Lorenzo Locurcio
7 84 Jo Shimoda
8 49 Chris Blose
9 75 Coty Schock
10 157 Darian Sanayei
11 981 Curren Thurman
12 67 Jerry Robin
13 162 Maxwell Sanford
14 208 Logan Leitzel
15 357 Kameron Barboa
16 332 Dustin Winter
17 364 Chad Saultz
18 56 Justin Starling



Shane McElrath 2020 SALT LAKE CITY SUPERCROSS ROUND 3 -2463Shane McElrath commandingly won the first Heat race.

Shane McElrath grabbed the holeshot in the first 250 Heat race with privateer Carter Halpain in second. The sun is now out and the track has been completely prepped. Without ruts and grooves on the track, the first lap was a fast one, but we expect the track to only get tougher with each lap. Rookie Jalek Swoll on the Rockstar Husqvarna went down in the whoops on the first lap, but he was able to get back into qualifying position easily. Shane easily won the Heat race and lapped up to fourth place before the Heat was over. He made the track look smooth, although it got tougher with each lap.

1 12 Shane Mcelrath
2 36 Garrett Marchbanks
3 128 Carter Halpain
4 73 Chase Marquier
5 66 Enzo Lopes
6 59 Joshua Osby
7 43 John Short
8 352 Jalek Swoll
9 77 Kevin Moranz
10 185 Wilson Fleming
11 248 Travis Delnicki
12 258 Justin Rodbell
13 125 Luke Neese
14 367 Hunter Sayles
15 124 Lane Shaw
16 160 Vincent Murphy
17 39 Jordan Bailey



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