start 2020 Salt Lake City Supercross Round 11 Main Event-7


The first round of seven Salt Lake City Supercross races is officially in the books and it was Eli Tomac who came out on top. The first round proved to be just as dusty and hard pack as we remembered. Sadly, the tough conditions for Supercross will not be turned around next weekend as they will continue to race in Salt Lake City, on the same dirt, in the same stadium for the next six rounds. Hopefully with more time to water the dirt and work on it, the Dirt Wurx crew can work their magic and bring some moisture into the Utah dirt. Check below for the current point standings in each class as they head into round 12, back inside of the Rice-Eccles Stadium on Wednesday, June 3rd.



Ken Roczen Eli Tomac 2020 Salt Lake City Supercross Round 11 Main Event-5Eli Tomac extended his points lead at round 11, but it wasn’t after battling hard with Ken Roczen and  Cooper Webb.

The first 450SX Main Event after the Coronavirus shutdown was exciting to say the least! Blake Baggett got out front early with Justin Brayton in second while Eli Tomac, Ken Roczen and Cooper Webb battled it out amongst eachother. Both Ken and Cooper were able to get around Eli momentarily, and in previous years that might’ve shaken Eli’s confidence, but not this time. Eli was able to regroup and get around them before he set his sight on Baggett, quickly made the move on him and began to pull away. Cooper Webb held him honest the entire time, staying within just a few seconds, but he wasn’t able to get close enough to pressure Eli. Adam Cianciarulo was running up front early, but he had a hard crash in a rhythm section in which he was run over by Cooper Webb.

1 Eli Tomac 252
2 Ken Roczen 244
3 Cooper Webb 220
4 Justin Barcia 210
5 Jason Anderson 189
6 Malcolm Stewart 164
7 Justin Hill 148
8 Justin Brayton 143
9 Dean Wilson 142
10 Aaron Plessinger 136
11 Adam Cianciarulo 129
12 Blake Baggett 125
13 Zach Osborne 123
14 Vince Friese 113
15 Martin Davalos 109
16 Tyler Bowers 63
17 Chad Reed 53
18 Kyle Chisholm 52
19 Benny Bloss 44
20 Kyle Cunningham 32
21 Ryan Breece 31
22 Alex Ray 25
23 Justin Bogle 24
24 Chris Blose 18
25 Broc Tickle 12
26 Adam Enticknap 12
27 Daniel Herrlein 8
28 Ryan Sipes 7
29 James Weeks 7
30 Henry Miller 6
31 James Decotis 4
32 Fredrik Noren 4
33 Ronnie Stewart 3
34 Jason Clermont 3
35 Cade Autenrieth 3
36 Joshua Cartwright 1
37 Jerry Robin 1

Ken Roczen 2020 Salt Lake City Supercross Round 11 Main Event-4Ken Roczen after the 450 Main Event in Salt Lake City.

Adam Cianciarulo 2020 SALT LAKE CITY ROUND 11-6824Adam Cianciarulo had a big crash in the 450 Main Event. 

social distancing on the podium 2020 Salt Lake City Supercross Round 11 Main EventThe 450 podium from round 11 in Salt Lake.


Shane McElrath 2020 Salt Lake City Supercross Round 11 Main Event-4Shane McElrath wearing his helmet on the podium. A helmet works as a face mask right?

Shane McElrath got out front early in the 250 East Main Event and his rival Chase Sexton was second. Chase came into Salt Lake City ten points ahead of McElrath, so he didn’t have as much pressure to win as Shane did. With the hot weather and hard packed dirt, riders were making mistakes all over the track and this allowed Shane and Chase to get into lapped traffic earlier than usual. Garrett Marchbanks was fourth early in the race and he made a very aggressive pass on Jeremy Martin when he slammed into him to inherit the final spot on the podium. Shane McElrath was able to hold off a hard charging Chase Sexton to win the Main Event and gain three points on Chase in the Championship fight. Now only 7-points will separate them going into the next round.

1 Chase Sexton 121
2 Shane McElrath 114
3 Garrett Marchbanks 100
4 Jeremy Martin 84
5 Rj Hampshire 80
6 Enzo Lopes 66
7 Jo Shimoda 62
8 Jalek Swoll 58
9 Jordan Bailey 53
10 Jordon Smith 48
11 Joshua Hill 43
12 Pierce Brown 41
13 Jace Owen 40
14 Cedric Soubeyras 35
15 Kyle Peters 34
16 John Short 32
17 Joey Crown 31
18 Nick Gaines 28
19 James Decotis 24
20 Grant Harlan 24
21 Lorenzo Locurcio 20
22 Kevin Moranz 19
23 Justin Starling 19
24 Curren Thurman 18
25 Dustin Winter 16
26 Hunter Sayles 13
27 Chase Marquier 13
28 Chris Blose 11
29 Joshua Osby 10
30 Jerry Robin 10
31 Colt Nichols 8
32 Richard Jackson 6
33 Carter Halpain 5
34 Isaac Teasdale 5
35 Luke Neese 3
36 Justin Rodbell 3
37 Wilson Fleming 2
38 Lance Kobusch 1

Chase Sexton 2020 Salt Lake City Supercross Round 11 Main Event-7Chase Sexton now has a seven-point lead.

Jeremy Martin 2020 Salt Lake City Supercross Round 11 Main Event-6Jeremy Martin finished fourth in the 250 Main Event.


Dylan Ferrandis 2020 San Diego SupercrossDylan Ferrandis grabbed the win in San Diego at the last 250 West race and he extended his points lead.

The last 250SX West Main Event in San Diego was a cat and mouse game between Austin Forkner and Dylan Ferrandis. It was Rockstar Husqvarna rider Michael Mosiman who grabbed the holeshot and the early lead in San Diego. Michael held of Austin Forkner and Dylan Ferrandis for the first four laps while they were battling behind him. Austin was the first rider to get around Mosiman and then Ferrandis did shortly after. Once Dylan and Austin were one and two, the battle was on. Austin did everything he could and he fended off a few of the Frenchman’s attacks, but eventually Dylan was able to dive up the inside of Austin in the off camber corner and take over the lead. Sadly Austin went off the track and lost time to Dylan when he tried to re-enter. Ferrandis held on to take the win with Forkner second, Justin Cooper third and Michael Mosiman fourth.

1 Dylan Ferrandis 135
2 Justin Cooper 128
3 Austin Forkner 122
4 Brandon Hartranft 110
5 Alex Martin 98
6 Jacob Hayes 89
7 Luke Clout 83
8 Michael Mosiman 82
9 Derek Drake 78
10 Mitchell Oldenburg 72
11 Carson Brown 72
12 Martin Castelo 53
13 Killian Auberson 51
14 Aaron Tanti 50
15 Jett Lawrence 46
16 Jay Wilson 45
17 Robbie Wageman 43
18 Michael Leib 32
19 Christian Craig 29
20 Cameron Mcadoo 27
21 Logan Karnow 27
22 Mitchell Falk 24
23 Cheyenne Harmon 17
24 Derek Kelley 13
25 Ludovic Macler 12
26 Lorenzo Camporese 7
27 Chris Howell 6
28 Taiki Koga 5
29 Bryson Gardner 4

Austin Forkner 2020 San Diego SupercrossAustin Forkner is third in the 250SX West title chase. 

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