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The 2020 Tampa Supercross is the first round of the 250SX East Coast Championship and it’s shaping up to be a good one. Defending Champion, Chase Sexton is one of the only title contenders coming into Tampa who is still on the same team. His teammate Jeremy Martin is also still on the same team, but he’s coming off a year and a half long injury which kept him away from the races during the entire 2019 season (besides MEC and European offseason races). Shane McElrath is coming in with high expectations and he switched from Troy Lee Designs KTM to Star Racing Yamaha for 2020. Rj Hampshire switched from Geico Honda to Rockstar Husqvarna and Jordon Smith switched from Troy Lee Designs KTM to Pro Circuit Kawasaki. Besides that, there are a lot of young rookies making their debut this weekend in Tampa. Rockstar Husqvarna’s Jalek Swoll and Geico Honda’s Jo Shimoda are newcomers to SX while Troy Lee Designs KTM’s rookie, Pierce Brown will miss the first rounds due to an offseason injury and their other rookie Brian Moreau will also miss tonight after crashed earlier today in free practice. Stay tuned to MXA all night for results, news, photos, points and more from the Tampa SX.


Click here for the updated 250SX Championship Point Standings.
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2020 Tampa Supercross_Shane McElrath-8814Shane McElrath wins the first 250SX East Coast Main Event of the year.

Shane McElrath grabbed the holeshot with Jordon Smith section, Jeremy Martin third and Chase Sexton fourth. Jeremy Martin then made the pass on Smith right after the finish line on the beginning of the second lap. Shane McElrath pulled a 3.8 second lead on the third lap of the race while Martin and Smith battled. Then Chase Sexton also passed Jordon Smith on lap three to inherit third. Jordon Smith then passed Martin but made a mistake shortly after in the sand section. Then Garrett Marchbanks caught and passed his teammate Jordon Smith for fourth place. Rj Hampshire was sixth with six and a half minutes to go when he caught up to the back of Jordon Smith. With five minutes to go Hampshire passed Smith for fifth place. Then with just over two minutes to go Hampshire passed Marchbanks for fourth. Then with two laps to go Hampshire went down and he lost two positions when Marchbanks and Smith pass him. Click here for the updated Championship Point Standings.

1 12 Shane Mcelrath
2 1E Chase Sexton
3 6 Jeremy Martin
4 36 Garrett Marchbanks
5 54 Jordon Smith
6 24 Rj Hampshire
7 38 Kyle Peters
8 355 Joey Crown
9 53 James Decotis
10 84 Jo Shimoda
11 159 Jace Owen
12 175 Joshua Hill
13 201 Cedric Soubeyras
14 68 Nick Gaines
15 43 John Short
16 67 Jerry Robin
17 39 Jordan Bailey
18 367 Hunter Sayles
19 66 Enzo Lopes
20 56 Justin Starling
21 79 Isaac Teasdale
22 981 Curren Thurman

2020 Tampa Supercross_Chase Sexton-8289Chase Sexton finished second in the first Main Event of the season.

2020 Tampa Supercross_Jeremy Martin-8900Jeremy Martin finished third in his first race back after his injury. 


2020 Tampa Supercross_Isaac Teasdale-8873Isaac Teasdale earned the final spot in the main event when he battled back and forth with Jalek Swoll at the finish line.

Curren Thurman grabbed the early lead with Hunter Sayles and James Decotis behind. Decotis made quick moves to get into second on lap two. Isaac Teasdale made a pass on Travis Sewell to get into fifth. Curren Thurman and James Decotis battled hard while Isaac Teasdale passed Tristan Lane for the final transfer position. Finally with two laps to go, Decotis made the pass on Thurman. James Decotis is riding injured today in Tampa so he’s not performing at his normal speed. Jalek Swoll was fifth on the last lap, one spot out of the transfer position.

1 53 James Decotis
2 367 Hunter Sayles
3 981 Curren Thurman
4 79 Isaac Teasdale
5 352 Jalek Swoll
6 711 Tristan Lane
7 47 Lorenzo Locurcio
8 332 Dustin Winter
9 125 Luke Neese
10 122 Jeremy Hand
11 73 Chase Marquier
12 77 Kevin Moranz
13 349 Grant Harlan
14 128 Carter Halpain
15 570 Cody Vanbuskirk
16 313 Kyle Swanson
17 124 Lane Shaw
18 96 Justin Thompson
19 291 Zane Merrett
20 333 Travis Sewell
21 116 Tj Albright
22 296 Ryder Floyd



2020 Tampa Supercross_Jeremy Martin-8900Jeremy Martin finished second in his first Heat Race back.

Chase Sexton grabbed the holeshot with his teammate Jeremy Martin second, Jalek Swoll third and Jo Shimoda fourth. Jalek Swoll rode well, but a crash in the whoops took him out of the race. Josh Hill rode well in his first race back, he passed Jo Shimoda and got into third. Then eventually, Rj Hampshire came from way behind to pass Hill and inherit third later in the race.

1 1E Chase Sexton
2 6 Jeremy Martin
3 24 Rj Hampshire
4 175 Joshua Hill
5 84 Jo Shimoda
6 159 Jace Owen
7 355 Joey Crown
8 39 Jordan Bailey
9 201 Cedric Soubeyras
10 981 Curren Thurman
11 333 Travis Sewell
12 570 Cody Vanbuskirk
13 125 Luke Neese
14 124 Lane Shaw
15 349 Grant Harlan
16 73 Chase Marquier
17 53 James Decotis
18 116 Tj Albright
19 352 Jalek Swoll
20 296 Ryder Floyd

2020 Tampa Supercross_Josh Hill-8354Josh Hill is riding well during his first race back after retirement. He finished fourth in the Heat Race.


2020 Tampa Supercross_Shane McElrath-8814Shane McElrath has the first gate pick in 250 Heat Race number one.

Jordon Smith grabbed the holeshot in the first Heat Race of the night, but it was Shane McElrath who passed him quickly and took over the lead. Garrett Marchbanks was third and as the two Pro Circuit riders went into the sand section they both ended up crashing at the same time. They got up quickly and John Short got into third behind Smith ahead of Marchbanks. Eventually Short would drop back and Kyle Peters and Enzo Lopes would push forward. Then Garrett Marchbanks passed his teammate back, meanwhile Shane McElrath took advantage of their mistakes to pull away to a huge lead and win by 14 seconds.

1 12 Shane Mcelrath
2 36 Garrett Marchbanks
3 54 Jordon Smith
4 38 Kyle Peters
5 66 Enzo Lopes
6 43 John Short
7 56 Justin Starling
8 67 Jerry Robin
9 68 Nick Gaines
10 367 Hunter Sayles
11 79 Isaac Teasdale
12 47 Lorenzo Locurcio
13 313 Kyle Swanson
14 77 Kevin Moranz
15 711 Tristan Lane
16 291 Zane Merrett
17 128 Carter Halpain
18 122 Jeremy Hand
19 96 Justin Thompson
20 332 Dustin Winter

2020 Tampa Supercross_Enzo Lopes-8821Enzo Lopes is looking strong on his new Club MX Yamaha in Tampa.

2020 Tampa Supercross_Shane McElrath-8575Shane McElrath is making his debut on the Star Racing Yamaha team in Tampa.


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