It hasn’t rained in SoCal for seven months and then, on the week of the World Vet Motocross Championship, it was 95 degrees on Thursday, 85 degrees on Friday and 50 degrees and raining on Saturday and Sunday.  We can’t say that it never rain in Southern California, because for this one weekend it rained on-and-off for two straight days.

Amazingly, there was still a large turnout of riders in spite of the travel and quarantine restrictions that kept racers from Europe, Canada, Mexico, Japan and many other countries at home, but there was still a healthy presence of foreign riders who live and work in the USA at the race. In fact, without these riders the “World Cup of Nations” would never have fielded 12 national teams (last year there were 21 Cup teams).

Because of the rain, Glen Helen wasn’t as brutally rough as it normally is,but that is because this time mud was the challenge. Luckily, the Glen Helen track crew worked day and night to keep the big hills rideable and the low spots free of standing water—as much as you can when it is still raining.

Dennis Stapleton won the money in the Over-30 125 Pro race over Mike Alessi, Kurt Nicoll won the Over-50 125 Pro class over Pete Murray,  Kris Keefer won the Over-4- Pro class over Mike Sleeter, Mike Alessi won the big money in the Over-30 Pro class over Dominic Desimone and, in the international  World Vet Cup of Nations, a powerhouse Guam team took the gold over the teams of Puerto Rico and Poland.

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