450 Heat Start 2020-Salt-Lake-City-Supercross-Round-17-108


With the fabled 2020 year nearly over and the 2020 Pro Motocross Season coming to a close, a new year is right around the corner, and with it, a new season of Monster Energy Supercross. The 2021 Supercross schedule is set to be released on Wednesday October 28th and we’re excited to learn what the upcoming season will look like. With the delay of the 2020 National season comes a shorter offseason which means less time for riders who are switching teams to learn their new bike. Now that a new season already right around the corner, many teams have changed already from the outdoors season which recently concluded and the departure of the Geico Honda team tops the list of unexpected and unfortunate news. The team closing shop also left multiple riders without a ride for 2021.

The news of who’s going where for the next racing season is usually made public at the beginning of October, but with Covid-19 pushing outdoors later in the year and the 2021 Supercross schedule being delayed in its release, teams have been scrambling to figure out who will make cut for their 2021 roster. Many of these riders have been announced, however, there is also a fairly large group of teams who have not yet officially stated who will be riding them next year. We will continue to update this post as more news becomes available, but for now, sit back and read about what we know so far for the 2021 AMA Supercross and motocross team rosters.


Malcolm Stewart signs with Star Racing YamahaMalcolm Stewart in his new Yamaha blue colors.

Malcolm Stewart was seen riding a KTM 450 and Kawasaki KX450 on his social media posts, but now it has been announced that Malcolm signed a Supercross-only contract to ride for the Star Racing Yamaha team aboard the YZ450F and be apart of the teams first effort in the 450 division. Click here to read more.

Malcolm StewartBefore signing with Yamaha, Malcolm Stewart posted this photo of him on a Kawasaki KX450 on instagram and he also posted multiple videos of him riding a KTM 450 afterwards. 



Ty Masterpool 2020 Redbud 2 NationalTy Masterpool will not return to the Star Racing Yamaha team in 2021. 

It surprising to see that Ty Masterpool wasn’t included in the 2021 Star Racing Yamaha roster. The team was already filled with talent, but Masterpool showed great speed by grabbing holeshots and leading many laps at the two RedBud Nationals this summer. Unfortunately, a pre-season injury kept him from competing at the opening rounds and an injury to his knee at the second RedBud kept him from finishing the series.


Joey Savatgy has been seen testing a MotoConcepts Honda at State Fair MX in California. Nothing has been announced as to where Joey will be in 2021.


Former Geico Honda rider Jo Shimoda is searching for a ride in 2021. We’ve heard that Honda is looking to set him up with the Phoenix Racing Honda team for next year, but this isn’t confirmed. MXA spotted Jo riding on a Geico Honda on October 22nd without graphics at Glen Helen.


Carson Mumford is in the same boat as Jo Shimoda. We aren’t sure where he will land in 2021, but we’ve heard rumors of him going to the FXR Racing Chaparral Honda team.


Darian Sanayei had a successful career going while racing the MX2 class in Europe, but decided to forgo his final year of age eligibility in the MX2 250 class and he came home to America to pursue his dream of racing AMA Supercross and motocross. The Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki team picked him up to fill-in for the entire outdoor series, but unfortunately, a dislocated shoulder at the season opener ruined his season. He came back to race at RedBud and he was successful in grabbing two great starts, (one holeshot and one second place start) and he finished 10th in the first moto, but his shoulder wasn’t strong enough to continue on and he underwent surgery to get it fixed properly. Darian has yet to confirm a ride for 2021.


Like Sanayei, Mitchell Harrison filled-in on the Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki team for the 250 Nationals and he finished a very respective eighth overall in the point standings with a season high of fifth overall at RedBud 2. Mitchell hasn’t announced his plans for 2021 yet.


Ryan Dungey 2020 Honda CRF450-2Ryan Dungey talked about racing next year, but it doesn’t look like it will happen now. 

Ryan Dungey stated publicly multiple times that he wanted to go racing in 2021 if he were to find the right equipment and support. Unfortunately, it seems like he will not return now because he wasn’t able to garner the support with the difficult circumstances the world is in right now.

2021 TEAMS:


Geico Honda 2020 Fox Raceway National Aftermath-53The Geico Honda team is no more. This has been a hard hit to the motocross community. 

As most people already know, the Factory Connection Honda team (better known as Geico Honda) will not be in the paddock in 2021. After the team’s title sponsor, Geico, pulled their financial support out from under the team at the end of the summer, the Factory Connection Honda team was forced to shut their doors. Read more about it by clicking here.

Where did each of the Geico Honda riders go now?

Jett Lawrence: HRC Honda is believed to have a 250 program next year, unconfirmed
Hunter Lawrence: Also linked to HRC Honda with his younger brother
Jeremy Martin: Star Racing Yamaha
Christian Craig: Star Racing Yamaha
Jo Shimoda: Unconfirmed, possibly to Phoenix Racing Honda
Carson Mumford: Unconfirmed, possibly to FXR Racing Honda


Hunter Yoder: Unknown

Read more about the departure of Geico Honda.


Justin Barcia Michael Mosiman Pierce Brown TLD_REDBULL_GASGAS_Team_Final

The TLD Red Bull GasGas has been officially announced with front runner Justin Barcia leading the team on the 450 with teammates Pierce Brown and Michael Mosiman racing on the 250s. After some downsizing, we still aren’t totally sure what the future holds for Derek Drake and Pierce Brown. If you would like to learn more deatils about the introduction of the team, click here.

450 class:
Justin Barcia:

250 class:
Michael Mosiman:
Pierce Brown: Confirmed

Read more about Justin Barcia switching from Yamaha to GasGas here.


2020 Freddie Noren supercross JGRMX RM-Z450JGR Suzuki will not return for the 2021 season. 

It’s no secret that the JGRMX Suzuki team has struggled to find sufficient financial support to go racing over the last few years, but it’s still a surprise to see the factory Suzuki effort go. Even before the 2020 season began, JGRMX was struggling to find a title sponsor, but circumstances have got even harder now as the Covid-19 pandemic has completely shaken up the world and the live entertainment industry.

Motorcycle racing at the professional level is a business and the Gibbs family has invested a lot of time, money and energy into creating a team capable of battling at the highest level of Supercross and motocross. It has come with it’s fair share of highs and lows and through it all, the Gibbs family has continued to support and press forward. The JGRMX team was in talks with the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians looking to build a mutually beneficial partnership, but unfortunately they weren’t able to get the support right away and the process was taking longer than expected.

MXA has learned that Suzuki wasn’t able to provide the JGRMX team with sufficient support to keep them going for the 2021 season and this is ultimately the straw that broke the camel’s back.

We talked to Alex Martin about his future and he stated: “Obviously, I put my feelers out there for different teams, but this year is tough with COVID and everything. There are a lot of amateurs that are still coming up through some of these programs. Being so late in the season, there are a lot of people that have already signed, and it is hard to be going anywhere else. Having said that, I am very happy with JGR Suzuki. I feel like in two years we have made a lot of progress. My personal feeling is fine tuning setting what we have now. I feel like I could be in a really good spot for next year and I would definitely like to stay and keep building on the program and the bike we have. JGR Suzuki is an awesome group of people. I would like to stick around.”

450 class:
Freddie Noren: Unknown

250 class:
Alex Martin:
Isaac Teasdale: Unknown


Eli Tomac Team Kawasaki Championship 2020-Salt-Lake-City-Supercross-Round-17-101Eli Tomac and Adam Cianciarulo are set to pilot the factory Kawasaki KX450s in 2021.

The Monster Energy Kawasaki team has announced that they are bringing back their two all-star riders Eli Tomac and Adam Cianciarulo for the 2021 season. Eli Tomac will run the number one plate and look to defend his 450 title in Supercross while Adam Cianciarulo will be looking to build off of his impressive 450 National season and carry the momentum into 2021 Supercross.

450 Class:
Eli Tomac:
Adam Cianciarulo: Confirmed


MEC 2017 Seth HammakerSeth Hammaker will turn Pro with the Pro Circuit Kawasaki team in 2021.

The Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki 250 team heads into 2021 with three returning riders and one new rider. Austin Forkner and Jordon Smith were both injured during the 2020 Supercross season and they missed the Nationals. Now, both riders are healthy and preparing for the new year. Cameron McAdoo was the only PC rider to last the whole season and he returns for 2021 as well. Seth Hammaker will also make the jump up from the Team Green amateur program to their Pro division for 2021.

Garrett Marchbanks, however, will not return for the new season. The Daytona 250SX Main Event winner has moved to the privateer ClubMX Yamaha team for next season.

250 class:
Austin Forkner:
Cameron McAdoo: Confirmed
Jordon Smith: Confirmed
Seth Hammker: Confirmed
Garrett Marchbanks: Not on the team, and his move to ClubMX Yamaha has been confirmed
Mitchell Harrison: Filled-in for the Nationals, will not return
Darian Sanayei: Filled-in for the Nationals, will not return

Read more about the new Pro Circuit Kawasaki team here.


Dylan Ferrandis jumps from 250 to 450 for 2021 and he will stick with the Star Racing Yamaha team as they take over the factory 450 racing effort. Click here to read the full article about it.

It was recently made official that Yamaha has handed over its 450 factory effort to Star Racing in hopes to cinch the 2021 Supercross Championship. With the transfer, Aaron Plessinger will go back to the Star Yamaha team with his current contract. After winning the 250 Championships in both Supercross and motocross, the Frenchman Dylan Ferrandis moves up to the premier class with the possibility of a third spot being available on the team. Now, it has been announced that Malcolm Stewart will in fact join the Star Racing Yamaha team under their 450 umbrella. Click here to learn more about Malcolm joining the team.

450 class:
Dylan Ferrandis:
Aaron Plessinger: Confirmed
Malcolm Stewart: Confirmed

250 class:
Jeremy Martin: Confirmed
Christian Craig: Confirmed
Justin Cooper: Confirmed
Colt Nichols: Confirmed
Jarrett Frye: Confirmed
Nate Thrasher: Confirmed
Shane McElrath:
Will not return for 2021, pointed out of the 250 class
Ty Masterpool: Will not return for 2021, unknown where he will go.

Read more about the new Star Racing Yamaha team.


COOPER WEBB Loretta Lynn's National 2020 Press Day-25Cooper Webb and Marvin Musquin remain with KTM. 

The two 450 veteran riders will remain on the orange bikes going into the 2021 Supercross Season. With it being his last year on his current contract, it is uncertain how much longer Marvin wants to continue to race. With a pretty good performance in the recent outdoors season, we have a feeling he still has fight in him. Cooper Webb on the other hand has landed himself a comfortable contract with the team after winning the Supercross 450 championship in 2019.

Also, with the Troy Lee Designs team switching from KTM to GasGas, that left a factory KTM void in the 250 class. KTM will take their 250 program back under the Red Bull KTM wing and the 17-year-old KTM amateur rider Max Vohland, son of former factory AMA and MXGP racer Tallon Vohland, will fill that spot. Don’t know who Tallon Vohland is? You can read our MXA interview we did with him by clicking here.

Check out a full interview of Max about the team and 2021 here.

450 class:
Cooper Webb:
Marvin Musquin: Confirmed

250 class:
Max Vohland:


Dean Wilson signing his 2021 deal with Steve Westfall and Roger Decoster.

We will see a full roster return for the Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Team featuring Dean Wilson, Zach Osborne, and Jason Anderson. All three have confirmed that they will be racing for the Factory team in the 2021 season. In the 250 class, we expect to see Hampshire and Swoll back under the tent, while there are many rumors of Michael Mosiman being transferred to the RedBull Troy Lee Designs GasGas team.

450 class:
Dean Wilson:
Zach Osborne: Confirmed
Jason Anderson: Confirmed

250 class:
Michael Mosiman:
Unconfirmed, expected to go to TLD GasGas
RJ Hampshire: Unconfirmed, expected
Jalek Swoll: Unconfirmed, expected


Joey Savatgy and Justin Bogle will be the two riders on the Rocky Mountain ATV/MC team for 2021. 

The Rocky Mountain ATV/MC team was released at the California KTM offices. We were shocked that a long-time member of the team, Blake Baggett, parted ways. According to team manager, Forrest Butler, they just couldn’t reach an agreement for the 2021 season. Saying that no one knows where Baggett will end up or if he will be racing in 2021. He hasn’t lead us to any clues as he hasn’t posted anything on his social media for some time now.

Joey Savatgy Joey Savatgy on his new steed for 2021. 

What is exciting about the team for 2021 is the addition of Joey Savatgy. Joey was seen on the MotoConcepts CRF450 not too long ago, but when the team was announced, he wasn’t on the roaster. We are glad that Joey found a home for the 2021 season. He has lots of potential and he hasn’t had the chance to show what he can do.

The stylish Justin Bogle will be the returning rider on the team.

Justin Bogle

Joey Savatgy: Confirmed
Justin Bogle: Confirmed


Garrett Marchbanks signs with ClubMX Yamaha Privateer teamGarrett Marchbanks has switched from Pro Circuit Kawasaki to ClubMx Yamaha, click here to learn more. 

The ClubMx Yamaha team hosted Josh Hill, Enzo Lopes, Joey Crown and Josh Osby during the 2020 Supercross season. Now, for 2021, they picked up Garrett Marchbanks, they resigned Joey Crown and they also hired on Jace Owen.

Garrett Marchbanks: Confirmed
Joey Crown: Confirmed
Jace Owen: Confirmed

Read more about the Garrett Marchbanks and the ClubMX Yamaha team here.


Shane McElrath onboard his all-new MotoConcepts Racing 450

The 2021 MotoConcepts Honda team is emblazoned on their bike stands.

Malcolm Stewart has moved to the Star Yamaha team, but MXA spot Benny Bloss out testing the MotoConcepts bike recently. And Justin Hill told us a week ago that he just had some details to work on his Motocro Concept contract.  The big surprise hiring is Shane McElrath, who is forced by the 250 rules to move to the 450 class for the 2012 season. He will be switching to the 2021 Honda CRF450 as the teammate of Justin Hill, Benny Bloss and long-time MotocroConcept rider Vince Friese. The four-man team will all be riding the all-new 2021 CRF450 machine.

450 class:
Justin Hill: Confirmed
Vince Friese: Confirmed
Shane McElrath: Confirmed
Benny Bloss: Confirmed


Ken Roczen bike 2020 SALT LAKE CITY ROUND 12 pits-8699Ken Roczen and Chase Sexton will be riding under the HRC Honda tent.

The 2021 Supercross team has already been confirmed for quite a while now as both Ken Roczen and Chase Sexton have already signed multi-year deals with the team. The two will be racing on the all-new 2021 CRF450. However, this does raise the question as to what will happen with Justin Brayton now that Chase Sexton has moved up. We aren’t sure where the veteran of the sport will be going for 2021 and we don’t expect him to retire. Justin has stated on Instagram that he would still have gone to the Australian Supercross series during the offseason again if covid-19 hadn’t caused the series to be cancelled.

450 class:
Ken Roczen: Confirmed
Chase Sexton: Confirmed
Justin Brayton: Unknown (talking to Penrite Honda for a possible Supercross and Australia deal)


Mitchell Oldenburg Honda Penrite 2020 San Diego SupercrossMitchell Oldenburg’s Penrite Honda CRF250.

Mitchell Oldenburg raced the 2019 Australian Supercross series for the Penrite Honda team and afterwards, he came back to America and continued with the team for the 2020 West Coast Supercross series alongside Australian native Luke Clout. The team was successful in 2020 with both riders finishing 8th and 9th in the point standings, respectively. We expect the team to return in the same form next year, but it could be more of a challenge with Australian covid-19 restrictions extremely strict.

250 class:
Mitchell Oldenburg:
Unconfirmed, Expected
Luke Clout: Unconfirmed, Expected


Martin Davalos is already riding Supercross again on his Tedder Racing KTM. 

450 class:
Martin Davalos: Confirmed
Dakota Tedder: Confirmed to be on the team, unsure if he will be healthy enough to race



Justin Brayton 2020-Salt-Lake-City-Supercross-Round-17-100The 2021 MotoConcepts Honda team has not been announced yet and we aren’t sure if Justin Brayton will end up there, end up riding for HRC Honda as a third rider or he might ride for the Penrite Honda team in Australia.


Derek Drake 2020 St. Louis Supercross-2680Derek Drake has ridden for the Troy Lee Designs Red Bull KTM team since before he turned Pro in 2019. We don’t know where he will land next year. 


Brandon Hartranft 2020 Fox Raceway National-107It hasn’t been confirmed yet, but rumors are that Brandon Hartranft will not return to the Troy Lee Designs team for 2021. We are unsure of where he will land. 



Carlen Gardner 2020 SALT LAKE CITY ROUND 11-6547Carlen Gardner will be rider and Team Manager for the team again in 2021.

MXA’s Josh Mosiman was able to test Mitchell Falk’s BWR Engines Honda CRF250 race bike from the 2020 Supercross season earlier this year. You can learn more about the privateer BWR Honda team which was assembled by Carlen Gardner and Brian White by clicking here and reading the article. The following riders are confirmed for 2021 and the team has stated that they will possibly host one or two more riders.

450 class:
Carlen Gardner
: Confirmed

250 class:
Mitchell Falk:
Will not return to the team, landed at the AJE GasGas team for 2021
Bryson Gardner: Confirmed
McClellan Hile: Confirmed
Wilson Fleming: Confirmed


We expect Max Anstie to be back with H.E.P. Suzuki as we recently saw him testing with the team just two weeks after the season finale.

Nothing has been announced for the Suzuki team however we do expect the team to race the 2021 Supercross season. Max Anstie has been testing the bikes and it wouldn’t be a surprise to see the two lining up at the first round of Supercross.

450 class:
Max Anstie: Confirmed
Adam Enticknap: Unconfirmed, but expected


Dilan Schwartz BarX Suzuki teamDilan Schwartz turned Pro with the BarX Suzuki team this summer and turned some heads on the RM-Z250.

250 class:
Dilan Schwartz:
Unconfirmed, expected to return
Preston Kilroy: Unconfirmed, expected to return


2020 Glendale Supercross_Carson Brown-7162We expect to see Carson Brown back under the JMC Husqvarna tents in 2021.

The JMC Husqvarna team hasn’t announced their line up for 2021 yet but we expect them to return with the same riders.

250 class:
Carson Brown:
Unconfirmed, expected
Martin Castelo: Unconfirmed, expected
Derek Kelley: Unconfirmed, expected


Alex Ray on his SGB Kawasaki.

The privateer Kawasaki team is expected to return with the same riders in 2021. However, their most recent instagram post stated that they will be announcing their 2021 line up soon.

450 Class:
Alex Ray:
 Unconfirmed, expected
Justin Rodbell: Unconfirmed, expected
Jeremy Smith: Unconfirmed, expected
AJ Catanzaro: Unconfirmed, expected

250 class:
Jordan Jarvis:
Unconfirmed, expected


Chris Blose_2019 Denver Supercross-2633The AJE Husqvarna team will switch to GasGas for 2021 and Chris Blose, who rode for the team in 2019, will rejoin the team in 2021. 

250 class:
Chris Blose:
Mitchell Falk: Confirmed


Joshua Cartwright 2020 Anaheim 2 supercrossCade Clason and Josh Cartwright join the privateer team for the 2021 Supercross Season.

Both Cade Clason and Josh Cartwright will be returning to the PRMX race team to race on 450s for the upcoming Supercross Season.

450 class:
Cade Clason: Confirmed
Josh Cartwright: Confirmed

250 class:
Dakota Alix:
Unconfirmed, Expected. He has been seen riding a PR MX KX250


2020 Redbud National 1Coty Shock on his FXR Racing Chaparral Honda.

Michael Lindsay’s FXR Racing Chaparral Honda team is rumored to possibly take on Carson Mumford for the 2021 season.

250 class:
Coty Schock: Unconfirmed, expected to return
Carson Mumford: Rumored to land at FXR Honda, unconfirmed


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