El Fresno Raceway in Valle de Bravo was the site of the 2021 Latin American Youth Motocross Championships.

Aspiring young racers from 11 countries in Latin America were given a lifetime opportunity to race in at the first-annual 2021 Latin American Youth Motocross Championship event at Valle de Bravo, Mexico. Valle de Bravo is located in central Mexico, surrounded by wooded mountains, cobbled streets and well-preserved colonial buildings. It is in many ways the perfect venue for the KTM Group, FMM, FIMLA and other organizers to host the Latin American Youth Championship at El Fresno Raceway.

In 2009, this location hosted the World Enduro Championship and won the “Best Enduro” award from the FIM. Valle de Bravo also hosted the “Fun Enduro” series in the early 2000’s, an international event attended by more than 400 international riders. This year, Valle de Bravo made the headlines again with the 2021 Latin American Youth Championship.

The historic town of Valle de Bravo.

Grand Marshal Pedro Gonzalez was on hand to support the next generation of Mexican riders.

For this race, the promoters named Pedro Gonzalez as the honored guest. Pedro Gonzalez, the Mexican motocross champion of all-time, has dedicated his life to promoting motocross. Since retiring from AMA Motocross and Supercross competition, where he scored 27 top ten finishes, 9 top fives, 7 podiums (from 1990 to 2001) and won the 1994 San Jose 125 West Supercross. Pedro has lived in Monterrey, where he hosts rider camps at his track and works relentlessly to promote racing. He has dedicated his life to young Mexican riders.

Pedro with the youngest kids.

Pedro said, “What I’ve seen is incredible; what Sergio Diaz, the race organizer, and the entire team have put together…. the circuit has all the elements of what a high -level circuit should be. The attention to detail to make it a dream track is something you don’t often see in Mexico. They have set the bar at the highest level in Latin American racing. The whole track is impeccable, and everything has been done to international specifications.

You don’t see a lot of tracks where the grass has grown up onto the sides of the jumps.

“It has been my lifelong dream to build the future of youth motocross. There is a lot of talent in Latin America, and if the FMM maintains this level in all races, more young riders would be interested in racing and developing their skills. Here in Valle de Bravo you can see how excited and motivated the young riders are. Certainly, you can see the passion that the Diaz family has put on this track.”

Rain on Thursday and Friday left puddles on the El Fresno track, but the sun did its work before Saturday’s qualifying and Sunday’s Championship races.

As with all big races, it rained the night before Saturday’s practice and qualifying sessions, but  the sun came out just in time for the riders meeting. The qualifying races in each individual category determined gate pick of Sunday’s Championship rounds. The Latin American Youth Championships were live-streamed around the world. And the riders emotions were running high by the time the races got underway.

The 65cc podium was El Salvadorian Marco Carranza (center) with Columbian David Delgado second (right) and Mexican Bernardo Diaz third (left).

David Delgado (723) went 3- 2 for second overall in the 65cc class.

Bernardo Diaz (21) being chased by Rodney Guevara (7) and David Degado (723) in the second 65cc moto.

The Women’s class podium.

The Women’s was highlighted by riders fromfour countries. The top step on the podium went to Angelica Vasquez (1-1) from Mexico with Costa Rican Danna Franchesca Paniagua (2-2) second and Colombia Isabella Villegas (3-3) third.

The 85 class podium was Carrera (center), Carminati (right) and Amoroso (left).

Bruno Carrera (777) takes a moment to gives his bike a little pat after winning the 85cc Championship.

But after pulling off the track, Bruno shows all the emotion you would expect from a winner and his team.

The 85cc  class got off to an exciting start, and after incredible overtaking maneuvers on every lap, the podium was won by Bruno Carrera (Ecuador) with Alessandro Carminati (Mexico) and David Enrique Amoroso (Ecuador) taking the next two steps.

Ecuador’s Pedro Jose Suarez celebrates his 125 victory after the checkers with a two-fisted arm pump.

All eyes were on the high-profile 125cc class. There was a fight for the victory right up to the checkered flag with Ecuador’s Pedro Jose Suarez taking the top step,  Guatemala’s Jose Sebastian Guidiel second and Luis Felipe Martinez from Mexico third. All three were KTM mounted, which thrilled KTM Executive Director Selvaraj Narayana, who’s was instrumental in sponsoring the Latin America Youth Championships.

Selvaraj Narayana with Pedro Gonzalez.

Selvaraj said, “I am really amazed by the amount of work and discipline put into preparing the El Fresno track. The beauty of Valle de Bravo, the track layout inspiring surroundings, and the support from the community. KTM and the rider’s families resulted in an unforgettable experience. I hope that more tracks in Mexico host races with this level of discipline, and that the FMM and Latin America work together to build dream tracks where young people can experience, ride and enjoy what they love the most. ”

KTM was a big sponsor of the race.

It was a great race weekend, a successful first race for the Latin American Youth Motocross Championship and a solid platform to continue the growth of motocross across Latin America.

KTM brought a ton of support to Valle de Bravo, with special pit areas for KTM, Husqvarna and Gas gas riders. Note that in this pre-race photo the starting line (on the other side of the tents and KTM banner) is still all grass.

The concrete starting line was well equipped to protect the riders from the blazing Mexican sun.

􏰏􏰩􏰕􏰤􏰧􏰣􏰞􏰚􏰝􏰢􏰠􏰛􏰚Panamanian GianLuca Nicosa (119) took his Husqvarna to sixth overall in the 85cc class.􏰏􏰩􏰕􏰤􏰧􏰩􏰖 􏰣􏰞􏰚􏰝􏰢􏰠􏰛􏰚

Fabian Aguad0 (14), Rodney Guevara (7) and Santiago Marquez (514) battle in the 65cc class.

Emilio Schopper (21) jumps the big tabletop in front of 65 class winner Marco Carranza (22), with Daniel Torres (9) and Ian Acevedo (338) in close formation.

Rodrigo Vales (433) and Carlo Sandoval (316) represented Mexico in the 125 class. Rodrig went 9-12, while Carlo went 11-11.


Valle de Bravo, Mexico


1. Marco Carranza (KTM)…1-1
2. David Delgado (KTM)…3-2
3. Bernardo Diaz (KTM)…2-3
4. Santiago Marquez (Hus)…7-4

1. Bruno Carrera (KTM)…1-1
2. Alessandro Carminati (Hus)…3-2
3. David Amorosa (KTM)…2-3
4. Samuel Benitez (KTM)…4-4
5. Thomas Zuluaga (Yam)…7-5

125 CLASS:
1. Pedro Suarez (KTM)…1-1
2. Jose Gudiel (KTM)…2-2
3. Luis Martinez (KTM)…3-4
4. Erick Vazquez (KTM)…5-3
5. Joey Guevara (Hus)…4-5

1. Angelica Vasquez (KTM)…1-1
2. Danna Paniagua (Hus)…2-2
3. Isabella Villegas (Yam)…3-3
4. Michelle Anaya (Yam)…4-4
5. Marcela Monzon ((Kaw)…5-6

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