Gerald Langston poses with his trick race-ready 1980 HL500.

Every year for the past six years Langston Motorsports, owned by Grant Langtson and his father Gerald, host a vintage bike show in front of their Perris, California, dealership. It has food vendors, product displays and oodles of classic motocross iron. So, when Aussie Dan Alamangos said he was going to display his 1979 Yamaha YZ125 and Ernie Becker’s unrestored 1981 Pro Circuit Husqvarna CR250 we gave him one of MXA’s EZ-Ups and some period correct riding gear and helmets—all he had to do was shoot some photos for us. Here they are.

The display area spanned the front of a mall in Perris and was definitely worth taking a stroll down.

John Anderson (right) from Dubya brought out a display of Dubya’s special line of vintage wheels and la selection of classic bikes from the Tom White’s Early Years of Motocross Museum.

KTM mechanic and brother of Ryan Dungey, Jade Dungey poses with his immaculate 2002 Honda CR250.

The MXA barn display showcased a leading link-equipped 1979 YZ125 and Ernie Becker’s original as-raced 1981 Pro Circuit Husqvarna CR250. 

The turnout of legends from the past, who came out to sign autographs and tell tales was impressive. Back row: Gary Chaplin, Coty Schock, Steve Lamson, Selvaraj Narayana, Scott Burnworth, Gary Jones, Gerald Langston and MC Joe Abbate. Front row: Grant Langston, Broc Glover, Rex Staten, Ron Turner, Billy Urban, Tommy Croft.

Now in charge of Mexico and South America for KTM motorcycles, Selvaraj Natayana was once a factory Maico mechanic at the German factory and the last man to work for Maico USA in America after they filed for bankruptcy.

DSC Construction and partner at Perris Raceway Scott Cooney came to show his 1981 Yamaha YZ100 and 1978 YZ80.  

John Rathien’s nicely restored 1979 Hond CR250

Ex-Maico factory racer Gary Chaplin recently finished building a replica of the bike he raced back in the day. It is a 1973 Maico 250 square barrel.

Greg Poole is the owner of this rare factory prototype 1982 Husqvarna ATC250. Jim McIlvain, best known as Jimmy Mac to readers of Jody’s Box, was the man in charge of building the Husqvarna line of three-wheelers in partnership with Volvo. The project came to a halt when Cagiva bought Husky in 1987.

A beautiful replica of Mike Kiedrowski’s 1989 Honda CR125 championship bike 

This is a perfect Penton Six-Day 125 with a Sachs engine. John Penton designed the bikes and got KTM to build them for him—back before anyone in America knew what a KTM was.

Larry Ward’s totally restored Chevy Trucks Kawasaki KX250SR.

Scott Davis is the owner of one of only 14 JWRP mini Elsinores. Jeff Ward raced one in the 105cc mini Class 

These two beautifully restored to original condition mini bikes also belonging to Scott Davis—1973 Honda XR75 and 1978 Suzuki RM80.

The 1968 Maico MC125 used a very unique rotary valve engine.

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