The time has come when we finally get to see the 250 East Coast go head to head for their chance at getting valuable points in the championship. In qualifying, it was Austin Forkner who would claim the top spot in the qualifying throne, beating out Jeremy Martin who sat in second, and Levi Kitchen, who’s just starting his pro career. We’re super stoked to see the gate dropped after the meat grinder that was the West Coast series, where 90% of the factory field was found being carted off by the paramedics. Now with a full roster, the field is stacked, with first to 30th being separated by only 3 seconds.

So scroll down below to find out where the riders will place when the gate drops.


Photos by Brian Converse


Austin Forkner was quick off the gate, but after Jett grabbed the lead, he wouldn’t be able to catch up to the Honda rider.

Austin Forkner was quick to cross the holeshot line first with Jett Lawrence and Cameron McAdoo side by side. After one lap, Jett Lawrence would take the lead from Austin after squeezing out space for Austin’s bike in a berm. Max Vohland had an unknown get-off and would leave the track with dirt on his shoulder. Jordon Smith had a big crash landing on top of a tuff block and over the bars.

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Jeremy Martin raced in fourth place with Rj Hampshire in fifth. At six minutes remaining, Cameron started to fall behind and Jeremy Martin began to catch up to the Pro Circuit rider. With a minute and two laps remaining, the field became spread apart. Jett Lawrence would go on to win the first Main Event of the 250 East championship.

1 18 Jett Lawrence
2 33 Austin Forkner
3 48 Cameron Mcadoo
4 6 Jeremy Martin
5 24 Rj Hampshire
6 44 Pierce Brown
7 50 Stilez Robertson
8 80 Enzo Lopes
9 59 Levi Kitchen
10 715 Phillip Nicoletti
11 81 Jace Owen
12 331 Derek Drake
13 90 Jordon Smith
14 129 Henry Miller
15 140 Cullin Park
16 63 Jeremy Hand
17 37 Coty Schock
18 285 Marshal Weltin
19 52 Kyle Peters
20 38 Joshua Varize
21 39 Jarrett Frye
22 36 Max Vohland

Jett Lawrence would win the first Main Event of the 250 East championship.


Austin Forkner had a pretty dodgy move on Phil Nicoletti going into a turn. Thankfully, both came out on two wheels and kept racing.

While on the line for the Heat Race, Mitchell Oldenburg’s bike died and would fail to start even after several bump-start attempts. When the Heat took off, the rookie Levi Kitchen grabbed the holeshot. However, a mistake would let Jordon Smith by for first place and Rj Hampshire would make his way to second as well. Austin Forkner nearly wadded through one of the rhythm sections but maintained his position in the race at fourth place. Phil Nicoletti made his way past the green machine but after a pretty reckless move by Austin, the PC rider would jump into the side of Phil, pushing both off the track but the two stayed on both wheels.

With one lap remaining, Rj Hampshire would put pressure on Jordon and make the pass on the inside of a berm, taking first place.

1 24 Rj Hampshire
2 90 Jordon Smith
3 59 Levi Kitchen
4 33 Austin Forkner
5 80 Enzo Lopes
6 715 Phillip Nicoletti
7 81 Jace Owen
8 331 Derek Drake
9 38 Joshua Varize
10 37 Coty Schock
11 285 Marshal Weltin
12 65 Grant Harlan
13 604 Max Miller
14 39 Jarrett Frye
15 330 Aj Catanzaro
16 508 Hunter Yoder
17 72 John Short
18 214 Joe Clayton
19 313 Kyle Swanson
20 54 Mitchell Oldenburg
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Rj Hampshire would go on to win the second Heat Race.


Jeremy Martin launching past the mechanics, which also doubles as a jump pad at the start of the races.

It was a teammate lead after the first turn with Josh Osby and Kyle Peters led the first Heat race. Pierce Brown got into the mix sneaking his way into second and eventually first passing both of the Honda riders. Stilez Robertson made his way up into third after Josh Osby made a mistake losing valuable positions. Max Vohland raced in fourth place while Jett Lawrence began to close the gap. The track looked considerably better than it did in qualifying. Pierce’s lead grew to over four seconds and Kyle Peters started to feel the heat from both Stilez and Jett battling it out. At two laps remaining, Jett had more momentum through the whoops making the pass for second place. Pierce Brown would go on to win the first Heat.

1 44 Pierce Brown
2 18 Jett Lawrence
3 50 Stilez Robertson
4 52 Kyle Peters
5 6 Jeremy Martin
6 48 Cameron Mcadoo
7 36 Max Vohland
8 129 Henry Miller
9 63 Jeremy Hand
10 76 Devin Simonson
11 56 Josh Osby
12 116 Tj Albright
13 412 Jared Lesher
14 682 Izaih Clark
15 484 Tanner Ward
16 874 Zack Williams
17 140 Cullin Park
18 85 Hunter Sayles
19 351 Jack Rogers
20 519 Joshua Cartwright

Pierce Brown put on a hard charge winning the first Heat race.


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