GasGas is coming in hot for 2023 with a vibrant new look! Receiving a very loud, and very red, makeover, the entire GasGas motocross and cross-country range mixes serious performance with a fresh new look for continued weekend fun! Super capable in the hands of weekend warriors, high-level racers, and everyone in between, each of GasGas’ 2023 models remains easy to ride, allowing all riders to push their limits and have some serious fun! Complete with the latest technology, WP suspension and class-leading components, GasGas is a good choice for a variety of riders. Check out these GasGas 2023 models arriving shortly after May!



  • Fresh new look for GasGas’ awesome 2023 range
  • Full bike lineup caters to riders of all ages and abilities
  • New models arriving from May onward at your local GasGas dealer

2023 GasGas MC 450F.

GasGas fully understands how important it is to ensure that every day is a good day when you’re at the track! This is precisely why all their motocross bikes are lightweight and compact, designed to deliver nimble handling and outstanding performance, as well as being loaded with quality, reliable components (as GasGas platform shares with KTM). But the really cool thing about each of their MX bikes is that they’re super easy to ride and simple to maintain, allowing riders to focus on the fun part of owning a dirt bike – riding and racing it!

2023 GasGas MC 125.

Catering to riders of all speeds and abilities, all five of GasGas’ motocross models boast usable power that’s great for beginners, yet equally capable of ensuring that serious racers can hunt down trophies and titles. With two lightweight and super-fun two-strokes to choose from—the MC 125 and MC 250—and three awesome four-stroke models—the MC 250F, MC 350F and MC 450F—there really is something for everyone in our awesome full-size motocross range.

2023 GasGas MC E-5.

For the next generation of motocross thrill-seekers, GasGas is offering no less than five mini bikes to suit kids of all ages and abilities. For the smallest and most courageous youngsters, there’s the all-electric MC-E 5, and our gas-powered, rev ‘n’ go MC 50 right alongside it. Then as children progress and grow, they can step up to the six-speed MC 65 before jumping up to the MC 85, which is available in both small and big wheel versions for unrivaled motocross fun!

2023 GasGas MC 50.

So, if you’re looking to get on the gas in 2023, there’s never been a better time to head down to your local GasGas dealer and explore their complete range of dirt bikes. From GasGas’ super-fun, high-revving MC 125 two-stroke to the MC 450F  four-strokes, each model boasts a vibrant new look that’s uniquely GasGas!

If you’re looking to personalize any of the GasGas motocross or cross-country models, they also offer a full range of GasGas Technical Accessories and Apparel. For those looking to protect, improve and add a little unique style to their dirt bike, their Technical Accessories catalog includes just about everything any rider might need, from upgraded brake and exhaust systems, to triple clamps and wheels. We’re also very proud of our GasGas apparel, which delivers protection and comfort in style, and features clothing designed specifically for motocross riding with head-to-toe solutions for both kids and adults!

Check out the mini and motocross range at your local GasGas dealer starting this May and look for the cross-country range to follow in June!

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