Austin Forkner_2019 Nashville Supercross-0519Even with the knee injury, Austin Forkner qualified third in East Rutherford.

Qualifying is underway at the East Rutherford Supercross in the 250 class. The AMA decided to cancel free practice so that the track would have a little more time to dry out. All eyes are on Austin Forkner right now to see if he is able to ride with an injured knee. After tearing his ACL and bruising the bone in his knee at the Nashville Supercross, Austin Forkner wasn’t able to compete in the main event and his points lead dropped from 26 to 3 over Chase Sexton. Now we will see if Austin is able to ride through the pain and contend for the 250 East Coast Championship tonight at the East Rutherford Supercross.


After the first round of qualifying was over the Dirt Wurx crew got to work on the track. They groomed most of the deep ruts and watered a good portion of the track as well. In the second qualifying session we saw Austin Forkner make a mistake and case a triple in one of the rhythm sections. He looked to be in a lot of pain, but after a sitting in the mechanics area for a minute, he went back out onto the track for another two laps. Eventually he pulled off again and ended the qualifying session early. He looked to be in a lot of pain pulling off the track and we hope to see him on the line in the heat race.

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1 Chase Sexton 52.820
2 Mitchell Oldenburg 52.976
3 Austin Forkner 53.976
4 Jace Owen 54.011
5 Brandon Hartranft 54.051
6 Martin Davalos 54.190
7 Justin Cooper 54.437
8 Joshua Osby 54.582
9 Alex Martin 54.633
10 Christian Craig 54.845
11 Anthony Rodriguez 54.927
12 Jordan Bailey 54.963
13 Kyle Peters 55.459
14 Mitchell Falk 55.771
15 Bradley Taft 55.777
16 Fredrik Noren 56.109
17 Kyle Cunningham 56.138
18 John Short 56.255
19 Joshua Cartwright 56.369
20 Cade Autenrieth 56.557
21 Lorenzo Locurcio 56.752
22 Isaac Teasdale 56.802
23 Ramyller Alves 56.814
24 Jeremy Hand 56.882
25 Steven Clarke 56.931
26 James Weeks 56.993
27 Chase Marquier 57.365
28 Hunter Sayles 57.481
29 Tj Albright 57.939
30 Dustin Winter 58.007
31 Brice Klippel 58.410
32 Curren Thurman 58.518
33 Luke Neese 58.563
34 Justin Thompson 58.578
35 Kevin Moranz 58.596
36 Carter Stephenson 58.611
37 Travis Delnicki 59.212
38 Hunter Hilton 59.308
39 Parker Fleming 59.572
40 Coty Schock 59.591

The top 40 qualified for the night show. 

41 Dillon Cloyed 1:00.726
42 Kyle Dillin 1:00.804
43 Aaron Leininger 1:01.588
44 Locky Kennedy 1:01.800
45 Davey Sterritt 1:02.566
46 Uli Stocker 1:05.536
47 Michael Fowler 1:06.772
48 Eric Mckay 1:15.425

Chase Sexton_2019 Rutherford Supercross-9124Chase Sexton looks good in East Rutherford. He qualified first in the 250 class.

Austin Forkner_2019 Rutherford Supercross-9048Austin Forkner had a rough go in the second qualifying session. He re-aggravated his knee and pulled off early. We hope to see him on the line in the heat race.

Justin Cooper_2019 Rutherford Supercross-5984The other title contender, Justin Cooper qualified seventh overall at his hometown race. 


The track conditions are very unique right now. The track was covered yesterday while it rained in East Rutherford, and because it was covered most of the track was kept dry, but there are a few soft corners with some deep ruts forming already. It’s also pretty windy right now at the MetLife stadium. The wind is helping the track dry out, but it’s also making for an extra challenge for the riders because the wind is blowing them around in the air. In the first session Chase Sexton was the fastest rider on the track, but all eyes were on Austin Forkner. Austin didn’t look like his normal self, but he was able to put in some good laps and qualify third in the first 250 qualifying session.

1 Chase Sexton 53.910
2 Mitchell Oldenburg 53.953
3 Austin Forkner 53.976
4 Justin Cooper 54.437
5 Joshua Osby 54.582
6 Alex Martin 54.633
7 Martin Davalos 54.682
8 Christian Craig 54.845
9 Brandon Hartranft 55.045
10 Jordan Bailey 55.503
11 Mitchell Falk 55.771
12 Anthony Rodriguez 55.968
13 Fredrik Noren 56.109
14 Kyle Peters 56.281
15 Steven Clarke 56.931
16 John Short 56.936
17 Joshua Cartwright 57.441
18 Kyle Cunningham 57.536
19 Chase Marquier 57.687
20 Lorenzo Locurcio 58.450

Chase Sexton_2019 Rutherford Supercross-9124Chase Sexton was fastest in the first timed-qualifying session.

Mitchell Oldenburg_2019 Rutherford Supercross-5988Mitchell Oldenburg was second in the first 250 qualifying session.

Justin Cooper_2019 Rutherford Supercross-5984Justin Cooper was third.


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