The 250 East Coast Supercross class is back in Houston for the second time this season and they’re ready to go back to racing. Unlike the previous installment of Supercross in Houston, the riders will be qualifying at a later time in the day similar to what we saw in Salt Lake City last year for the 2020 Monster Energy Supercross season. This time around, however, riders only got a couple of days in between the races to take a break before lining back up on the gate and they will have to be back here in NRG Stadium one more time on Saturday the 23rd of January. The Dirt Wurx crew was hard at work changing up the direction and rhythm sections of the track adding an all-new sand section that makes for exciting racing and photographs. In round one we saw many riders such as Austin Forkner, Jett Lawrence, Rj Hampshire and more qualify very well but it was a surprise to us when the number 29 of Christian Craig set the fastest lap time of the day out all classes on his Star Racing YZ250F. Will we see a similar performance as this past weekend for BluCru rider or will someone else set the fastest lap time? Scroll down below to find out as we report live from NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas.


Photos by Travis Fant


Rj Hampshire was third in the first round of qualifying for the Group A riders.

The second round of qualifying took off and Colt Nichols on the 64 Star Racing Yamaha took the lead with the 29 of Christian Craig following closely behind. Christian Craig made the past to get an early start for a fast lap in timed qualifying and already was in the 42 second lap time. Jett Lawrence sat in second with a 43 second lap time followed by Colt Nichols and Michael Mosiman. Shortly after, Colt made the pass on Christian Craig’s lap time and then sat in first. Austin Forkner was plagued with difficulties as he tipped over within the first few laps and then proceeded to go over the bars in the sand section. It was known that the sand section would be taking out a lot of guys and this was only the beginning of the night. Rj Hampshire went down hard after the rhythm section following the sand section. Rj looked sore but rode off the track. Colt Nichols and Jett Lawrence both sat in front of Craig in the second session of timed qualifying with Michael Mosiman sitting in fourth. Another medical flag came out for a downed rider giving the riders less opportunity to set their fastest lap time. Colt Nichols then ran the fastest lap time out of the day of everyone with a 42.1. For someone who was flying under the radar for the majority of 2020 and coming into 2021, Colt has shown that now that he’s back, he’s here to contend with the rest of the 250 field. the 250 rookie Max Vohland sat in tenth place with Thomas Do sitting in ninth. After a short break to get the injured rider off the track, the 250 A class then had 3 minutes to put down their fastest lap times before going to the heats. Jo Shimoda and Christian Craig took off racing in each other. The once former teammates battled in the qualifying session but Christian Craig showed to be considerably stronger in the whoops than the 30 of Jo Shimoda. Unfortunately for Rj Hampshire, he would not be able to get another attempt to put down his fastest lap time as he broke his subframe resulting in him getting sidelined for the remainder of qualifying. The top six riders all sat within the same 42 second lap time with Christian Craig taking the lead with a 42.13, just barely beating out Colt’s 42.15.

1 29 Christian Craig 42.138
2 64 Colt Nichols 42.151
3 18 Jett Lawrence 42.290
4 42 Michael Mosiman 42.744
5 24 Rj Hampshire 42.747
6 38 Austin Forkner 42.808
7 30 Jo Shimoda 42.951
8 49 Mitchell Oldenburg 43.405
9 95 Joshua Osby 43.948
10 773 Thomas Do 44.054
11 115 Max Vohland 44.353
12 88 Logan Karnow 44.478
13 87 Curren Thurman 44.571
14 99 Hunter Sayles 44.643
15 55 John Short 44.661
16 85 Kevin Moranz 44.675
17 241 Joshua Varize 44.741
18 76 Grant Harlan 44.825
19 185 Wilson Fleming 44.856
20 193 Hunter Schlosser 44.938
21 122 Jeremy Hand 44.959
22 604 Max Miller 45.170
23 125 Luke Neese 45.192
24 216 Devin Harriman 45.284
25 170 Devin Simonson 45.422
26 124 Lane Shaw 45.566
27 260 Dylan Woodcock 45.790
28 116 Tj Albright 45.874
29 384 Lorenzo Camporese 45.936
30 509 Alexander Nagy 46.056
31 151 Carter Gordon 46.499
32 162 Maxwell Sanford 47.096
33 512 Austin Cozadd 47.144
34 625 Jonah Geistler 47.183
35 364 Chad Saultz 47.276
36 551 Guillaume St-Cyr 47.552
37 160 Vincent Murphy 48.094

Mitchell Oldenburg looks right at home on his Muc-Off Honda.


 Christian Craig set the fastest qualifying yet again in the first qualifying session. 

In the first lap of qualifying Jett Lawrence took an early headstart in front of the pack to set a fast lap right away but still not quite as fast Austin Forkner. Austin’s time of 43.9 would remain to be the fastest of the 250 for a lap until the red plate holder Christian Craig threw down a heater sneaking into the 42 second lap time. Christian’s teammate, Colt Nichols, also took charge into the second-fastest lap time with a 43.4. A couple laps in Michael Mosiman fell down in the sand but remained to look strong thanks to the soft landing. Austin Forkner currently sat in third place with fellow Kawasaki Pro Circuit rider Jo Shimoda just behind. A lot of “flip flopping” went on in the first round of qualifying for the 250 Group A class as Jett Lawrence, Colt Nichols and more switched positions every other lap while Christian held onto the top position. There was a four second separation between the fastest rider and 20th in qualifying. Despite having the fastest lap time of a 42.3, more riders entered the 42 second lap time including Rj Hampshire sitting in second, Jett Lawrence sitting in third, and Colt Nichols sitting in fourth. Christian would remain the fastest qualifier in the first qualifying session.

1 29 Christian Craig 42.368
2 18 Jett Lawrence 42.689
3 24 Rj Hampshire 42.747
4 64 Colt Nichols 42.924
5 38 Austin Forkner 43.238
6 30 Jo Shimoda 43.417
7 42 Michael Mosiman 43.701
8 49 Mitchell Oldenburg 44.288
9 773 Thomas Do 44.844
10 115 Max Vohland 44.936
11 122 Jeremy Hand 45.122
12 95 Joshua Osby 45.242
13 99 Hunter Sayles 45.423
14 241 Joshua Varize 45.583
15 76 Grant Harlan 45.639
16 88 Logan Karnow 45.695
17 55 John Short 45.806
18 85 Kevin Moranz 45.836
19 116 Tj Albright 46.089
20 604 Max Miller 46.286
21 260 Dylan Woodcock 46.613
22 384 Lorenzo Camporese 47.004


Colt Nichols would qualify in fourth.

Jett Lawrence 2021 Houston Supercross 2-37Jett Lawrence was second in the first session. 

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