Supercross is back and this time around it’s under the Lucas Oil Stadium roof for three more rounds for the Monster Energy Supercross season. The first of the three tracks in Indianapolis shows a lot more variety than the previous three with each round being different than the rest instead of just changing lanes and the direction of the track. Round four will include two sets of whoops, steep doubles, an over-under, and more obstacles to set its self apart from the faster previous rounds. Observing practice lap times, the lap times seem to be around similar marks as the third round of the season, which was the most technical of the three Houston rounds. However, with Indy, several riders will be sitting out giving some of the other faster riders an advantage to sit on the podium. Both Austin Forkner and Rj Hampshire have confirmed to be skipping the fourth round in the season and it looks like the two will take some time to heal after both sustaining injuries during the third round. The two were contenders for the championship and with the two out of the picture, who do you think will take their place? Who do you think will be the fastest 250 qualifiers during the first Indy round? Find out below as we report LIVE from Lucas Oil Stadium.


Photos by Brian Converse


Christian Craig had the fastest lap time in the first qualifying session.

Jett Lawrence and Christian Craig jumped in front of the pack of 250s in the second qualifying session however Jett went down in a turn a lap in. Christian Craig proceeded to race ahead of the rest of the competition while Jo Shimoda sat in second in the lap times. Colt Nichols shortly jumped in front of Jo Shimoda for third place and the number 30 sat in front of Josh Osby. The crash that Jett had at the very beginning of the timed qualifying session did not faze the Australian as he quickly came back to second place. 5 minutes in, Michael Mosiman gained the third place position while Jett Lawrence and Christian Craig swapped places. The top three riders were all in the 47 second lap time separated by just tenths of a second. Soon Colt Nichols would join this lap time and skip ahead of Michael Mosiman for third place. With only a couple of minutes left, Max Vohland went down hard in the whoops section resulting in a red flag and the halt of the second qualifying session. As the remainder of the qualifying session took, Max was pulled off the track for further evaluation from the medics. By the end of the second qualifying session, Jett Lawrence would remain the fastest qualifier in the 250 class.

1 18 Jett Lawrence 47.278
2 29 Christian Craig 47.572
3 42 Michael Mosiman 47.630
4 64 Colt Nichols 47.865
5 30 Jo Shimoda 48.112
6 49 Mitchell Oldenburg 48.473
7 115 Max Vohland 48.712
8 95 Joshua Osby 48.897
9 773 Thomas Do 49.147
10 193 Hunter Schlosser 49.629
11 99 Hunter Sayles 49.666
12 170 Devin Simonson 49.725
13 55 John Short 49.795
14 88 Logan Karnow 49.821
15 87 Curren Thurman 49.862
16 122 Jeremy Hand 49.976
17 76 Grant Harlan 50.067
18 604 Max Miller 50.210
19 241 Joshua Varize 50.308
20 85 Kevin Moranz 50.355
21 124 Lane Shaw 50.545
22 216 Devin Harriman 50.558
23 125 Luke Neese 50.847
24 162 Maxwell Sanford 50.882
25 509 Alexander Nagy 50.893
26 441 Scott Meshey 50.927
27 637 Bobby Piazza 50.968
28 693 Rene Garcia 51.033
29 185 Wilson Fleming 51.204
30 551 Guillaume St-Cyr 51.255
31 597 Mason Kerr 51.360
32 364 Chad Saultz 51.423
33 384 Lorenzo Camporese 51.624
34 151 Carter Gordon 51.655
35 437 Vincent Luhovey 51.666
36 625 Jonah Geistler 51.808
37 116 Tj Albright 51.907
38 512 Austin Cozadd 52.714
39 675 Kyle Dillin 53.042
40 414 Mason Morris 55.673

Mitchell Oldenburg qualified fifth in the first qualifying time.

Max Vohland had a bad crash in the second qualifying session through the whoops section.


Austin Forkner on his injury via Instagram: So unfortunately in that crash at Houston I broke my collarbone, knew it right away when I felt the bones moving around. It was broke in 3 or 4 spots, so it wasn’t pretty, but I immediately had surgery and got it plated. Obviously I’m out for this week but looking to make to a decision with my team to come back as soon as I can safely. Obviously I’m super disappointed, but I just wanna thank my team and everyone who’s still backing me. And good luck to Jo and the team this week.”

After several track difficulties that the track crew was experiencing, Qualifying was underway and Christian Craig got out front as usual to get a clean lap in. Jo Shimoda and Jett Lawrence followed behind the 29 of Christian Craig during the first qualifying session for Group A 250s. Christian Craig quickly grabbed the fastest lap time out of the 250s with a 48 second lap time followed by Jett with a 49. Michael Mosiman sat in second after passing Jett Lawrence but not for long as Jett moved back up and grabbed the fastest time with a 48.2. Josh Osby was qualifying very well as he sat in fifth place behind Mosiman and Oldenburg sat in sixth place. With 5 minutes left, Colt Nichols threw down a fast lap time and then sat in third place behind Craig. Christian Craig quickly took back his first place position in the first session of timed qualifying nearly getting a 47 second lap time with a 48.02. However, Colt Nichols would show this is possible by passing Craig and getting a 47.93. Colt’s lead wouldn’t last long because Christian would slide on by for the first place spot right before timed qualifying ended.

1 29 Christian Craig 47.705
2 64 Colt Nichols 47.938
3 18 Jett Lawrence 48.243
4 30 Jo Shimoda 48.658
5 49 Mitchell Oldenburg 48.799
6 42 Michael Mosiman 48.934
7 95 Joshua Osby 49.455
8 115 Max Vohland 49.660
9 99 Hunter Sayles 50.192
10 773 Thomas Do 50.577
11 122 Jeremy Hand 50.692
12 55 John Short 50.749
13 88 Logan Karnow 50.774
14 604 Max Miller 50.783
15 76 Grant Harlan 50.801
16 85 Kevin Moranz 50.912
17 185 Wilson Fleming 51.204
18 241 Joshua Varize 51.514
19 124 Lane Shaw 51.796
20 125 Luke Neese 51.799
21 116 Tj Albright 51.907

Christian Craig got the faster lap time in the first qualifying session.


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