Chase Sexton_2019 Rutherford Supercross-9806Chase Sexton wins his first ever Supercross Main Event!


250 racing is underway at the East Rutherford Supercross. The 250 East Coast Championship is heating up right now as Austin Forkner is coming into the second-to-last round of the season with a 3-point lead and an injured knee, while Chase Sexton and Justin Cooper as close behind in the points and they are both looking to capitalize on Forkner’s weakness.


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In the 250 Main Event it was Alex Martin who grabbed the early lead. Austin Forkner and Chase Sexton were both next to each other and running up front coming around the first turn and then the battle started. Austin and Chase battled back and forth early in the first lap before Austin established himself ahead of Chase. Martin Davalos led with Austin Forkner sitting second. Austin looked good at the beginning but a small mistake caused him to re-aggravate his knee and take him out of the race. When Austin pulled off, Chase Sexton inherited second place and later he took over the lead from Martin Davalos.

1 23 Chase Sexton
2 66 Mitchell Oldenburg
3 32 Justin Cooper
4 73 Martin Davalos
5 45 Brandon Hartranft
6 55 Kyle Peters
7 26 Alex Martin
8 52 Jordan Bailey
9 56 Lorenzo Locurcio
10 65 Anthony Rodriguez
11 70 Joshua Osby
12 37 Kyle Cunningham
13 101 Fredrik Noren
14 74 Cade Autenrieth
15 123 Mitchell Falk
16 63 John Short
17 161 Justin Thompson
18 90 Jeremy Hand
19 96 Chase Marquier
20 700 James Weeks
21 159 Jace Owen
22 24 Austin Forkner

Austin Forkner_2019 Rutherford Supercross-9841Austin Forkner tried hard, but he wasn’t able to push through the pain. He DNF’d at East Rutherford and surrendered the points lead to Chase Sexton.

Mitchell Oldenburg_2019 Rutherford Supercross-9913Mitchell Oldenburg showed that there are no team orders going on over at the Star Racing Yamaha team, he finished on the podium for the first time this season in second.

Justin Cooper_2019 Rutherford Supercross-9784Justin Cooper rounded out the podium at his hometown race in third.


John Short_2019 Nashville Supercross-9771John Short grabbed the win in the 250 LCQ after Steven Clarke went down.

Steven Clarke grabbed the holeshot and early lead in the 250 LCQ and he held onto it until the final lap when he cased a triple in a rhythm section and went down just before the finish line. John Short was second off the start and he was able to run second for the whole race and then take the win after Clarke went down. Jeremy Hand finished second and qualified for his first 250 Main Event ever. Chase Marqueir and Jace Owen rounded out the top 4 and qualified for the main event in East Rutherford.

1 63 John Short
2 90 Jeremy Hand
3 96 Chase Marquier
4 159 Jace Owen
5 511 Steven Clarke
6 81 Joshua Cartwright
7 57 Bradley Taft
8 346 Kevin Moranz
9 197 Dillon Cloyed
10 824 Carter Stephenson
11 981 Curren Thurman
12 332 Dustin Winter
13 914 Brice Klippel
14 319 Coty Schock
15 248 Travis Delnicki
16 119 Isaac Teasdale
17 305 Hunter Hilton
18 434 Parker Fleming
19 367 Hunter Sayles
20 116 Tj Albright
21 125 Luke Neese
22 78 Ramyller Alves

Steven Clarke_2019 Rutherford Supercross-6006Steven Clarke lead the 250 LCQ for almost the entire race before going down on the last lap.


Chase Sexton_2019 Rutherford Supercross-9124Chase Sexton wins the second 250 heat race in New Jersey.

Kyle Peters grabbed the holeshot in the second heat race, but all eyes were on Austin Forkner. It looked like Austin would grab the holeshot, but Kyle just beat him across the line. Austin then started to fall backwards, his knee is hurting him bad and it showed in his heat race. Austin wasn’t riding like his normal self, but he was able to still salvage a fourth place finish and grab a transfer spot into the main event. Chase Sexton came from behind, passed Forkner and others to catch up to Kyle Peters who was still leading. Then Peters would go down in a corner and hand the lead and the heat race win over to Chase Sexton.

1 23 Chase Sexton
2 26 Alex Martin
3 56 Lorenzo Locurcio
4 24 Austin Forkner
5 32 Justin Cooper
6 45 Brandon Hartranft
7 55 Kyle Peters
8 37 Kyle Cunningham
9 65 Anthony Rodriguez
10 96 Chase Marquier
11 511 Steven Clarke
12 57 Bradley Taft
13 116 Tj Albright
14 346 Kevin Moranz
15 914 Brice Klippel
16 125 Luke Neese
17 248 Travis Delnicki
18 81 Joshua Cartwright
19 434 Parker Fleming
20 78 Ramyller Alves

Alex Martin_2019 Rutherford Supercross-9058Alex Martin finished second in the heat.

Lorenzo Locurcio_2019 Rutherford Supercross-9070Privateer Lorenzo Locurcio finished an impressive third place in the second heat race.

Austin Forkner_2019 Rutherford Supercross-9048Austin Forkner salvaged a fourth place in the heat race.

Mitchell Oldenburg grabbed the holeshot in the first 250 heat race of the night, but shortly after Martin Davalos made the pass on the Star Racing Yamaha rider to take over the lead. Mid-way through the heat, Martin Davalos misjudged his entry into the corner before the whoops and missed the corner. This mistake allowed Oldenburg to take the lead again.


1 66 Mitchell Oldenburg
2 73 Martin Davalos
3 52 Jordan Bailey
4 123 Mitchell Falk
5 70 Joshua Osby
6 74 Cade Autenrieth
7 101 Fredrik Noren
8 700 James Weeks
9 161 Justin Thompson
10 90 Jeremy Hand
11 63 John Short
12 367 Hunter Sayles
13 332 Dustin Winter
14 981 Curren Thurman
15 197 Dillon Cloyed
16 824 Carter Stephenson
17 119 Isaac Teasdale
18 319 Coty Schock
19 159 Jace Owen
20 305 Hunter Hilton

Martin Davalos_2019 Rutherford Supercross-9702After a mistake, Martin Davalos would finish second.

Jordan Bailey_2019 Rutherford Supercross-9097 The Rookie Jordan Bailey finished third on his Rockstar Husqvarna.

Mitchell Falk_2019 Rutherford Supercross-9141Another rookie, Mitchell Falk finished fourth in the first heat race.


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