The 250 West Division is back on the Atlanta Motor Speedway infield for the 14th round of the 2021 Monster Energy Supercross season. The massive Supercross track features almost the same layout lanes but with completely different rhythm throughout and now the giant track’s direction has been flipped, heading the opposite direction from Saturday’s race. The track is a lot drier too, in fact, many of the racers are describing the conditions to be very hot for their taste compared to the round prior. But the more controlled weather conditions provides closer racing and we’re looking forward to it. So who do you think will grab the win at Atlanta 2? Will Justin Cooper continue his points lead on the rest of the class or will we see another surprise amongst the rest of the 250 class and the very surprising rookies? Scroll down below as we report LIVE from Atlanta Motor Speedway for the 14th round of the 2021 Monster Energy Supercross season and the second of three rounds held in Hampton, Georgia.


Photos by Brian Converse and Travis Fant


The sunset created some epic lighting in Georgia.

The 250 Main Event took off and it was Nate Thrasher who took the holeshot but Justin Cooper who made the pass for the lead. In third place sat Garrett Marchbanks and Hunter Lawrence sat in fourth. Cameron McAdoo had one of the gnarliest crashes we’ve ever seen, rag dolling into the face of the bridge and getting his feet caught in the handlebars. The race was red flagged and Cameron lined back up on the gate. The race took off again and it was Cameron grabbed the lead but was squeezed out by Garrett Marchbanks. Justin Cooper grabbed the lead with Nate Thrasher in second and Marchbanks in third. Cameron ran in fourth place with no number plate and a bent bike but didn’t give up. Justin Cooper looked incredibly smooth as he led the race. Cameron began to make passing attempts on Marchbanks but Garrett wasn’t going to make it easy for Cameron. Cameron got around Marchbanks in the sand section and proceeded to race towards Nate thrasher. In half a lap, Cameron was already side-by-side with Nate Thrasher. 10 minutes remained and Justin Cooper already had a three and a half second lead. Cameron made the pass on Nate through the whoops. Back in fourth place, Hunter Lawrence made the pass on Garrett Marchbanks. With four minutes remaining, Justin Cooper’s lead grew to over seven seconds. Hunter Lawrence closed the gap on Nate Thrasher for third and would be right behind the Star Yamaha rider with two minutes remaining. Hunter got around Nate for third place and started to put the pressure on Cameron McAdoo and eventually took away the position. At this point, you could tell Cameron was running out of energy but still held on in the race. Justin Cooper became victorious and won the Main with Hunter Lawrence getting second and the very banged up Cameron McAdoo finishing in third.

1 32 Justin Cooper
2 41 Hunter Lawrence
3 31 Cameron Mcadoo
4 91 Nate Thrasher
5 48 Garrett Marchbanks
6 35 Mitchell Harrison
7 72 Coty Schock
8 45 Pierce Brown
9 150 Seth Hammaker
10 47 Jalek Swoll
11 56 Kyle Peters
12 68 Jace Owen
13 75 Ty Masterpool
14 220 Ramyller Alves
15 60 Chris Blose
16 59 Jarrett Frye
17 50 Enzo Lopes
18 77 Jerry Robin
19 201 Cedric Soubeyras
20 90 Dilan Schwartz
21 33 Derek Drake
22 39 Carson Mumford
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Hunter Lawrence 2021_Atlanta2_Supercross-49Even though the sun is setting in Georgia, the weather is hot, creating a considerably drier track.

Justin Cooper and Mitchell Harrison crossed the holeshot but it was Mitchell Harrison who made the move for first place. In third sat Hunter Lawrence with Coty Schock in fourth. Justin Cooper made a mistake pushing him back to fifth place and giving Mitchell Harrison the lead. Seth Hammaker made the pass on Coty Schock while Hunter Lawrence made the pass for first. Seth made the pass on Mitchell Harrison and eventually, Justin Cooper began to knock on Mitchell’s door. Seth Hammaker made a mistake and accidentally ran high in a berm, losing almost six positions. In an attempt to catch up, Seth Hammaker crashed through the whoops. Now, Justin Cooper sat in second with Hunter Lawrence continuing to lead the race. Hunter Lawrence had an extremely close call through the whoops but saved it, blocking Justin Cooper. Justin Cooper made the pass on Hunter through the sand section and won the race.

1 32 Justin Cooper
2 41 Hunter Lawrence
3 35 Mitchell Harrison
4 72 Coty Schock
5 48 Garrett Marchbanks
6 39 Carson Mumford
7 50 Enzo Lopes
8 201 Cedric Soubeyras
9 220 Ramyller Alves
10 150 Seth Hammaker
11 951 Ryan Surratt
12 69 Robbie Wageman
13 464 Dominique Thury
14 412 Jared Lesher
15 137 Sean Cantrell
16 118 Cheyenne Harmon
17 90 Dilan Schwartz
18 371 Dawson Ryker
19 242 Garrett Hoffman
20 281 Cory Carsten

Justin Cooper got a good start but would make a mistake on the first lap sending himself back to fifth. 


The fastest qualifiers, Justin Cooper and Cameron McAdoo, were considerably faster than the rest of the competitors, setting lap times almost two second fasters than the rest. 

The first Heat in the 250 class took off and it was Ty Masterpool who grabbed the holeshot. A huge pileup occurred and it wasn’t long till Jalek Swoll and Cameron McAdoo both made the pass on Ty. Cameron McAdoo and Jalek Swoll drag raced down the final straight and it was Cameron McAdoo who made the pass for the lead. Chris Blose held onto third place with Jace Owen in fourth. Cameron’s lead grew to two and a half seconds with two minutes and two laps remaining. Cameron McAdoo would win with a massive lead, over 7 and a half seconds ahead of second place.

1 31 Cameron McAdoo
2 47 Jalek Swoll
3 91 Nate Thrasher
4 60 Chris Blose
5 56 Kyle Peters
6 68 Jace Owen
7 45 Pierce Brown
8 75 Ty Masterpool
9 33 Derek Drake
10 77 Jerry Robin
11 264 Ryan Sipes
12 73 Derek Kelley
13 59 Jarrett Frye
14 434 Dustin Winter
15 726 Gared Steinke
16 321 Bradley Lionnet
17 247 Brock Papi
18 119 Logan Boye
19 446 Blaine Silveira
20 158 Tre Fierro

Nate Thrasher is fairly confident that he’ll win again at Atlanta 2. Do you think the rookie will take another win at Atlanta 2?


Ryan Sipes and Sean Cantrell both had a massive get-off during the LCQ.

Ryan Surratt led the 250 LCQ with Jarrett Frye just behind. In third sat Seth Hammaker after making a few mistakes in his Heat Race. Ryan Surratt fell back letting Jarrett Frye and Seth Hammaker make the pass. In the transfer position sat Sean Cantrell with Jerry Robin and Ryan Sipes battling it out. Ryan Sipes made the pas on Cantrell for the transfer position but the two would go down hard on the long straightaway by the finish. Now in the transfer position sat Jerry Robin who made the pass on Ryan Surratt and Derek Kelley followed. Derek Kelley crashed hard in the whoops, allowing Dilan Schwartz to get into the transfer position.

1 59 Jarrett Frye
2 150 Seth Hammaker
3 77 Jerry Robin
4 90 Dilan Schwartz
5 464 Dominique Thury
6 951 Ryan Surratt
7 434 Dustin Winter
8 69 Robbie Wageman
9 321 Bradley Lionnet
10 118 Cheyenne Harmon
11 446 Blaine Silveira
12 281 Cory Carsten
13 242 Garrett Hoffman
14 158 Tre Fierro
15 371 Dawson Ryker
16 119 Logan Boye
17 73 Derek Kelley
18 726 Gared Steinke
19 412 Jared Lesher
20 264 Ryan Sipes
21 137 Sean Cantrell
22 247 Brock Papi



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