The 250 class is back in Texas for another residency. Arlington will be the home for the riders and the teams as they take up shop for three races, two Saturdays and one Tuesday. Cameron McAdoo walked into AT&T Stadium with the red plate but it was Justin Cooper who was fastest in timed qualifying. However, Justin Cooper has been the fastest qualifier in timed qualifying every single race for the West Coast class so far but has only won one Main Event. The track is tight and technical and provides multiple line choices with exciting passing opportunities. So who do you think will be on top of the podium by the end of the night? Will Justin Cooper take back the red plate or will Cameron McAdoo continue his lead in the points chase? Or will another rider, possibly a rookie grab their first podium? Find out down below as we bring all the action and news covering the first of three Arlington Supercross races.


Photos by Brian Converse


Who will win the 250 Main Event in Arlington? Find out down below.

The Main Event took off and Seth Hammaker took the holeshot yet again with Jordon Smith just behind. Hunter Lawrence ran in third with Jalk Swoll in fourth. The two points contenders, Justin Cooper and Cameron McAdoo got a terrible start, sitting back in eighth and ninth. Cameron took the opportunity to pass faster moving up several positions. Jordon Smith attempted to make a pass on Hammaker but failed, leaving himself stuck in the tuff blocks and Hunter Lawrence to make the pass. At this point, Cameron McAdoo made huge ground on the leaders and already was right behind Smith in fourth place while Justin Cooper was still in seventh. Hammaker’s lead grew to over three seconds on the rest of the competition. Jordon Smith made another huge mistake and the front of his jersey was torn wide open. Cameron rode around his teammate and the race continued. Hunter Lawrence still sat in second place but four seconds behind the leader. With six minutes remaining, Justin Cooper made his way back up to fourth but would have to make up considerable time to catch up to those in front of him. Alex Martin sat in fifth place with Garrett Marchbanks in sixth. Seth Hammaker made a mistake and nearly went down, however, lost precious time allowing Hunter Lawrence to catch up a little bit. But this small fumble did not faze him as he proceeded to put a second gap in between himself and Hunter again. The leaders ran into lap traffic, slowing down Hunter’s advancement on Seth. With two laps remaining, Justin Cooper made the pass on Cameron McAdoo. But Cameron was a fighter as he cut a turn short and made the pass on Cooper. Justin Cooper tipped over at the base of a turn. Seth Hammaker won his first Main Event with Hunter Lawrence getting second.

1 150 Seth Hammaker
2 41 Hunter Lawrence
3 31 Cameron Mcadoo
4 32 Justin Cooper
5 48 Garrett Marchbanks
6 47 Jalek Swoll
7 67 Stilez Robertson
8 35 Mitchell Harrison
9 60 Chris Blose
10 91 Nate Thrasher
11 72 Coty Schock
12 56 Kyle Peters
13 220 Ramyller Alves
14 26 Alex Martin
15 66 Jordan Bailey
16 69 Robbie Wageman
17 201 Cedric Soubeyras
18 75 Ty Masterpool
19 68 Jace Owen
20 951 Ryan Surratt
21 59 Jarrett Frye
22 80 Jordon Smith

Seth Hammaker won his first Main Event during his rookie career. 

Cameron McAdoo congratulating Seth.


The battle was a close in the second Heat.

The second Heat took off and Jalek Swoll grabbed the holeshot with Hunter Lawrence in second. Justin Cooper raced in third with Chris Blose in fourth. Cameron McAdoo got a poor start but already made quick work of the competition in front of him. Cameron McAdoo was already knocking on Justin Cooper’s door with two minutes remaining. Justin Cooper made the pass on Hunter Lawrence for second and eventually, Cameron followed suit in the turn after the whoops. Justin Cooper also started to make passing attempts on Jalek Swoll and was successful with Cameron making the pass as well. Both Cameron McAdoo and Justin Cooper battled to the finish line but Justin Cooper held onto his first place position.

1 32 Justin Cooper
2 31 Cameron Mcadoo
3 41 Hunter Lawrence
4 47 Jalek Swoll
5 60 Chris Blose
6 69 Robbie Wageman
7 67 Stilez Robertson
8 91 Nate Thrasher
9 59 Jarrett Frye
10 75 Ty Masterpool
11 72 Coty Schock
12 35 Mitchell Harrison
13 464 Dominique Thury
14 460 Michael Hicks
15 321 Bradley Lionnet
16 412 Jared Lesher
17 92 Chase Marquier
18 611 Calvin Fonvieille
19 300 Casey Keast
20 121 Chris Howell

Jalek Swoll got an amazing start in the second Heat.


Seth won the first Heat Race of his career.

Seth Hammaker grabbed the holeshot in the first Heat Race with teammate Jordon Smith chasing just behind. Alex Martin chase in third place with Jace Owen in fourth. Seth may have been in first place but his teammate was not letting him leave his sight as Jordon Smith was only half a second behind. Surprisingly though, Seth unlocked a ton of speed and started to spread the gap to two seconds. However, Jordon began to close the gap with two minutes remaining. Seth would cross the checkers first and win the first Heat Race of his career.

1 150 Seth Hammaker
2 80 Jordon Smith
3 26 Alex Martin
4 66 Jordan Bailey
5 56 Kyle Peters
6 48 Garrett Marchbanks
7 68 Jace Owen
8 201 Cedric Soubeyras
9 220 Ramyller Alves
10 73 Derek Kelley
11 951 Ryan Surratt
12 434 Dustin Winter
13 93 Hardy Munoz
14 446 Blaine Silveira
15 259 Corbin Hayes
16 815 Colton Eigenmann
17 208 Logan Leitzel
18 39 Carson Mumford
19 118 Cheyenne Harmon
20 77 Jerry Robin

Garrett Marchbanks got a poor start and sat all the way out of the top 10 but made his way up to sixth.


The LCQ took off for the 250s and Ryan Surratt led the race with Ty Masterpool in second and Mitchell Harrison in third place. Ryan lost a lot of time through the whoops and Mitchell Harrison gained ground. Coty Schock made the pass on Coty Schock and Mitchell Harrison became successful with the pass on Surratt. Coty made the pass Surratt for second place while Mitchell Harrison led the race with a several second lead. Mitchell Harrison won the 250 LCQ.

1 35 Mitchell Harrison
2 72 Coty Schock
3 951 Ryan Surratt
4 75 Ty Masterpool
5 93 Hardy Munoz
6 464 Dominique Thury
7 434 Dustin Winter
8 39 Carson Mumford
9 460 Michael Hicks
10 92 Chase Marquier
11 77 Jerry Robin
12 412 Jared Lesher
13 611 Calvin Fonvieille
14 118 Cheyenne Harmon
15 259 Corbin Hayes
16 121 Chris Howell
17 321 Bradley Lionnet
18 208 Logan Leitzel
19 300 Casey Keast
20 815 Colton Eigenmann
21 446 Blaine Silveira
22 73 Derek Kelley



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