Christian Craig 2021 Indianapolis Supercross 3


The 250 East Coast class is back for the third Indy round and the sixth of the 2021 Monster Energy Supercross season. After this, the teams will head south to warmer climate in Orlando, Florida. After racing next Saturday in Orlando, the 250 East division will have a long 10-week break before they rejoin the series for the last two Rounds in Salt Lake City. Heading into round six, we knew the track had several obstacles that would play a challenge for the riders. A right hand turn off the start straight is always a greater risk factor for those who don’t get out in front and the addition to longer rhythm sections will provide more variety for race lines. The Indy dirt was very hard-packed in the morning with a slick base on top and ended up causing many riders to crash in the turns during qualifying. Unfortunately, Troy Lee Designs Red Bull GasGas rider, Michael Mosiman suffered an injury in practice. He broke his right hand in three places and missed tonights race at Indy. With many of the top 250 riders out now, the 250 East division looks very different than it did at the first Houston race. Scroll down below for race results from the sixth round of the 2021 Monster Energy Supercross season inside the Lucas Oil Stadium.


Photos by Brian Converse


Christian Craig_2021 Indianapolis Supercross 3-5209Christian Craig wins the 250 Main Event at Indy 3. 

Mitchell Oldenburg grabbed the holeshot on his Muc-Off Honda, but Colt Nichols tucked underneath him in the first turn to take the lead. Then, a few corners later, Colt crossed rutted off a double and had a big crash. He got up quickly, but he couldn’t get back on his bike until the entire field passed him because of heavy traffic. Christian Craig took the lead as Mitchell Oldenburg maneuvered his way around Nichols. Jett Lawrence was further back in 9th on the first lap and after the first lap and he moved up to sixth after the first five minutes of racing. Jett definitely didn’t look like his usual self at the beginning of the race. Jett got passed Sayles for fifth and set his sights on Josh Osby for fourth place. Amazingly, Colt Nichols caught all the way up to the rear end of Kept Lawrence at the halfway point of the race. Colt made his way passed Jett, but then Jett squared him up right away and passed him back to take over fourth place again. Jett was riding slower earlier, but he sped up when Colt caught him and then the two riders started playing cat and mouse. Jett was looking over at Colt and brake checking him multiple times so that he wouldn’t get by. Then, finally after battling for many laps, Nichols was able to get by Jett Lawrence and take third place in the race and Jett Lawrence would jump off the track on the finish line and drop back to fifth position behind Mitchell Oldenburg.

1 29 Christian Craig
2 30 Jo Shimoda
3 64 Colt Nichols
4 49 Mitchell Oldenburg
5 18 Jett Lawrence
6 95 Joshua Osby
7 99 Hunter Sayles
8 170 Devin Simonson
9 773 Thomas Do
10 125 Luke Neese
11 76 Grant Harlan
12 88 Logan Karnow
13 122 Jeremy Hand
14 85 Kevin Moranz
15 437 Vincent Luhovey
16 241 Joshua Varize
17 637 Bobby Piazza
18 441 Scott Meshey
19 185 Wilson Fleming
20 162 Maxwell Sanford
21 193 Hunter Schlosser
22 384 Lorenzo Camporese


Colt Nichols_2021 Indianapolis Supercross 3-5801Colt Nichols won 250 Heat race 2. 

It was a Star Racing Yamaha show in 250 Heat race two. Christian Craig grabbed the holeshot and led early, but he couldn’t keep his teammate Colt Nichols behind him. Colt was able to squeeze by and pull away from Craig easily. With three wins in a row, a win over Christian Craig in his Heat race and a banged up Jett Lawrence, it looks very likely that Colt Nichols could make it three-in-a-row.

1 64 Colt Nichols
2 29 Christian Craig
3 170 Devin Simonson
4 773 Thomas Do
5 99 Hunter Sayles
6 241 Joshua Varize
7 95 Joshua Osby
8 637 Bobby Piazza
9 162 Maxwell Sanford
10 441 Scott Meshey
11 384 Lorenzo Camporese
12 597 Mason Kerr
13 551 Guillaume St-Cyr
14 625 Jonah Geistler
15 364 Chad Saultz
16 693 Rene Garcia
17 675 Kyle Dillin
18 414 Mason Morris
19 42 Michael Mosiman


Jett Lawrence_2021 Indianapolis Supercross 3-5792Jett Lawrence wins 250 Heat one, but it wasn’t un eventful. 

Jett Lawrence and Jo Shimoda lined up next to each other for the first heat race of the night. Lawrence grabbed the holeshot with Mitchell Oldenburg in second. Jett normally would pull away from Oldenburg, but he’s still a little banged up from his crashes and Mitchell was able to pass Jett Lawrence by pushing his way passed Jett in the ultra-tight corner after the whoop section. Then, Mitchell held the lead and Jo Shimoda passed Lawrence for second and then he passed Oldenburg for the lead in the same ultra-tight corner that Mitchell passed Jett. This time, Jo Shimoda drove it in deep though and he pushed himself and Oldenburg way to the outside. Then, Jett snuck underneath both of them to take the lead. Jo Shimoda then got on the gas hard and tried to take the lead back in the next rhythm section, but he made a mistake and jumped off the track and landed on a tough block.

1 18 Jett Lawrence
2 49 Mitchell Oldenburg
3 30 Jo Shimoda
4 85 Kevin Moranz
5 76 Grant Harlan
6 122 Jeremy Hand
7 125 Luke Neese
8 88 Logan Karnow
9 185 Wilson Fleming
10 87 Curren Thurman
11 509 Alexander Nagy
12 512 Austin Cozadd
13 437 Vincent Luhovey
14 193 Hunter Schlosser
15 160 Vincent Murphy
16 124 Lane Shaw
17 216 Devin Harriman
18 55 John Short


Jonah Giestler bike 2021 Supercross_Houston 1_Ride Now KTM-9530Jonah Geissler (625) led for the beginning of the race, but he dropped back and Hunter Schlosser was able to get the win. 

1 193 Hunter Schlosser
2 384 Lorenzo Camporese
3 441 Scott Meshey
4 437 Vincent Luhovey
5 124 Lane Shaw
6 509 Alexander Nagy
7 597 Mason Kerr
8 551 Guillaume St-Cyr
9 625 Jonah Geistler
10 364 Chad Saultz
11 87 Curren Thurman
12 512 Austin Cozadd
13 160 Vincent Murphy
14 693 Rene Garcia
15 675 Kyle Dillin
16 414 Mason Morris
17 216 Devin Harriman
18 55 John Short
19 42 Michael Mosiman


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