The 250 East championship has commenced and already we have seen some impressive lap times within the qualifying sessions, making it even more interesting when the gates drops tonight. If you had Max Anstie on your bingo qualifying card then congratulations as he surprised many with his consecutive and fast lap times. But anything can change when the lights turn on and the 30 second board comes out. So who do you think will beat the rest of the class tonight? Who will get the holeshot? Will one of the rookies outperform the veteran 250 riders? Find out down below as we report all the action LIVE from NRG Stadium.

The Race Results for the 250 class are presented to you by Flo Motorsports.


Photos by Brian Converse


Hunter Lawrence would go on to win his first Main Event of the season.

Chance Hymas and Hunter Lawrence would secure the holeshot side-by-side but out of third place would arise Tom Vialle, launching into first by the second turn. Hunter Lawrence nearly pulled a Coty Schock flying through tuff blocks but stayed on his bike. Tom continued to lead the pack as Hunter Lawrence regained his composure and closed the gap on the leader.

With 12 and a half minutes left, Hunter made the pass for the lead as both Max Anstie and Jordon Smith both got around Chance Hymas. Eventually Chance Hymas would have to fend off both Nate Thrasher and Haiden Deegan.


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The two Star Yamaha riders were quick though making the pass on the Honda rider. With eight minutes left, Tom Vialle had both Max Anstie and Jordon Smith within earshot. Max Anstie would move up to second but Jordon Smith would faceplant into the sand section, dropping down to fifth.

Haiden Deegan nearly made a trip to the Alpinestars medical unit after getting a taste test of his handlbars but death-gripped his bike to stay on track.

Jeremy Martin just kept doing his thing in fourth place with Jordon making a lot of ground each rhythm section.

Things were looking up for Tom Vialle, until they were literally looking up. Tom rode amazingly until a slip out in a turn would have his KTM pointing to the roof of NRG Stadium.

With a minute and a half left Jordon Smith snuck around Martin in the sand pit. However, Nate Thrasher found inspiration in Jordon’s tip over and layed it down in the sand pit as well.

Haiden Deegan continued to hold on to his Star Yamaha as Michael Mosiman joined the party in sixth place. And in the very last second, Jeremy Martin would crash, allowing everyone to move up a position.

Hunter Lawrence won the first Main Event of the 250 East Coast championship.

1 96 Hunter Lawrence
2 63 Max Anstie
3 58 Jordon Smith
4 238 Haiden Deegan
5 6 Jeremy Martin
6 31 Michael Mosiman
7 128 Tom Vialle
8 832 Chance Hymas
9 67 Cullin Park
10 57 Chris Blose
11 339 Talon Hawkins
12 285 Coty Schock
13 66 Henry Miller
14 62 Jace Owen
15 29 Nate Thrasher
16 99 Hardy Munoz
17 247 Brock Papi
18 91 Jeremy Hand
19 460 Michael Hicks
20 125 Luke Neese
21 170 Devin Simonson
22 330 A J Catanzaro

Jordon Smith salvaged an impressive third place after wiping out in the sand. 

Massive congratulations to the rookies tonight. Haiden secured fourth, Chance in eigth, and Talon Hawkins in eleventh.


Jordon Smith won the second Heat Race with Max Anstie on his tail the entire time.

Jordon Smith would claim the holeshot with Tom Vialle and Max Anstie chasing closely behind. Two turns later Max Anstie would make the pass on Tom. Behind Vialle would be Jeremy Martin and Haiden Deegan. One lap later, the rookie would show up Jeremy and been on the backdoor of Tom Vialle. With little under three minutes left, Coty Schock and Cullin Park would collide mid-air, causing Coty to unfortunately whiskey throttle into the side of the over-under structure. Thankfully Coty got up and seemed to be okay despite hitting a wall at probably 40 MPH.


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With a minute and two laps left, Max Anstie continued to hang with Jordon Smith. As the two raced, Jordon made a mistake in the sand allowing Max to close the gap and almost make the pass but Jordon would hold off his line.

Jordon would win the second Heat.

1 58 Jordon Smith 8 Laps
2 63 Max Anstie +01.234
3 128 Tom Vialle +05.439
4 238 Haiden Deegan +07.616
5 6 Jeremy Martin +09.306
6 67 Cullin Park +21.601
7 339 Talon Hawkins +24.231
8 460 Michael Hicks +26.248
9 125 Luke Neese +27.040
10 91 Jeremy Hand +27.629
11 247 Brock Papi +29.110
12 86 Josiah Natzke +45.799
13 958 Matthew Curler +48.157
14 874 Zack Williams +49.816
15 115 Jonah Geistler +54.057
16 300 Lane Allison +58.058
17 511 Jace Kessler +59.605
18 137 Ayden Shive 6 Laps
19 71 Preston Kilroy 5 Laps
20 285 Coty Schock 3 Laps


Tom held onto his third place position.


Hunter Lawrence made the first Heat Race win look easy.

Hunter Lawrence would get an early holeshot at the start of the first Heat Race. Nate Thrasher and Chance Hymas would make quick work of Chris Blose. The sand section was incredibly deep and stumbling the best riders. Three laps later, the 250 field had already started to disperse with Hunter riding away with a three second lead. With a minute and a half remaining, Michael Mosiman caught up to Chris Blose and would make the pass just before the sand section.

Hunter Lawrence would win the first Heat Race with a comfortable lead.

1 96 Hunter Lawrence 8 Laps
2 29 Nate Thrasher +02.316
3 832 Chance Hymas +10.029
4 31 Michael Mosiman +11.413
5 57 Chris Blose +18.739
6 66 Henry Miller +24.689
7 99 Hardy Munoz +25.916
8 170 Devin Simonson +28.346
9 62 Jace Owen +29.456
10 192 Jack Chambers +32.640
11 602 Gage Linville +32.932
12 330 A J Catanzaro +37.248
13 174 Luca Marsalisi +41.293
14 243 Caden Braswell +42.697
15 167 Jesse Flock +50.228
16 296 Ryder Floyd +51.227
17 242 Garrett Hoffman 7 Laps
18 544 Noah Willbrandt +08.602
19 208 Logan Leitzel 5 Laps
20 50 Marshal Weltin 4 Laps


Chance Hymas would secure a third place finish in his first Heat Race. 


Despite all the chaos, Coty Schock still made it into the Main Event with Jeremy Hand winning the LCQ.

Natzke would grab the holeshot with Jeremy Hand in second place. Jack Chambers made the pass on Jeremy Hand but Hand would get his spot back a few turns later. Unfortunately Coty’s luck continued to run out as he went down in a turn. Thankfully for Coty, he made up positions quick moving up to sixth place.

Something strange happened with Natzke’s bike as he pulled off the course despite leading the race by a huge margin. AJ Catanzaro gave Chambers a lesson in whoop speed moving up to second place with only two laps left. Chambers made a huge mistake running into the rear end of Papi and lost his transfer position.

1 91 Jeremy Hand 6 Laps
2 330 A J Catanzaro +00.348
3 247 Brock Papi +01.044
4 285 Coty Schock +04.101
5 192 Jack Chambers +09.837
6 50 Marshal Weltin +11.454
7 86 Josiah Natzke +16.284
8 958 Matthew Curler +18.162
9 300 Lane Allison +19.408
10 602 Gage Linville +20.045
11 174 Luca Marsalisi +21.105
12 242 Garrett Hoffman +21.244
13 511 Jace Kessler +26.485
14 167 Jesse Flock +28.543
15 243 Caden Braswell +29.831
16 115 Jonah Geistler +32.107
17 874 Zack Williams +35.372
18 544 Noah Willbrandt +41.202
19 208 Logan Leitzel 5 Laps
20 137 Ayden Shive 2 Laps
21 296 Ryder Floyd DNS
22 71 Preston Kilroy DNS



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