The 250 East Coast class has been tight in points are year long. Cameron McAdoo leads them tonight by two points over Tom Vialle who already has two wins this season and is looking for a third. Max Anstie was quick in qualifying and was once the points leader of the series, he has the skill and speed to get the job done this evening. Haiden Deegan is also looking to grab a win after some misfortune in the earlier rounds he is looking to rebound with a win here tonight bringing him closer to the points battle up front. For updated results read down below for all the action.



Haiden Deegan was on fire in the main event grabbing the holeshot and not looking back.

Haiden Deegan was able to grab the holeshot and early lead in the main followed by Tom Vialle, Seth Hammaker, and Cameron McAdoo. McAdoo quickly made the pass on his teammate Hammaker who would end up going down hard in the whoops that same lap. McAdoo would start going after Tom Vialle in second where he would also make the pass stick. Deegan up front already had a two-second lead and will make it tough for McAdoo to catch him. Following the lead group were Pierce Brown and Max Anstie as they battled for the fourth spot. Back up front, Haiden Deegan started to create a bigger lead back to McAdoo as he started to become really comfortable on the track. He would ultimately go on to win the race uncontested by the rest of the field.

Pos # Name
1 38 Haiden Deegan
2 63 Cameron Mcadoo
3 16 Tom Vialle
4 39 Pierce Brown
5 37 Max Anstie
6 69 Coty Schock
7 59 Daxton Bennick
8 33 Jalek Swoll
9 75 Marshal Weltin
10 65 Henry Miller
11 511 Nicholas Romano
12 48 Chance Hymas
13 128 Preston Boespflug
14 174 Trevor Colip
15 166 Casey Cochran
16 93 Bryce Shelly
17 602 Gage Linville
18 86 Luca Marsalisi
19 437 Vinny Luhovey
20 208 Logan Leitzel
21 376 Thomas Welch
22 43 Seth Hammaker

Tom Vialle pushed hard but ultimately would have to settle for third. 

Seth Hammaker was quick early but a big crash in the whoops really slowed his momentum.


Chance Hymas takes his first heat race win of his career.

Grabbing the holeshot and the early lead was Chance Hymas followed by Seth Hammaker. Haiden Deegan started around fourth but quickly made his way into third spot. Cameron McAdoo started in sixth and also began making his way forward. Deegan was applying the pressure early to Seth Hammaker but up front Hymas began to create a small lead between himself and the two battling behind him. Cameron McAdoo was also capitalizing on this battle as he started to catch the lead pack towards the end of the race. Deegan started to get aggressive on Hammaker showing him a wheel in a few of the corners and finally making the move with two laps to go in the race. Deegan then set his sights on Hymas out front, but Deegan ended up making a mistake and stalling the bike losing three positions in the process. Hymas would go on to take the win.

1 48 Chance Hymas
2 63 Cameron Mcadoo
3 43 Seth Hammaker
4 39 Pierce Brown
5 38 Haiden Deegan
6 511 Nicholas Romano
7 65 Henry Miller
8 174 Trevor Colip
9 208 Logan Leitzel
10 437 Vinny Luho…
11 667 Anton Nordstr??m
12 60 Lorenzo Locurcio
13 86 Luca Marsalisi
14 413 Crockett Myers
15 435 Marcus Phelps
16 504 Gerhard Matam…
17 281 Cory Carsten
18 682 Izaiah Clark
19 351 Jack Rogers
20 964 Dominique Thury

McAdoo finished a solid second and will have a great gate pick in the main event.

Deegan was moving forward but a mistake when stalling the bike in the sand took away all of his momentum.


Max Anstie was able to lead from start to finish in the heat race taking the win. 

Grabbing the holeshot in the second heat was Max Anstie and he was able to maintain the lead down the first straight but Coty Schock sent it through the first rhythm section and moved easily into second Schock then went after Anstie trying to take the lead. Behind them, Casey Cochran the rookie grabbed a great start and sat in third before sliding back a few positions to some of the veterans. The veterans however are not class veterans but a rookie as well Daxton Bennick, compared to Cochran who is in his first race, Bennick has been racing all season so far.  Tom Vialle started making up some ground from behind as Bennick and Schock began to battle. Vialle would make the move stick on Bennick and start trying to catch Coty Schock. Back up front, however, Max Anstie was able to take the win without issue.

Pos # Name
1 37 Max Anstie
2 69 Coty Schock
3 16 Tom Vialle
4 59 Daxton Bennick
5 166 Casey Cochran
6 33 Jalek Swoll
7 602 Gage Linville
8 75 Marshal Weltin
9 128 Preston Boespflug
10 90 Hardy Munoz
11 483 Bryton Carroll
12 93 Bryce Shelly
13 242 Garrett Hoffman
14 137 Ayden Shive
15 376 Thomas Welch
16 183 Mitchell Zaremba
17 427 Cole Bradford
18 831 Jacob Glenn
19 108 Jorgen-Matthias Talviku
20 296 Ryder Floyd

Daxton Bennick was smooth and fast in the second heat.

Coty Schock looked great and aggressive in the second heat.


Pos # Name
1 93 Bryce Shelly
2 437 Vinny Luhovey
3 86 Luca Marsalisi
4 376 Thomas Welch
5 242 Garrett Hoffman
6 296 Ryder Floyd
7 351 Jack Rogers
8 413 Crockett Myers
9 667 Anton Nordström
10 137 Ayden Shive
11 183 Mitchell Zaremba
12 682 Izaiah Clark
13 504 Gerhard Matamoros
14 427 Cole Bradford
15 435 Marcus Phelps
16 108 Jorgen-Matthias Talviku
17 90 Hardy Munoz
18 281 Cory Carsten
19 831 Jacob Glenn
20 483 Bryton Carroll
21 60 Lorenzo Locurcio
22 964 Dominique Thury


Cole Davies was making moves through the field but ended up going down battling with Luke Fauser for third.

Pos # Name
1 300 Drew Adams
2 15 Gavin Towers
3 462 Luke Fauser
4 20 Tyler Mollet
5 17 Cole Davies
6 62 Kelana Humphrey
7 97 Noah Stevens
8 492 Landon Hartz
9 162 Klark Robbins
10 14 Ronald Johnson
11 138 Dylan Rempel
12 50 Chase Lawton
13 43 Jaxen Driskell
14 22 Logan Riggins
15 800 Preston Masciangelo
16 508 Jesse Wessell
17 981 Ryder Malinoski
18 188 Ashton Arruda
19 211 Wyatt Bass
20 41 Jordan Miller
21 80 Mikey Corcoran
22 105 Mark Fineis


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