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Bringing all the action-packed excitement into one night, championship contenders Levi Kitchen and Jordon Smith are laying it all on the line. Tied in points, one rider will emerge in front this evening, but it won’t be easy. RJ Hampshire is also looking to gain points tonight, as his championship hopes are still alive. Additionally, riders like Jo Shimoda and Julien Beaumer are fighting to secure their first win of the season. For Beaumer, it would be his first ever. You can’t count out Nate Thrasher, who took a hit in the first round but has rebounded since. He could be a determining factor in who leaves Glendale with the points lead.



RJ Hampshire 250 podium Glendale Supercross 2024_250 Podium

RJ Hampshire wins the 2024 Glendale Supercross.

Grabbing the holeshot in the 250 main was Levi Kitchen followed directly by Jordon Smith and RJ Hampshire. Levi would lead them around on the first lap but all three riders were sprinting as quickly as possible creating a gap from the fourth position of Carson Mumford. On the second lap after coming across the finish line Jordon Smith was able to take Kitchen high in the berm and take the lead. This would not last long though as Kitchen would take the spot back. A lap later in the exact same position as before, Jordon Smith would make the same move and make it stick. Levi Kitchen would then go to overjump one of the triples in the rhythm and allow RJ Hampshire to move into second spot sliding Kitchen back to third. Behind the lead group Shimoda and Mumford went back and forth as Jo Shimoda fought to move into the fourth position. Up front Jordon Smith would slide out from the lead allowing both Rj Hampshire as well as Levi Kitchen to get by, but he quickly remounted and put the pressure on Kitchen. A lap later Jordon Smith’s bad luck would continue as Levi Kitchen would roll a rhythm due to red cross lights and Smith would end up jumping into the back of him. Up front RJ Hampshire now had a decent lead on the rest of the field. However, behind him, Jordon Smith would start making up positions moving himself into the fourth position. Garrett Marchbanks also started climbing up through the field as he started near the tenth position and was able to get into fifth towards the end of the main. However in the end there was no stopping RJ Hampshire from taking home the win followed by Levi Kitchen who would solidify his points lead over Smith,

1 24 Rj Hampshire
2 47 Levi Kitchen
3 30 Jo Shimoda
4 31 Jordon Smith
5 26 Garrett Marchbanks
6 55 Mitchell Oldenburg
7 929 Julien Beaumer
8 36 Phillip Nicoletti
9 73 Robbie Wageman
10 85 Hunter Yoder
11 41 Carson Mumford
12 100 Anthony Bourdon
13 71 Cole Thompson
14 35 Talon Hawkins
15 87 Max Miller
16 78 Joshua Varize
17 116 Tj Albright
18 162 Max Sanford
19 132 Billy Laninovich
20 551 Guillaume St-Cyr
21 446 Blaine Silveira
22 34 Ryder DiFrancesco

Levi Kitchen was able to stay consistent and take over the points lead.

Bad luck for Jordon Smith as he would go down with the lead and have a result of fourth.

RJ Hampshire Glendale Supercross 2024_RJ Hampshire-2RJ Hampshire is happy to go into the six-week break on a high note. 


Jordon Smith wins heat 2 and is carrying momentum into the main.

In the second heat, it was Slade Varola who grabbed the holeshot but unfortunately, he overjumped one of the triples in the rhythm and went down handing the lead over to Jordon Smith. On the second lap, Smith’s teammate Nate Thrasher made a costly mistake in the rhythm where he came up short and got sent into a frontflip over the bars. Hampshire would move into second but only to come across the red flag that had come out for Nate Thrasher. The riders would have to restart the event.

The second start it was Jordon Smith and Jo Shimoda in the first and second positions. A test to Jo Shimoda as he had been struggling on starts earlier in the season. RJ Hampshire would slip into third place behind them only about a second and a half back and would begin trying to catch the two leaders. In the lead, Jordon Smith was doing his best to hold off the Honda rider of Jo Shimoda as Shimoda was putting in a valiant effort to get into the lead. However, it was Jordon Smith who was able to come away with the heat race win.

1 31 Jordon Smith
2 30 Jo Shimoda
3 24 Rj Hampshire
4 26 Garrett Marchbanks
5 85 Hunter Yoder
6 73 Robbie Wageman
7 71 Cole Thompson
8 87 Max Miller
9 78 Joshua Varize
10 805 Slade Varola
11 378 Kyle Wise
12 343 Carter Biese
13 446 Blaine Silveira
14 316 Ty Freehill
15 490 Ragan Cochran
16 551 Guillaume St-Cyr
17 158 Tre Fierro
18 289 Robert Hailey
19 512 Austin Cozadd
20 57 Nate Thrasher

Nate Thrasher would unfortunately crash hard in the rhythm causing a red flag and a restart of the heat.

Jo Shimoda was able to grab a better start after the restart and put in a great effort battling with Jordon Smith. 


Levi was able to win the heat but it did not come easy as he felt the pressure throughout. 

Levi Kitchen had a great jump and was easily able to make his way around turn one with the lead in hand. On the first lap, however, Carson Mumford was pushing hard, trying to get a wheel on Levi Kitchen. Kitchen would buckle down and start creating a gap between himself and the rest of the pack. Julien Beaumer would battle with Mitchell Oldenburg for the third position with Phil Nicoletti close behind in fifth. Back up front, Kitchen had a small gap but Carson Mumford was not letting him get too far ahead trying to minimize his mistakes. Though through the heat, it was Levi Kitchen who had full possession of the lead and took the win heading into the main event.

1 47 Levi Kitchen
2 41 Carson Mumford
3 55 Mitchell Oldenburg
4 929 Julien Beaumer
5 36 Phillip Nicoletti
6 34 Ryder DiFrancesco
7 35 Talon Hawkins
8 100 Anthony Bourdon
9 116 Tj Albright
10 245 Matti Jorgensen
11 509 Alex Nagy
12 538 Addison Emory
13 117 Nicholas Nisbet
14 113 Braden Spangle
15 364 Chad Saultz
16 162 Max Sanford
17 976 Josh Greco
18 339 Joey Desimone
19 121 Chris Howell
20 132 Billy Laninovich

Ryder DiFrancesco battled with Phil Nicoletti throughout the heat and was able to get himself in the main event.

Mitchell Oldenburg looked comfortable in the heat and was able to put in a push on his teammate in the last few laps.


Slade Varola is becoming quite the holeshot specialist.

1 162 Max Sanford
2 132 Billy Laninovich
3 551 Guillaume St-Cyr
4 446 Blaine Silveira
5 805 Slade Varola
6 509 Alex Nagy
7 289 Robert Hailey
8 158 Tre Fierro
9 117 Nicholas Nisbet
10 364 Chad Saultz
11 512 Austin Cozadd
12 976 Josh Greco
13 490 Ragan Cochran
14 339 Joey Desimone
15 316 Ty Freehill
16 343 Carter Biese
17 245 Matti Jorgensen
18 378 Kyle Wise
19 538 Addison Emory
20 113 Braden Spangle
21 121 Chris Howell
22 57 Nate Thrasher


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