We’ve made it to the final night of the 2024 Supercross season. Tonight is an East/West showdown and Tom Vialle leads the East with a fifteen-point gap over Haiden Deegan. The real action comes from the West as RJ Hampshire and Levi Kitchen are tied coming into tonight’s events, making it a winner-take-all scenario. Hampshire is more experienced in this situation than Kitchen, but Kitchen has been the faster rider this year. It should be an all-out battle for position and for all the updates, read down below.



RJ Hampshire is the 2024 West Coast champion.

Out front early in the main was Haiden Deegan followed by Nick Romano and RJ Hampshire. Kitchen was left mid-pack as the first lap concluded. Tom Vialle was also in the pack around ninth but Vialle was more secure in the championship than Kitchen. Deegan started to pull away early as the rest of the pack was battling with Romano in second. Kitchen started making up positions trying to catch up to Hampshire a few positions in front of him. Tom Vialle seemed to be riding conservative knowing he had some room between himself and Deegan. Back up front Jordon Smith moved into second and started catching Deegan. Jordon Smith was moving quickly but Deegan was riding aggressively, taking him to the top of the berms. Hampshire also started catching the lead group as well making things more interesting into the final laps. Up front Jordon Smith tried to make a move on Deegan but went down in the process. Hampshire would move into second and Smith would head back to fourth. In the end, Deegan was able to hang on for the win but Hampshire would take the championship over Kitchen. Deegan would lose to Vialle overall.

Pos # Rider Name
1 38 Haiden Deegan
2 24 Rj Hampshire
3 31 Jordon Smith
4 30 Jo Shimoda
5 47 Levi Kitchen
6 57 Nate Thrasher
7 48 Chance Hymas
8 16 Tom Vialle
9 33 Jalek Swoll
10 36 Phillip Nicoletti
11 69 Coty Schock
12 39 Pierce Brown
13 34 Ryder DiFrancesco
14 43 Seth Hammaker
15 71 Cole Thompson
16 37 Max Anstie
17 59 Daxton Bennick
18 100 Anthony Bourdon
19 511 Nicholas Romano
20 87 Max Miller
21 128 Preston Boespflug
22 929 Julien Beaumer

Deegan played rough but would come up short on the championship.

Tom Vialle is the 2024 250 East Coast champion.


Seth Hammaker rode well, moving forward through the heat and solidifying his position into the main.

Grabbing the holeshot and the early lead was Coty Schock but he made a mistake early coming into one of the turns and went off the track and down in the process. Daxton Bennick and Haiden Deegan battled back and forth for a few turns but Deegan was able to take over the lead. Deegan then began to start building a gap on the rest of the field. Vialle had a poor start where he was near eighth and began working his way up through the pack. Jalek Swoll and Seth Hammaker also had good starts sitting in the fourth and fifth positions. Up front however, there was no catching Deegan who easily took the first heat win.

Pos # Rider Name
1 38 Haiden Deegan
2 59 Daxton Bennick
3 43 Seth Hammaker
4 33 Jalek Swoll
5 39 Pierce Brown
6 511 Nicholas Romano
7 37 Max Anstie
8 48 Chance Hymas
9 16 Tom Vialle
10 75 Marshal Weltin
11 65 Henry Miller
12 128 Preston Boespflug
13 296 Ryder Floyd
14 90 Hardy Munoz
15 60 Lorenzo Locurcio
16 69 Coty Schock
17 964 Dominique Thury
18 602 Gage Linville
19 420 Jackson Gray
20 526 Nick Laurie

Max Anstie had a poor start but was able to fight through the pack.

Pierce Brown battled with Anstie and Swoll, getting himself into the main.


Levi Kitchen held off the pressure from Hampshire and took the win in the first heat.

In the West it was Levi Kitchen followed by his championship competitor RJ Hampshire. Nate Thrasher had a good start in third but the action was all up front. Kitchen was able to set the pace while hampshire applied the pressure and the two began to gap the rest of the field. Kitchen stayed strong and was able to hold of RJ through the beginning of the race. Behind them Jordon Smith and Nate Thrasher were battling back and forth for the fourth position. Jo Shimoda sat in fifth a little bit back from the lead pack. Back up front Kitchen was able to hold off the charge and take the win.

Pos # Rider Name
1 47 Levi Kitchen
2 24 Rj Hampshire
3 57 Nate Thrasher
4 31 Jordon Smith
5 30 Jo Shimoda
6 36 Phillip Nicoletti
7 71 Cole Thompson
8 929 Julien Beaumer
9 34 Ryder DiFrancesco
10 73 Robbie Wageman
11 473 Lux Turner
12 35 Talon Hawkins
13 78 Joshua Varize
14 162 Max Sanford
15 116 Tj Albright
16 334 Brad West
17 500 Julien Benek
18 87 Max Miller
19 100 Anthony Bourdon
20 996 Preston Taylor

Jordon Smith battled for third ending up fourth but securing a spot in the main.

Julien Beaumer started in the back of the pack but made his way into qualifying position.


Coty Schock had to race the LCQ but made it through successfully and took the win.

Pos # Rider Name
1 69 Coty Schock
2 100 Anthony Bourdon
3 128 Preston Boespflug
4 87 Max Miller
5 75 Marshal Weltin
6 334 Brad West
7 73 Robbie Wageman
8 90 Hardy Munoz
9 602 Gage Linville
10 500 Julien Benek
11 78 Joshua Varize
12 420 Jackson Gray
13 60 Lorenzo Locurcio
14 964 Dominique Thury
15 473 Lux Turner
16 35 Talon Hawkins
17 162 Max Sanford
18 996 Preston Taylor
19 116 Tj Albright
20 296 Ryder Floyd


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