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The 250 class is set to go at the 2024 Thunder Valley National and it’s Haiden Deegan, the young phenom, who has the red plate so far. He has a 13-point lead on Levi Kitchen and a 16-point gap on Tom Vialle after going 1-1-1-2 in the four motos thus far. The Thunder Valley track is set up to make for some exciting racing today in Lakewood, Colorado. The schedule has changed a little bit this weekend, with the 450 class going first in the lineup. This means the 250 riders will race a little later in the day than usual, and on a rougher track than usual. Still, we don’t expect the Thunder Valley track to get too rough today, as the track crew didn’t rip it as deep or water it as much as they did last year.

Scroll below for 450 race results from Thunder Valley, brought to you by Dunlop tires.



Chance Hymas 2024 Hangtown Nationals Web-557Chance Hymas rode great in Colorado. He won the second moto and got second overall. 

Just before the second 250 moto kicked off, a heavy rain storm hit the Lakewood, Colorado, area and made for a slippery track. Thankfully, the rain stopped before the gate dropped and the 250 riders didn’t have to deal with rain falling on their goggles.

Chance Hymas grabbed the holeshot in the second moto with Haiden Deegan second early and Tom Vialle a little further back. It felt like Haiden was taking it easy early in the race while the track was still slippery, but Chance Hymas stayed consistent and quick out front and he was able to win his first-ever 250 Pro Motocross moto win and earn second overall.

Levi Kitchen was third early in the race, but a crash early caused him to drop to fifth. Tom Vialle also had a crash in the second moto which kept him from battling with Haiden Deegan for the overall win.


Haiden Deegan 2024 Hangtown Nationals Web-678

Haiden Deegan grabbed the holeshot with Tom Vialle second, Chance Hymas third, Jalek Swoll fourth and AEO KTM rookie, Ryder McNabb in fifth. The first turn had a crash though with Jordon Smith, Casey Cochran, Pierce Brown, Joey Savatgy, Evan Ferry and more down. Levi Kitchen moved up to fifth at the end of lap one. Ty Masterpool qualified first and was in 12th place after eight minutes of racing. Haiden Deegan looked very comfortable out front mid-race. He held a lead that fluctuated between two and four seconds over the 250SX East Coast Champion, Tom Vialle. With ten minutes to go, Haiden held a 2.6-second lead. Chance Hymas was still third, 10 seconds behind Haiden, and Levi Kitchen moved ahead of Swoll to sit in fourth place. With seven minutes to go, Hymas was passed by Levi Kitchen for the third place spot.

With three laps to go, Haiden slid out and somehow picked his bike up and stayed in front of Vialle, but Vialle got him in the next turn. Then, Haiden stayed behind him for two laps, but in the last turn right before the white flag came out, Deegan sent it into the inside and passed Tom back. Tom thought he was going to get hit, so he shot off the track. On the last lap the lapper were not nice to Vialle and he almost passed him with four corners to go, but Tom bumped into the side of Haiden and went down. He still finished second but lost the moto win to his rival.

1 38 Haiden Deegan
2 16 Tom Vialle
3 47 Levi Kitchen
4 48 Chance Hymas
5 30 Jo Shimoda
6 39 Pierce Brown
7 33 Jalek Swoll
8 29 Ty Masterpool
9 929 Julien Beaumer
10 40 Dilan Schwartz
11 31 Jordon Smith
12 511 Nicholas Romano
13 107 Ryder McNabb
14 69 Coty Schock
15 59 Daxton Bennick
16 166 Casey Cochran
17 17 Joseph Savatgy
18 34 Ryder DiFrancesco
19 35 Talon Hawkins
20 99 Jett Reynolds
21 413 Crockett Myers
22 435 Marcus Phelps
23 401 Blake Gardner
24 451 Dalton Venter
25 108 Jorgen-Matthias Talvi
26 90 Hardy Munoz
27 473 Lux Turner
28 273 Brock Bennett
29 565 Stav Orland
30 310 Kai Aiello
31 584 Cameron Durow
32 705 Mark Fineis
33 999 Jesse Jacobsen
34 670 Gavin Brough
35 805 Slade Varola
36 249 Bailey Kroone
37 376 Thomas Welch
38 337 Slade Smith
39 751 Evan Ferry
40 378 Kyle Wise

Levi Kitchen 2024 Hangtown Nationals Web-547Levi Kitchen was fifth early in moto 1. 

Jalek Swoll 2024 Hangtown Nationals Web-290Triumph’s Jalek Swoll has been going fast so far this year. He qualified 8th going into the motos today. 


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