This may look like a victory whip, but it is actually Ryan Dungey twisting his bike to get a good look at Roger DeCoster driving away.

The 13th and final AMA National of the 12-race 2010 AMA National Motocross Championships came to a conclusion today at Barber Motorsports Park in Alabama. A estimated crowd of 65,00 spectators jammed the imaginative racetrack (well, actually 15,000 fans made it into the track, but the traffic jam on the roads to the course contained 40,000 people who wanted to be there and 10,000 more people trying to go to the local grocery store).

The big winner on the day was Ryan Dungey who won both motos of the 450 class. On the podium Ryan told the television camera to “just play a tape of one of my last 12 victory speeches.” Also, on the 250 podium, the enthusiastic Alabama crowd went wild when it was announced that French President Charles de Gaulle was still dead after 40 years. They also booed Ecuadorian rider Martin Davalos when the track P.A. system mistakenly pronounced his first name the proper way?Mar-teen. Luckily, recently crowned 250 National Champion Trey Canard stepped up on the podium, raised his hand and told the crowd not to boo a rider just because he has a French name. The crowd then threw $25 three-ounce cups of beer at Canard when it was discovered that “Canard” is a French name also.


Dungey had his typical race in the 450 class. He let the field go at the start, sat on the line like he was waiting to see if the check would clear and then set out after the pack. Dungey languished at the back of the race until three laps to go and then passed everyone to take the win by 35 seconds. Dungey would later say that he “owed this win to Suzuki team manager Roger DeCoster and would call him down at KTM to thank him personally later in the week.”

The big news stories of the day were:

(1) Jason Lawrence had his best race of the season when he completed the parade lap successfully. He did have some issues getting back to his truck before the start of the first moto, but said that he was training hard and hoped next year to do the parade lap in both motos.

(2) Chad Reed couldn’t make it to the race, because he is now suffering from a rare case of Eucalyptus Root Rust (a fungi native to the Australian outback), but he did tweet photos of himself winning the Barber National on a Honda.

(3) Nick Wey was finishing out his final ride as a fill-in rider for the Kawasaki team and when ask about his chances of staying on the team he said that there was one-in-100 chance that he’d stay?but it was all based on whether Reed’s Eucalyptus Rust was contagious and started an epidemic in Florida.

(4) The race was delayed for two hours when the Caterpillar 16H motor grader of MX Sports’ John Ayers broke down. Ayers considered running the Barber Motorsports Park AMA National on the paved road race course, but the idea was shot down when it was discovered that the yellow Acerbis stakes couldn’t be driven into the asphalt.

(5) The pits were the most crowded in motocross history?but it was later discovered that the majority of the log jam was caused by various lawyers and legal teams on site to take depositions for the upcoming rash of lawsuits between all the people who the defendants thought “were good for the sport” last year.

(6) Sadly, Christophe Pourcel couldn’t make it to the fabled 13th National after separating his shoulder at round 12. When asked what he would do on his off weekend, he said that he planned to take in a New York Yankee’s game while wearing a Boston Red Sox jersey. He thought that would duplicate his 12 previous AMA National experiences.

(7) In sponsorship news, Honda has announced that it wants to sponsor the “CRF 150 Cup” again next year. The number of events was undecided, but Honda spokesman said that the number of rounds would be decided by how long it took them to get rid of all the non-current CRF150s. “When the last bike leaves our warehouse, we leave the series,” they said. MX Sports said they expected to find even more sponsors in the future from the makers of recalled products and other stuff that didn’t sell well.

(8) When the track was criticized for being too flat, the promoters announced that it wasn’t “Billiard table flat as erroneously reported,”  but rather “putting green flat” and no matter what anyone said, it all depended on your definition of the word “flat.”

(9) In shocking news, it was announced that next year the 250 Nationals will be split into two separate classes. The first class, open only to members of the Pro Circuit and Geico Honda teams, will get to race by themselves. The second class, consisting of the other 32 riders, will hold their motos after the second women’s race?light permitting.

(10) In a change to a 40-year-old AMA policy, starting in 2011 the KTM team will be allowed to park in the pro pits.

So, the 2010 AMA National season has finally come to end, but next year will be the most exciting ever?especially if Christophe Pourcel goes through with his plans to Anglicize his name to Chris Porter.
1. Ryan Dungey…American
2. Brett Metcalfe…Down Underer
3. Andrew Short…wannabe Texan
4. Ben Townley…very close to Down Under
5. Mike Alessi…American
6. Kyle Chisholm…American
7. Josh Grant…doesn’t wannabe from NC
8. Ryan Sipes…American
9. Kyle Regal…wannabe Puerto Rican
10. Nick Wey…American

1. Trey Canard…Okie from Muskogee
2. Tyla Rattray…African
3. Christophe Pourcel…French
4. Dean Wilson…Your guess is as good as ours
5. Justin Barcia…American
6. Eli Tomac…doesn’t wannabe a Texan
7. Broc Tickle…dog loving American
8. Blake Wharton…A native Texan
9. Martin Davalos…Down Under, but to the left
10. Wil Hahn…From the same place as his brother

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