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ZachOsborneZach had never won a 250 Supercross race before this season. Now he is the points leader.

By Jim Kimball

LETS BEGIN WITH THE AGGRESSIVE RIDING IN INDY. IS THERE ANYTHING TO BE SAID? There is really nothing to say; that is over and done with. Now were here in Detroit, and its time to go again! There weren’t a lot of good places to pass, so it was pretty tit for tat around the entire track. There just wasn’t an opportunity to pass unless there was a little bump and grind. It’s our job, and what we do for our income, so you have to make it happen.

WHEN WE SPOKE TO BEFORE THE 250 EAST SERIES OPENER IN MINNEAPOLIS, YOU JUST SEEMED SO FOCUSED ON GETTING ON WITH THE SERIES, AND MOVING FORWARD. Yes for sure, and I recall that talk that we had. I made a plan before the East Coast Supercross series started, and am working hard to make that happen. It’s my time to go, and that is what I have to do.

IS IT GOOD OR BAD THAT YOU DON’T HAVE A HUSKY TEAMMATE IN THE 250 EAST? For me, it doesn’t really matter. Not having a teammate racing with me has no impact. I certainly don’t think that not having a teammate on the track with me is any disadvantage.

AS THE POINTS LEADER, DO YOU PROTECT YOUR POINTS OR SIMPLY GO FOR THE WINS? This is such a short series, and I don’t have the Championship — I only have the red plate. The Championship will be determined in Las Vegas, so I am not riding to protect anything. I cannot go out there with that (points lead) in my mind – that wouldn’t be good.



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