450 start 2019 Seattle Supercross PRACTICE-3310


The twelfth round of the 2019 Monster Energy Supercross season is going on today in Seattle, Washington. In the first heat race,  Blake Baggett grabbed the holeshot, but it was Ken Roczen who would make the pass and take the win. The track is getting tougher and tougher with every lap. Especially the whoops, many riders are making mistakes there and some are opting to jump through the whoops. In the second heat race Cooper Webb got the holeshot and held off a hard charging Eli Tomac to win the second heat of the night. Cooper chose to jump through the whoops while Eli Tomac was skimming them. It was a close race, but Cooper Webb was able to hold him off.

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Zach Osborne grabbed the holeshot, but it was Marvin Musquin who block passed him in the third corner to take over the lead. Unfortunately there was a big crash involving four riders in the first rhythm section on lap one. Justin Brayton and Chad Reed were both involved and they were both hauled off the track on the Alpinestars Mobile medical mule. Ken Roczen made a charge at the beginning of the race and it looked like he would catch Marvin, but Musquin picked up his pace and pulled away and took the win. Cooper Webb passed his way up to fourth and he put on a charge towards the end of the race. He closed up a large gap on Eli Tomac to finish right behind him at the checkers.

Marvin did jump on a red cross flag during the 450 main event. He still won the race, but the AMA docked him seven points. That put him in the same position he was with Cooper Webb before Seattle, 14 points behind.

Marvin Musquin_2019 Seattle Supercross PRACTICE-2673Marvin wins in Seattle, but gains no points on his teammate Cooper Webb. 

1 25 Marvin Musquin
2 94 Ken Roczen
3 3 Eli Tomac
4 2 Cooper Webb
5 17 Joey Savatgy
6 15 Dean Wilson
7 4 Blake Baggett
8 16 Zach Osborne
9 14 Cole Seely
10 43 Tyler Bowers
11 19 Justin Bogle
12 46 Justin Hill
13 800 Mike Alessi
14 41 Ben Lamay
15 805 Carlen Gardner
16 62 Alex Ray
17 51 Justin Barcia
18 99 Austin Politelli
19 11 Kyle Chisholm
20 86 Ryan Breece
21 22 Chad Reed
22 10 Justin Brayton

Ken Roczen_2019 Seattle Supercross PRACTICE-3020Ken Roczen finished second in Seattle. 

Eli Tomac_2019 Seattle Supercross PRACTICE-3389Eli Tomac rode strong in Seattle, but he wasn’t quick enough to catch Roczen and Musquin.

Cooper Webb_2019 Seattle Supercross PRACTICE-2993Cooper Webb charged hard and finished fourth at round twelve.


Ben Lamay grabbed the holeshot and took the win in the 450 LCQ. Josh Grant charged hard, he was right behind Ben before he stalled it at the end of the whoop section and dropped back to sixth. Then Josh charged his way to fifth, almost to fourth before crashing hard in the whoops. Josh got up and rode off the track after that. Ryan Breece, Alex Ray and Austin Politelli finished in the top four and qualified for the main event in Seattle.

Ben Lamay_2019 Seattle Supercross PRACTICE-2675Ben Lamay wins the 450 LCQ in Seattle. 

1 41 Ben Lamay
2 86 Ryan Breece
3 62 Alex Ray
4 99 Austin Politelli
5 97 Adam Enticknap
6 330 Aj Catanzaro
7 348 Joan Cros
8 509 Alexander Nagy
9 383 Casey Brennan
10 393 Daniel Herrlein
11 723 Tyler Enticknap
12 211 Tevin Tapia
13 282 Theodore Pauli
14 501 Scotty Wennerstrom
15 313 Kyle Swanson
16 526 Colton Aeck
17 448 Broc Shoemaker
18 480 Johan Nystrom
19 214 Vann Martin
20 33 Joshua Grant

Josh Grant_2019 Seattle Supercross PRACTICE-2635Josh Grant looked fast all day, but unfortunately he had crash in the whoops that kept him out of the main event.


Cooper Webb_2019 Seattle Supercross PRACTICE-3339Cooper Webb held off a hard charging Eli Tomac to take the win.

1 2 Cooper Webb
2 3 Eli Tomac
3 15 Dean Wilson
4 17 Joey Savatgy
5 22 Chad Reed
6 10 Justin Brayton
7 46 Justin Hill
8 11 Kyle Chisholm
9 800 Mike Alessi
10 33 Joshua Grant
11 62 Alex Ray
12 86 Ryan Breece
13 393 Daniel Herrlein
14 509 Alexander Nagy
15 348 Joan Cros
16 330 Aj Catanzaro
17 313 Kyle Swanson
18 480 Johan Nystrom
19 282 Theodore Pauli
20 430 Dylan Summerlin


Eli Tomac is charging hard in Seattle.

Dean Wilson 2019 Seattle Supercross PRACTICE-3394Dean Wilson was going fast again, he finished third and was very close to Tomac.


Ken Roczen 2019 Seattle Supercross PRACTICE-3507Ken Roczen went on to win the second heat race of the night. 

1 94 Ken Roczen
2 25 Marvin Musquin
3 16 Zach Osborne
4 14 Cole Seely
5 4 Blake Baggett
6 43 Tyler Bowers
7 19 Justin Bogle
8 51 Justin Barcia
9 805 Carlen Gardner
10 99 Austin Politelli
11 97 Adam Enticknap
12 41 Ben Lamay
13 383 Casey Brennan
14 501 Scotty Wennerstrom
15 723 Tyler Enticknap
16 214 Vann Martin
17 211 Tevin Tapia
18 448 Broc Shoemaker
19 526 Colton Aeck

Marvin Musquin_2019 Seattle Supercross PRACTICE-2673Marvin Musquin charged hard and caught right up to Ken Roczen on the last lap, but he wasn’t able to make the pass.

Blake Baggett_2019 Seattle Supercross PRACTICE-2923Blake Baggett grabbed the holeshot, but a few mistakes caused him to fall back to fifth.

Eli Tomac 2019 Seattle Supercross -2126Eli Tomac is looking for redemption tonight in Seattle. Click the link below for photos, qualifying results and news from Seattle. 



The first 450SX Class race held in Seattle was on February 18, 1978 in the Kingdome. Jimmy Ellis won the race on a Honda. 

From 1978-1989 the Seattle Kingdome held a Supercross race on back-to-back nights, Supercross’s version of a doubleheader. There were plenty of memorable moments in those 11 seasons of doubleheader racing, but most importantly soon-to-be championship rivals Jeff Ward and Rick Johnson earning their first 450SX Class wins on back-to-back nights in 1984’s Seattle doubleheader. 

The Kingdome hosted a Supercross race 33 times and for 22 straight seasons from 1978-1999 before being demolished in 2000. CenturyLink Field, then named Seahawks Stadium, was built in 2002 and took over hosting the Seattle Supercross in 2005, six years after the last Kingdome race. James Stewart won the first three races in Seahawks Stadium from 2005-2007. 

Since CenturyLink Field took over hosting the Seattle Supercross, the series has returned every season except for 2014 and 2015. After 33 races in the Kingdome and 12 in CenturyLink Field, 2019 will be the 46th edition of the Seattle Supercross. 

Manufacturer Wins in Seattle

-Honda: 20 (2013)
-Kawasaki: 10 (2018)
-Yamaha: 9 (2011)
-Suzuki: 5 (1999)
-KTM: 1 (2017) 

Top Winners in Seattle 

1) Rick Johnson: 7 (‘84, ‘86, ‘87, ‘87, ‘88, ‘89, ‘89)
2) Jeremy McGrath: 4 (‘93, ‘95-‘96, ‘98)
2) James Stewart: 4 (’05-’07, ’11)
4) Mike Bell: 3 (’79, ’80, ’80)
4) Bob Hannah: 3 (’79, ’83, ’83) 


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