The most exciting points we’ve seen in recent memory made its way to Thunder Vally MX located in Lakewood, Colorado for the 8th round of the 2020 Pro Motocross Season. With every moto of the 450 class, we push our couch closer and closer to the TV because the racing has continued to get more exciting throughout the season. It’s hard to express why exactly the racing has been so good this year. Maybe it is because the current 450 class is almost balanced with the talent at hand or maybe it is because the season has featured so many surprises. Zach Osborne continued to hold onto the red plate with a 26 point lead over 450 rookie Adam Cianciarulo. However, this points lead is a smaller gap than you may think in 2020. We’ve seen plenty of examples of how fast a race can flip flop. For example, Zach suffering a front flat at Millville had a dramatic effect on the points standings. With this in mind, its anyone’s game when it comes to scoring a podium position for the 2020 Pro Motocross Season.

Adam’s ability to learn the 450 is as remarkable as it is unsurprising. We had figured that he would be a quick learner when it came time for him to saddle up on the 450 class but to be in serious contention for the championship? Now that was unexpected.  And fresh off an injury hiatus, Marvin Musquin has proven to us that he’s back and tough as nails. At WW Ranch, Marvin suffered a gnarly crash in qualifying where he appeared to slam his head on the ground. However, this did not stop the Frenchman as he showed up to the motos and got second overall in the day. Another surprise we saw from the Ranch was someone we haven’t seen have more than desirable results. Eli Tomac flipped a switch as he charged through the pack and finished second in the second moto. Will we see this again from the past year’s champ?

Qualifying was very interesting to watch as the first round of qualifying ended up with Blake Baggett in first, yet slower than 250 rider Justin Cooper’s lap time. The second round was vastly different as Adam CIanciarulo set the fastest pace around the Colorado track, a whole second faster than anyone else. Blake Baggett came in second and was looking very good followed by the other 450 rookie Chase Sexton and then Christian Craig. Will see this same speed from Adam when it comes time for racing? Scroll down as we report the race live.



Max Anstie 2020 Loretta Lynn 2 motocross national round 2-3-2Max Anstie put on an awesome performance in the second moto.

The second 450 moto started wild with plenty of carnage in the pack and Marvin Musquin narrowly grabbed the holeshot next to Adam Cianciarulo. The battling was extremely close as Zach Osborne came out of nowhere to make a pass on Marvin Musquin. Max Anstie made a pass for third place on Marvin Musquin while being chased by Eli Tomac and Tomac immediately made a pass on both Marvin Musquin and Max Anstie. With three laps in, Adam Cianciarulo led the race followed by Osborne, Tomac, and Anstie. Marvin Musquin sat in fifth with Christian Craig and Justin Barcia following close behind.

Christian Craig had his best finish in the season with a fourth.

Fortunately for Eli Tomac, he got a good start which meant trouble for the two in front of him. Ten minutes in the pressure was on as Eli Tomac put the charge on Zach Osborne and successfully made the pass. A lap later, Tomac was already on the Adam Cianciarulo’s bumper. Eli Tomac was already eliminated from the possibility of winning the championship but made the pass on his teammate who has the chance to win the championship. Just like how we saw at WW Ranch, Eli Tomac regained his old form and we saw his old speed come back in front of the Colorado crowd. Yet Eli Tomac wasn’t going to get away from Cianciarulo that easy. Adam would keep up the pace with the former three time champion. Back in fifth and sixth place, Max Anstie and Justin Barcia battled for the fifth position and eventually, it would be under Justin Barcia’s possession. The top three set up a staggering 14 second gap in between them and the fourth place of Christian Craig.

Eli Tomac had clutch issues but still came out on top.

With 7 minutes left it appeared that Eli Tomac was having problems with his clutch lever as he slowed down to mess with it. Every jump Tomac made, he would adjust the clutch in mid-air. This gave Adam Cianciarulo the opportunity to catch right back up. Zach Osborne also put a drive towards the leaders and was only four seconds behind the two. However when the race came to a finish, the former three time champ came on top victorious. 

1 1 Eli Tomac 3 1
2 9 Adam Cianciarulo 1 3
3 16 Zachary Osborne 4 2
4 23 Chase Sexton 2 5
5 62 Christian Craig 7 4
6 25 Marvin Musquin 6 8
7 103 Max Anstie 9 6
8 50 Benny Bloss 14 7
9 19 Justin Bogle 12 9
10 78 Jake Masterpool 13 10
11 31 Fredrik Noren 11 13
12 51 Justin Barcia 5 37
13 4 Blake Baggett 8
14 43 John Short 17 12
15 349 Grant Harlan 20 11
16 258 Justin Rodbell 16 15
17 42 Ben LaMay 15 16
18 20 Broc Tickle 10 39
19 79 Isaac Teasdale 18 14
20 34 Tyler Bowers 19 18
21 309 Jeremy Smith 21 17
22 141 Richard Taylor 23 19
23 647 Matthew Hubert 28 20
24 503 McClellan Hile 25 22
25 441 Scott Meshey 22 26
26 280 William Clason 24 27
27 722 Adam Enticknap 29 24
28 269 Dalton Dyer 26 28
29 130 Austin Root 34 21
30 711 Tristan Lane 32 23
31 881 Jerry Lorenz III 30 25
32 600 Connor Olson 27 29
33 139 Nathen LaPorte 33 31
34 768 Cole Shondeck 31 36
35 824 Carter Stephenson 37 33
36 946 Matthew Toth 35 35
37 114 Nick Schmidt 36 38
38 61 Alex Ray 39 40
39 519 Jorge Rubalcava 30
40 841 Jeffrey Walker 32
41 565 Dominic DeSimone 34
42 17 Joseph Savatgy 38
43 577 Felix Lopez 40



Eli would close a considerably large time gap.

The start of the first 450 moto involved supple amounts of bar banging and trading paint as Adam Cianciarulo grabbed his seventh holeshot of the season followed by his training partner Chase Sexton and points leader Zach Osborne. Justin Barcia followed in fourth place and Blake Baggett in fifth as they held off Eli Tomac. The 3 time champ started putting the heat on the El Chupacabra of Blake Baggett but it wasn’t for long till Blake Baggett let Eli Tomac make a pass. After Blake Baggett was Marvin Musquin, Justin Bogle, and Max Anstie. The top four started spreading apart as Adam continued to hold onto the lead. Max attempted to close the gap between the Rocky Mountain KTM rider but while they were battling, the 62 of Christian Craig snuck up on the two. 10 Minutes in, Eli Tomac was ready to put a charge on Bam Bam Barcia. Both went back and forth as they were making mistakes while passing each other and eventually Eli would come out on top.

Chase Sexton to be very consistent throughout the race and get a second. 

Chase Sexton proceeded to run slightly faster lap times than Adam Cianciarulo and would shorten the four second gap to three seconds. Zach Osborne will have also put down a slightly faster lap time but still sat eight seconds behind the leader. 15 minutes into the race Tomac sat 15 seconds behind the leader but knowing Eli, that time could drastically change near the end of the moto. Justin Barcia then sat eight seconds behind Tomac. The 25 of Marvin Musquin sat in seventh place and desperately needed more points for the championship but the Honda rider Christian Craig was ready to chase him down. Looking at the top three, Adam Cianciarulo and Chase Sexton remained to stay together and the red plate holder, Zach Osborne started to fade away from the two younger riders.

Zach Osborne appeared to have some problems with his boots and possibly arm pump.

This was not the end of Zach’s inconveniences as Eli Tomac would make the pass with 5 minutes and two laps remaining. Tomac had an eight second gap with two laps remaining on Adam Cianciarulo and proceeded to run the fastest lap time of the race. Adam would walk away with a first moto win. 

1 9 Adam Cianciarulo 2:09.639
2 23 Chase Sexton 2:09.935
3 1 Eli Tomac 2:09.143
4 16 Zachary Osborne 2:10.798
5 51 Justin Barcia 2:11.413
6 25 Marvin Musquin 2:13.156
7 62 Christian Craig 2:12.953
8 4 Blake Baggett 2:12.536
9 103 Max Anstie 2:13.700
10 20 Broc Tickle 2:14.707
11 31 Fredrik Noren 2:14.238
12 19 Justin Bogle 2:14.223
13 78 Jake Masterpool 2:15.515
14 50 Benny Bloss 2:16.212
15 42 Ben LaMay 2:18.008
16 258 Justin Rodbell 2:18.516
17 43 John Short 2:17.990
18 79 Isaac Teasdale 2:18.985
19 34 Tyler Bowers 2:19.639
20 349 Grant Harlan 2:18.109
21 309 Jeremy Smith 2:21.371
22 441 Scott Meshey 2:20.567
23 141 Richard Taylor 2:21.465
24 280 William Clason 2:22.354
25 503 McClellan Hile 2:21.398
26 269 Dalton Dyer 2:22.239
27 600 Connor Olson 2:22.679
28 647 Matthew Hubert 2:22.986
29 722 Adam Enticknap 2:22.885
30 881 Jerry Lorenz III 2:25.141
31 768 Cole Shondeck 2:24.241
32 711 Tristan Lane 2:24.723
33 139 Nathen LaPorte 2:26.097
34 130 Austin Root 2:21.232
35 946 Matthew Toth 2:25.937
36 114 Nick Schmidt 2:23.952
37 824 Carter Stephenson 2:24.794
38 17 Joseph Savatgy 2:17.918
39 61 Alex Ray 2:22.800
40 577 Felix Lopez



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