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The premier class is back for the 14th round of the 2021 Monster Energy Supercross season held in Atlanta Motor Speedway. As the riders continue their residency in Atlanta for the second of three rounds, the track has been redesigned to keep the racing fresh and the racers on their toes. The lanes remain almost the same but the track now goes in the opposite direction and the rhythm sections have been completely redesigned. And luckily for the racers, and the fans, the track is a lot drier than the round previously, like a lot drier. We even saw some dust during qualifying. In the 450 class, Jason Anderson was the fastest qualifier with Ken Roczen and Chase Sexton running in second and third. The 450 class was incredibly quick on Georgia clay, qualifying a couple of seconds faster than the 250s. At the previous triple and double headers, we saw the first round winner gain enormous momentum, typically sweeping the entire series. Will Eli Tomac sweep Atlanta or will other opponents beat the 2020 champ? Will Ken Roczen begin to catch up to Cooper Webb’s points lead or will it be Eli to catch up to the 94 first? Stay tuned down below as we report all the action LIVE from Atlanta Motor Speedway for the 14th round of the 2021 Monster Energy Supercross season.


Photos by Brian Converse and Travis Fant


Ken Roczen 2021 Atlanta Supercross 2-9692Ken Roczen wins at Atlanta 2! 

The 450 Main took off and it was Ken Roczen who grabbed the holeshot with Chase Sexton next to him. Malcolm Stewart went over the bars following the first turn. Cooper Webb got into the mix and both Ken Roczen and Cooper Webb led the race. Ken quickly created a gap on his rival with his teammate following in third and Marvin Musquin in fourth. Two laps in, Ken Roczen’s lead grew to more than 4.5 seconds. Justin Barcia made the pass on Cooper Webb following the turn right after the whoops and eventually, Jason Anderson proceeded to make passing attempts on Cooper Webb becoming successful half a lap later. Now Marvin Musquin started to catch up to his teammate. With 12 minutes remaining, second through tenth still was extremely close. Eli made the pass on Marvin and started to creep up on Webb with 10 minutes remaining. Then Jason Anderson made the pass on Justin Barcia for third place. Justin Barcia started to fall behind in the race and Cooper Webb began to get on his rear wheel but a close block would hold off the number 2. Cooper Webb lost all of his speed through the whoops allowing Tomac to catch up but another mistake made by Eli would set him back. Ken Roczen would win the Main Event with a huge lead. Cooper Webb made a mistake over the wall jump and lost several positions.

1 94 Ken Roczen
2 23 Chase Sexton
3 21 Jason Anderson
4 51 Justin Barcia
5 1 Eli Tomac
6 2 Cooper Webb
7 25 Marvin Musquin
8 7 Aaron Plessinger
9 15 Dean Wilson
10 17 Joey Savatgy
11 14 Dylan Ferrandis
12 36 Martin Davalos
13 20 Broc Tickle
14 34 Max Anstie
15 44 Tyler Bowers
16 84 Josh Hill
17 280 Cade Clason
18 81 Justin Starling
19 70 Henry Miller
20 184 Scott Champion
21 27 Malcolm Stewart
22 49 Mitchell Oldenburg
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Cooper Webb 2021_Atlanta 2_Supercross-51Cooper Webb was good, but not great. Unfortunately for him, with how stacked this 450 class is, that wasn’t good enough. He ran fifth until clipping Justin Barcia’s rear wheel on the wall jump and tipping over. This let Eli Tomac pass by and dropped him to sixth. 


Jason Anderson was the fastest qualifier in the 450 class. However, the 21 stalled the bike crossing the starting gate.

The second 450 Heat race took off and it was Chase Sexton and Marvin Musquin who crossed the holeshot first. Marvin Musquin start became remarkable after creating a giant gap in between himself and the rest of the field. Joey Savatgy ran in second place with Martin Davalos in third. Chase Sexton eventually made his way around Martin Davalos. Alex Ray landed on Jason Anderson and Jason got off the ground and walked over to Alex Ray to give him a verbal piece of his mind. The 21 got up and began to put on the charge sitting all the way back in 17th. With two minutes remaining, Marvin continued to lead the race with Joey Savatgy slowly catching up. Dylan Ferrandis now sat in fourth with Eli Tomac in fifth. One face we haven’t seen in a while was Josh Hill who sat in seventh place. Chase Sexton began to make passing attempts on Joey Savatgy and eventually became successful with two laps remaining. Marvin Musquin won the second Heat Race.

1 25 Marvin Musquin
2 23 Chase Sexton
3 17 Joey Savatgy
4 14 Dylan Ferrandis
5 1 Eli Tomac
6 36 Martin Davalos
7 20 Broc Tickle
8 84 Josh Hill
9 81 Justin Starling
10 21 Jason Anderson
11 114 Nick Schmidt
12 606 Ronnie Stewart
13 309 Jeremy Smith
14 519 Joshua Cartwright
15 597 Mason Kerr
16 87 Curren Thurman
17 848 Joan Cros
18 83 Alex Ray
19 37 Benny Bloss
20 43 Fredrik Noren
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Dylan Ferrandis made a remarkable recovery at Atlanta 1, from dead last to fifth. We expect the French man to perform well at Atlanta 2. 


Ken Roczen was extremely quick in qualifying. Is round 14 the round where puts the heat on high to catch up to Cooper Webb?

The first 450 Heat took off andKen Roczen grabbed the holeshot. In second place sat Dean Wilson and Malcolm Stewart. Cooper Webb rode in fourth place closing the gap on Malcolm Stewart but Justin Barcia began to turn the heat on high, attempting to pass Cooper Webb. With three minutes remaining, Ken Roczen’s lead grew to more than three seconds. Justin Barcia slid out while trying to catch up to Cooper Webb, thankfully only losing one position. Ken Roczen won by more than four seconds.

1 94 Ken Roczen
2 15 Dean Wilson
3 27 Malcolm Stewart
4 2 Cooper Webb
5 7 Aaron Plessinger
6 51 Justin Barcia
7 34 Max Anstie
8 49 Mitchell Oldenburg
9 44 Tyler Bowers
10 70 Henry Miller
11 184 Scott Champion
12 280 Cade Clason
13 722 Adam Enticknap
14 88 Logan Karnow
15 330 Aj Catanzaro
16 57 Justin Rodbell
17 637 Bobby Piazza
18 282 Theodore Pauli
19 976 Joshua Greco
20 11 Kyle Chisholm

Cooper Webb sliding the back end out on the Georgia clay.


Jason found himself in the LCQ after becoming the landing pad for Alex Ray during the second Heat Race. 

Jason Anderson and Scott Champion led the 450 LCQ, but it wasn’t long till Jason Anderson grabbed the lead and create a large gap, setting over a 7 second lead within two laps. Henry Miller sat in second place battling with Scott Champion. Jason won the LCQ with a ginormous lead, over 25 seconds on second place.

1 21 Jason Anderson
2 70 Henry Miller
3 184 Scott Champion
4 280 Cade Clason
5 848 Joan Cros
6 722 Adam Enticknap
7 309 Jeremy Smith
8 519 Joshua Cartwright
9 83 Alex Ray
10 606 Ronnie Stewart
11 114 Nick Schmidt
12 282 Theodore Pauli
13 88 Logan Karnow
14 330 Aj Catanzaro
15 87 Curren Thurman
16 57 Justin Rodbell
17 637 Bobby Piazza
18 976 Joshua Greco
19 597 Mason Kerr
20 37 Benny Bloss
21 43 Fredrik Noren
22 11 Kyle Chisholm



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