For the first time in 20 years, the season opener is back in the same place for multiple rounds. The premier class is back under the roof of NRG Stadium located in Houston, Texas for the second round of the Monster Energy Supercross season. The racing is closer than ever, maybe even closer than the Houston 1 Round. The number 9 of Adam Cianciarulo was our fastest qualifier followed by 450 Supercross rookie, Chase Sexton, aboard his Team HRC Honda 450. The 2020 Pro Motocross Champ, Zach Osborne qualified in third, Malcolm Stewart in fourth, and the highly anticipated Ken Roczen in fifth. Last weekend we saw both Ken and Justin Barcia chase tail around the Houston dirt with a huge gap separating the red riders and their competition. Qualifying numbers can tell a lot about who is the fastest around the track but when the gate drops, it all comes down to their individual skills as racers. The track was tight, fast, and less technical than the previous layout in Houston, however Round 2 featured a sand section. Several riders struggled to maintain their speed in the sand which created passing opportunities, and also crashing opportunities. Many riders went down in this section. With a field full of past champions and the fastest 450 Supercross riders in the world, it has been difficult to predict who will do what this year. The 2021 Houston Supercross 2 did not disappoint,  see below for play-by-play updates from the NRG Stadium and click the link below for more coverage from Round 2.


Photos by Travis Fant


Justin Barcia won his heat race, but finished ninth in the Main Event after breaking his shift lever off on the first lap.

The start of the 450 main in Houston took off and Chase Sexton grabbed yet another holeshot in the night. Adam Cianciarulo and the 2020 champ, Eli Tomac, put the pressure on the rookie. The number 10 of Justin Brayton also got a great start and sat in fourth followed by Star Yamaha Malcolm Stewart and the 16 of Zach Osborne. Some though got a very poor start including Ken Roczen and Justin Barcia who sat all the way back in 10th and 11th place. Adam Cianciarulo lost his position after falling over in the sand section that has already claimed many. After falling in the sand, Adam dropped all the back to 14th. In eigth place, Cooper Webb and Dylan Ferrandis battled with the 94 of Ken Roczen following. At 15 minutes, Chase had a huge crash in the rhythm section right after the sand section resulting in him getting bucked and landed on his back in the face of the double. A minute later, Joey Savatgy went down in front of the mechanics’ section. At that point, Eli Tomac led the race with Zach Osborne and Justin Brayton in second and third. Marvin Musquin then went down in the sand section dropping to tenth. Ken Roczen moved up to sixth just behind Malcolm Stewart after passing Cooper Webb. At 10 minutes remaining, Ken Roczen and Cooper Webb continued to battle for the sixth position and the 450 rookie, Dylan Ferrandis would pass Justin Brayton for third place. Red plate holder, Justin Barcia, sat in eigth place while he began to make his move on Cooper Webb. With 5 minutes remaining, Malcolm Stewart made a mistake leaving the door wide open for Ken Roczen  and Cooper Webb. Then Justin Brayton would hear two 450s Ken Roczen and Cooper Webb knocking on his door. A minute remaining, Cooper Webb successfully made the pass on Ken Roczen through the whoops. Zach Osborne crashed losing 7 positions. Eli Tomac would win the main event.

*NOTE: Ken Roczen and Jason Anderson were both penalized 4-points each for allegedly jumping on a red cross flag. Their race results remain, while their points earned were subtracted.

1 1 Eli Tomac 26
2 14 Dylan Ferrandis 23
3 10 Justin Brayton 21
4 2 Cooper Webb 19
5 94 Ken Roczen 14
6 25 Marvin Musquin 17
7 27 Malcolm Stewart 16
8 21 Jason Anderson 11
9 51 Justin Barcia 14
10 16 Zach Osborne 13
11 15 Dean Wilson 12
12 9 Adam Cianciarulo 11
13 20 Broc Tickle 10
14 11 Kyle Chisholm 9
15 40 Vince Friese 4
16 7 Aaron Plessinger 7
17 28 Brandon Hartranft 6
18 83 Alex Ray 5
19 37 Benny Bloss 4
20 36 Martin Davalos 0
21 17 Joey Savatgy 2
22 23 Chase Sexton 1

Eli would ride smart and smooth with no mistakes granting himself his first Main Event win of the season.

Justin Brayton 2021 Houston Supercross 2-73The 36 year old, Justin Brayton, got on the podium on his Muc-Off Honda. 

Chase Sexton 2021 Houston Supercross 2-68Chase Sexton got to an early lead but crashed hard. He looks like he hurt his shoulder. 

Zach Osborne 2021 Houston Supercross 2-148Zach Osborne looked as if he had a chance at winning, but ended up going down with only a lap to go. 

Justin Barcia 2021 Houston Supercross 2-111Justin Barcia didn’t ride the way he did last Saturday, he was pointing at his bike and we learned that he lost his shift lever on the first lap when he connected with a tough block and he was forced to ride in first gear throughout the entire Main Event. 

Cooper Webb 2021 Houston Supercross 2-96Although Cooper Webb had a bad start he looked like his old self out there and made some solid passes. 


Justin Barcia would win the second heat race.

The GasGas rider, Justin Barcia would secure the holeshot but the 16 of Zach Osborne and a field of hungry 450s would be on his tail. Eli Tomac sat in third and Adam Cianciarulo sat in third and fourth while Ken Roczen chased the two in fifth. The racing remained incredible despite the track being less technical and faster than Houston 1. Cooper Webb made the pass on Broc Tickle for the sixth place position. The two factory Kawasaki riders Eli Tomac and Adam Cianciarulo battled each other for third place. To put it into perspective how intense this heat race was, seven Supercross champions were fighting for a spot in the night show. The transfer spot into the main event was being fought for by Dean Wilson and Aaron Plessinger. With one lap left, GasGas would take another heat win for the team and Justin Barcia would get the first gate pick heading into the main event.

1 51 Justin Barcia
2 16 Zach Osborne
3 9 Adam Cianciarulo
4 1 Eli Tomac
5 94 Ken Roczen
6 2 Cooper Webb
7 15 Dean Wilson
8 7 Aaron Plessinger
9 37 Benny Bloss
10 43 Fredrik Noren
11 28 Brandon Hartranft
12 805 Carlen Gardner
13 81 Justin Starling
14 981 Austin Politelli
15 848 Joan Cros
16 606 Ronnie Stewart
17 282 Theodore Pauli
18 952 Ludovic Macler
19 20 Broc Tickle
20 83 Alex Ray

Dean Wilson fought with Aaron Plessinger for eigth place.


Who doesn’t love a sand section? Well maybe the riders don’t but hey, it makes for some great photos.

The first heat for the 450 class took off and the 25 of Marvin Musquin stole the holeshot from Chase Sexton. Unfortunately, there was a massive first turn pileup involving Justin Bogle, Deven Raper, and many more resulting in a red flag restart of the heat race. After the regrouping, the riders lined back up on the gate to get ready. The 30 second board went up, the gate dropped, and Chase Sexton grabbed the holeshot. Vince Friese had a massive crash and his bike cartwheeled through the pack flying into the oncoming racers in the next lane over. Justin Brayton and Dylan Ferrandis nearly avoided the tumbling red bike. Chase Sexton held the lead followed by Marvin Musquin and Dylan Ferrandis in third and Justin Brayton in fourth. The two french 450 riders soon were on each other’s back as Dylan closed the gap on Marvin. Dylan made the pass on Marvin through the whoops and set his eyes on Honda’s Chase Sexton. However the smooth riding of the 23 would pay off as he would win his first heat win.

1 23 Chase Sexton
2 14 Dylan Ferrandis
3 25 Marvin Musquin
4 27 Malcolm Stewart
5 10 Justin Brayton
6 21 Jason Anderson
7 17 Joey Savatgy
8 36 Martin Davalos
9 11 Kyle Chisholm
10 19 Justin Bogle
11 280 Cade Clason
12 722 Adam Enticknap
13 309 Jeremy Smith
14 57 Justin Rodbell
15 330 Aj Catanzaro
16 184 Scott Champion
17 421 Vann Martin
18 447 Deven Raper
19 114 Nick Schmidt
20 40 Vince Friese

Brandon Hartranft taking the low line.

Justin Barcia 2021 Houston Supercross 2-148Red on red as Justin Barcia comes into round 2 with red plate.


Brandon Hartranft got the holeshot at the beginning of the 450 LCQ but within the first two turns, Vince Friese would make the pass to take the lead. Vince Friese’s teammate, Broc Tickle, sat in third followed by Alex Ray. The four riders would hold onto their places in the races and move on to the night show.

1 40 Vince Friese
2 28 Brandon Hartranft
3 20 Broc Tickle
4 83 Alex Ray
5 805 Carlen Gardner
6 848 Joan Cros
7 81 Justin Starling
8 282 Theodore Pauli
9 606 Ronnie Stewart
10 722 Adam Enticknap
11 184 Scott Champion
12 57 Justin Rodbell
13 43 Fredrik Noren
14 114 Nick Schmidt
15 447 Deven Raper
16 952 Ludovic Macler
17 421 Vann Martin
18 309 Jeremy Smith
19 981 Austin Politelli
20 19 Justin Bogle
21 280 Cade Clason
22 330 Aj Catanzaro



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