The Premier class has entered chilly Detroit to once again race on a Saturday. However, things have shaken up in the points as Eli Tomac has been overtaken by Cooper Webb. As things get even tighter in the points hunt, we move even closer to the edge of our seats. Will Cooper Webb extend the lead? Will Eli Tomac take the red plate back? Will Chase Sexton close out the mistakes and take a win? Find out down below as we report all the action LIVE from Detroit.

The 450 Heat race, LCQ, and Main Event results are brought to you by FXR Racing.


Photos by Brian Converse


The 450 Main was intense as the top riders exchanged positions the entire race.

Aaron Plessinger grabbed the holeshot but Adam Cianciarulo who has been recovering from an injury would take the lead after the second turn. Two laps later, Aaron took the first place position away from Adam as the KTM rider sprinted across the whoops. The points leaders Cooper Webb and Eli Tomac would find themselves knocking on Adam’s back door. Unfortunately for Adam, he would fall behind as Cooper, Eli, Justin Barcia, and Chase Sexton would get around the Kawi rider.

At 15:30, Eli Tomac found incredible momentum, launching past Cooper Webb for second place in the race. But a minute later, the fastest riders on the planet would exchange positions as Cooper took back second, Justin Barcia took third, and Eli Tomac plus Chase Sexton would chase the top three.

But just as Cooper got comfortable, Justin launched ahead of Cooper for second. At this point, Aaron Plessinger’s lead had grown over 7 seconds but the top riders would battle stubborn lap traffic. With 11 minutes left, Chase Sexton made quick work of Cooper for third and would be in the most precarious position of the race, behind Justin Barcia.

Chase made the pass on Justin but Justin certainly didn’t make it easy, bar banging the Honda rider in two turns. As Chase got around Justin, Cooper Webb would follow his lead sneaking around the GasGas rider.

With 7 minutes remaining, Eli Tomac would also challenge the likes of Barcia but Eli came out unscathed.

Two laps remained in the race and Aaron Plessinger’s lead stayed at a healthy four seconds.

But with just a lap left, Aaron Plessinger had a heartbreaking crash catching his foot in a footpeg. Chase would go on to win the race.

1 23 Chase Sexton
2 2 Cooper Webb
3 1 Eli Tomac
4 51 Justin Barcia
5 94 Ken Roczen
6 28 Christian Craig
7 46 Justin Hill
8 9 Adam Cianciarulo
9 21 Jason Anderson
10 751 Josh Hill
11 44 Benny Bloss
12 68 Cade Clason
13 7 Aaron Plessinger
14 519 Joshua Cartwright
15 78 Grant Harlan
16 80 Kevin Moranz
17 12 Shane McElrath
18 60 Justin Starling
19 47 Fredrik Noren
20 219 Chase Marquier
21 15 Dean Wilson
22 11 Kyle Chisholm


Ken Roczen took home another Heat Race win.

Ken Roczen grabbed the holeshot as Chase Sexton and Aaron Plessinger chased in second and third. Eli Tomac would ride back in fourth and we race just out of frame of the leaders. With a minute and a half left in the race, Chase Sexton carried incredible speed and made the pass on Ken Roczen.  Both Aaron Plessinger and Eli Tomac would ride the rear end of Ken Roczen but only Aaron would get around the Suzuki rider.

1 23 Chase Sexton
2 7 Aaron Plessinger
3 94 Ken Roczen
4 1 Eli Tomac
5 28 Christian Craig
6 12 Shane McElrath
7 44 Benny Bloss
8 68 Cade Clason
9 519 Joshua Cartwright
10 60 Justin Starling
11 73 John Short
12 173 Hunter Schlosser
13 11 Kyle Chisholm
14 597 Mason Kerr
15 437 Vincent Luhovey
16 509 Alexander Nagy
17 976 Joshua Greco
18 364 Chad Saultz
19 637 Bobby Piazza

A last second pass through the whoops meant that Aaron Plessinger would be taking second in the second Heat. 


Jason Anderson would take the first 450 Heat Race win of the night.

Jason Anderson grabbed the early lead while the other top contenders actually got a poor start. Second and third place was filled with Grant Harlan and Logan Karnow. Eventually the factory riders would enter the picture as Justin Barcia, Adam Cianciarulo, and Cooper Webb would make their way into the top 5. Jason Anderson would go on to win the first 450 Heat Race of the night.

1 21 Jason Anderson
2 51 Justin Barcia
3 9 Adam Cianciarulo
4 2 Cooper Webb
5 46 Justin Hill
6 15 Dean Wilson
7 78 Grant Harlan
8 80 Kevin Moranz
9 47 Fredrik Noren
10 751 Josh Hill
11 219 Chase Marquier
12 74 Logan Karnow
13 848 Joan Cros
14 129 Lane Shaw
15 501 Scotty Wennerstrom
16 996 Preston Taylor
17 447 Deven Raper
18 512 Austin Cozadd
19 140 Alex Ray

Justin Barcia has been looking really good the past couple of rounds. Will this be the night we see the GasGas rider take a win?


Logan Karnow grabbed the holeshot but just a few laps later, the race would red flagged and a restart would commence. The restart happened because of a gate malfunction, causing the gate to bounce back up and deflect some of the riders. To make it fair to all the riders, the riders would get another chance. Kyle Chisholm would get a second chance and win the LCQ.


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