There is no doubt that the 450 class has been intense ever since the beginning of the 2023 Supercross Championship. With Eli Tomac claiming victory at the first two rounds, but then dodging a bullet at Anaheim 2, the points chase has gotten closer with the rest of the 450 field hunting the current champion. Qualifying made an interesting story as Group A was incredibly close in times, except for one rider, Chase Sexton.

Chase threw down a consistent lap besting the second place rider by over a second. So will this be the night Chase gets the red plate or will Eli Tomac hold off the Honda rider? Or will Cooper Webb catch everyone by surprise? Find out down below as we report all the action LIVE from NRG Stadium.

The Race Results for the 450 class are presented to you by FXR.


Photos by Brian Converse


Eli Tomac would lead the race until a red flag would be waived due to Dylan Ferrandis crashing after the whoops section. 

Eli Tomac once again grabbed the holeshot with Aaron Plessinger close on his tail. Christian Craig went down on the face of the over-under. As Aaron was busy catching up to ET3, Jason Anderson was making up moves to catch AP. However, the race would be red-flagged with Dylan Ferrandis seeking medical attention after the whoops.

Fortunately, Dylan would be stabilized with a neck brace and make his way onto his feet, being carted off in the medic mule.


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The race would commence after the riders lined up in a single file line. Anderson would make his pass around Aaron Plessinger by the second turn for second place. After a lap, Jason Anderson, Chase Sexton, and Aaron Plessinger would find themselves in the same turn, resulting with Chase making the move on Aaron.

Chase bobbled in the sand but would pull away from Aaron by the start of the next rhythm section.

With 13 minutes left, Chase sped past Jason Anderson through the whoops and immediately created a gap on third place. Where Chase made up time on Eli throughout the rest of the track, Eli dominated the sand taking the outside while the inside seemed to cause issue for the rest of the riders.

Jason Anderson fought through a handful of battles but would be unable to keep up with the leaders.

With eight minutes left in the race, Chase Sexton closed the gap on the leader as Eli Tomac navigated the lap traffic. As the leaders made their way around NRG Stadium it appeared that the lappers suffered from Tritanomaly blocking a handful of lines.

However with each lap, Eli would expand the gap in the sand taking the outside each time. With two laps left, Eli would be lapping up to 13th place.

1 1 Eli Tomac
2 23 Chase Sexton
3 21 Jason Anderson
4 7 Aaron Plessinger
5 2 Cooper Webb
6 51 Justin Barcia
7 32 Justin Cooper
8 94 Ken Roczen
9 17 Joey Savatgy
10 9 Adam Cianciarulo
11 28 Christian Craig
12 15 Dean Wilson
13 45 Colt Nichols
14 80 Kevin Moranz
15 12 Shane McElrath
16 60 Justin Starling
17 68 Cade Clason
18 73 John Short
19 519 Joshua Cartwright
20 46 Justin Hill
21 14 Dylan Ferrandis
22 44 Benny Bloss


As much work Chase put in to catch up to Eli, it appeared that the one section Eli had complete mastery over was the sand section. After the race Chase said “I could have walked through it faster.”


Eli Tomac had an impressive holeshot but just like qualifying, Chase Sexton was finding speed somewhere on the track and would eventually lose the first place position to the Honda rider.

Eli Tomac got the holeshot which was not a good sign for everyone else. By the second lap, Chase Sexton closed the gap on Eli and would make the pass through the whoops. After securing the lead, Chase was quick to create a two second gap. A battle ensued back in third place with Colt Nichols running away from Justin Barcia as the 51 passed Adam Cianciarulo.


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Looking at the lap times, Chase Sexton ran a 51 second lap with Eli Tomac setting a 53 second lap on the second to last lap. Chase went on to win the second Heat Race.

1 23 Chase Sexton 8 Laps
2 1 Eli Tomac +07.871
3 51 Justin Barcia +11.724
4 9 Adam Cianciarulo +13.903
5 45 Colt Nichols +14.692
6 28 Christian Craig +17.791
7 15 Dean Wilson +25.694
8 46 Justin Hill +31.493
9 12 Shane McElrath +36.828
10 60 Justin Starling +43.167
11 519 Joshua Cartwright +44.697
12 80 Kevin Moranz +45.810
13 11 Kyle Chisholm +46.745
14 129 Lane Shaw +55.576
15 74 Logan Karnow +55.865
16 173 Hunter Schlosser +57.420
17 551 Guillaume St-Cyr 7 Laps
18 501 Scotty Wennerstrom +04.102
19 90 Tristan Lane 2 Laps
20 78 Grant Harlan 1 Laps

Adam Cianciarulo’s great start would land him in a fourth place finish in the second Heat.


Jason Anderson would win the first Heat Race after battling with Cooper Webb.

Cooper Webb secured the holeshot with Jason Anderson going wide and just barely missing a round tuff block. Dylan Ferrandis and Aaron Plessinger started the first 450 Heat Race with some close battles but not as close Jason Anderson’s battle with Cooper Webb. After passing Webb, Jason would make a faulty move in the sand being bumped into Webb’s line. While the two were figuring things out, Aaron Plessinger entered the equation. Four riders were all in the same corner by the 3 minute mark. Aaron made the pass on his teammate but Cooper found traction a lap later making his way back up to Aaron.


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As you can tell the 450 class is just a tad more interesting than the 250 class. Through both classes, the sand was playing a huge factor as everyone seemed to struggle in it. Back in seventh place, Joey Savatgy made a clean pass on Justin Cooper.

Jason would go on to win the first 450 Heat Race of the night.

1 21 Jason Anderson 8 Laps
2 7 Aaron Plessinger +01.994
3 2 Cooper Webb +03.404
4 14 Dylan Ferrandis +05.082
5 94 Ken Roczen +06.151
6 17 Joey Savatgy +12.280
7 32 Justin Cooper +14.441
8 44 Benny Bloss +23.032
9 68 Cade Clason +25.190
10 47 Fredrik Noren +29.030
11 83 Cole Thompson +33.109
12 73 John Short +35.835
13 751 Josh Hill +37.054
14 219 Chase Marquier +40.198
15 604 Max Miller +47.209
16 848 Joan Cros +50.884
17 140 Alex Ray +54.267
18 597 Mason Kerr +57.176
19 282 Theodore Pauli 7 Laps
20 637 Bobby Piazza +10.564


Cooper Webb was being attacked from all angle, but walked out with a third place finish in the first Heat Race.


We recommend just rewatching the last lap of the LCQ on Peacock.

Joshua Cartwright led the 450 class across the holeshot with plenty of green bikes just behind. Freddie Noren moved up to second after passing Chase Marquier. John Short blipped the throttle through the sand making the pass on Chase moving up to third. However, Kevin Moranz was on a mission making passes from fifth to third, and eventually second. With two minutes left, Justin Starling would squeeze past Freddie Noren.

Justin Starling made a nice pass on Kevin Moranz as he felt the pressure from Freddie Noren. Kyle Chisholm ruined both his and Freddie’s night t-boning Freddie taking the two out. However, in some weird karma, the Suzuki bit back not letting Kyle to kickstart the bike right away allowing John Short to sneak into the transfer position.

1 519 Joshua Cartwright 6 Laps
2 60 Justin Starling +01.048
3 80 Kevin Moranz +02.018
4 73 John Short +08.002
5 219 Chase Marquier +09.102
6 83 Cole Thompson +10.812
7 848 Joan Cros +14.406
8 604 Max Miller +15.376
9 129 Lane Shaw +16.795
10 173 Hunter Schlosser +17.584
11 47 Fredrik Noren +18.236
12 90 Tristan Lane +22.431
13 282 Theodore Pauli +25.088
14 140 Alex Ray +25.088
15 751 Josh Hill +25.659
16 597 Mason Kerr +27.012
17 637 Bobby Piazza +28.749
18 551 Guillaume St-Cyr +30.120
19 74 Logan Karnow +30.707
20 11 Kyle Chisholm +32.995
21 501 Scotty Wennerstrom +35.067
22 78 Grant Harlan DNS


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