450 start 2023 Oakland Supercross-6561


The 2023 Oakland Supercross is set to be an exciting one. Cooper Webb has some momentum because he’s coming off his first win of the season. Chase Sexton is fired up to win after leading most of the Main Event at Tampa and crashing in the whoops, and Eli Tomac is looking for redemption after finishing fifth last weekend. Plus, Aaron Plessinger wants to back up his podium, while Jason Anderson and Ken Roczen want to get back on the podium and secure their first wins of the season.

The long whoop sections will play a large factor in the results of tonight’s 450SX Main Event. Usually, Cooper Webb struggles in the whoops, but he’s been doing better in them this year, and the whoops have been breaking down quite a bit in practice, which has allowed riders to jump through them at speed. If they turn into jumpers tonight, Cooper Webb’s odds of winning go up even more.

The Heat race, LCQ, and Main Event results for the 450 class are brought to you by FXR Racing.



Chase Sexton Eli Tomac 2023 Oakland Supercross-9407Eli Tomac wins the 450 Main Event, but Cooper Webb made it close at the finish!

Chase Sexton grabbed the holeshot with Eli Tomac second and Cooper Webb third. The 450 Main Event couldn’t be scripted any better. Aaron Plessinger was very impressive, making his way passed Jason Anderson to get into fourth and keep his teammate, Cooper Webb in sight. Justin Barcia pushed Colt Nichols off the track battling just inside of the top ten, then he took out Adam Cianciarulo for seventh place. Barcia caught up to Jason Anderson, but he wasn’t able to pass him.

Chase Sexton led up until 6 minutes to go, but he crashed on the triple after the finish line and went down. Chase got up in second place and had a few seconds on Cooper Webb still, but Cooper was able to catch up to him late in the race. Eli Tomac took the gift from Chase Sexton and rode smoothly out front. Then, with two laps to go, Cooper Webb made the pass on Sexton for second place. The track is tough tonight in Oakland with ruts all throughout and kickers on every whoop.

On the last lap, Eli Tomac made a mistake and Cooper Webb closed in on him, getting close to making the pass on the last lap, but Eli held him off to take the 48th win of his career.

1 1 Eli Tomac
2 2 Cooper Webb
3 23 Chase Sexton
4 7 Aaron Plessinger
5 21 Jason Anderson
6 51 Justin Barcia
7 28 Christian Craig
8 17 Joey Savatgy
9 45 Colt Nichols
10 32 Justin Cooper
11 94 Ken Roczen
12 15 Dean Wilson
13 751 Josh Hill
14 46 Justin Hill
15 9 Adam Cianciarulo
16 12 Shane McElrath
17 44 Benny Bloss
18 11 Kyle Chisholm
19 68 Cade Clason
20 80 Kevin Moranz
21 519 Joshua Cartwright
22 47 Fredrik Noren

Cooper Webb 2023 Oakland Supercross-9349Cooper Webb wasn’t the fastest rider tonight, but he still came on strong at the end.


Eli Tomac 2023 Oakland Supercross-6846Eli Tomac looks good in Oakland!

Cooper Webb grabbed the holeshot in 450 Heat two with Aaron Plessinger and Chase Sexton in tow. Eli Tomac was back on the start but passed up to fourth on the first lap. Right before the finish on lap one, Chase Sexton got passed Plessinger into second, but not without a fight from Aaron. Then, Eli Tomac passed Aaron Plessinger and caught right up to Sexton in the whoops.

With just under two minutes to go, Cooper Webb made a mistake in the whoops, Chase Sexton block passed him in the corner before the dragon’s back and then Eli Tomac passed both of them to get into the lead.

1 1 Eli Tomac
2 23 Chase Sexton
3 2 Cooper Webb
4 7 Aaron Plessinger
5 17 Joey Savatgy
6 45 Colt Nichols
7 44 Benny Bloss
8 12 Shane McElrath
9 519 Joshua Cartwright
10 68 Cade Clason
11 78 Grant Harlan
12 90 Tristan Lane
13 74 Logan Karnow
14 726 Gared Steinke
15 501 Scotty Wennerstrom
16 141 Richard Taylor
17 219 Chase Marquier
18 976 Joshua Greco
19 512 Austin Cozadd
20 538 Addison Emory

Cooper Webb 2023 Oakland Supercross-6544Cooper Webb was third. 

Chase Sexton 2023 Oakland Supercross-6804Chase Sexton finished second after a battle with Webb and Tomac. 


Ken Roczen 2023 Oakland Supercross-6881Ken Roczen wins the first 450 Heat race.

Ken Roczen got the holeshot, making it the second Suzuki to holeshot tonight (after BarX Suzuki rider Robbie Wageman grabbed the holeshot in the second 250 Heat race). Jason Anderson was second early with Justin Barcia, his arch-nemesis in third. The three riders yo-yoed throughout the race, but ultimately Ken held off Jason and Jason held off Justin.

1 94 Ken Roczen
2 21 Jason Anderson
3 51 Justin Barcia
4 9 Adam Cianciarulo
5 28 Christian Craig
6 32 Justin Cooper
7 46 Justin Hill
8 15 Dean Wilson
9 751 Josh Hill
10 11 Kyle Chisholm
11 80 Kevin Moranz
12 47 Fredrik Noren
13 282 Theodore Pauli
14 542 Johnnie Buller
15 364 Chad Saultz
16 138 David PulleyJr
17 60 Justin Starling
18 837 Bryson Gardner
19 73 John Short
20 848 Joan Cros

Jason Anderson 2023 Oakland Supercross-6866Jason Anderson finishes second in the first 450 Heat race.


Cade Clason 2023 Oakland Supercross-7190Cade Clason wins the 450 LCQ.

1 68 Cade Clason
2 11 Kyle Chisholm
3 80 Kevin Moranz
4 47 Fredrik Noren
5 90 Tristan Lane
6 78 Grant Harlan
7 74 Logan Karnow
8 837 Bryson Gardner
9 219 Chase Marquier
10 282 Theodore Pauli
11 501 Scotty Wennerstrom
12 542 Johnnie Buller
13 976 Joshua Greco
14 141 Richard Taylor
15 538 Addison Emory
16 364 Chad Saultz
17 726 Gared Steinke
18 512 Austin Cozadd
19 138 David Pulley Jr
20 73 John Short
21 60 Justin Starling
22 848 Joan Cros

Kevin Moranz 2023 Oakland Supercross-8470Kevin Moranz finished third. 

Freddie Noren 2023 Oakland Supercross-7142Freddie Noren grabbed the last transfer position on his Madd Parts Kawasaki. Freddie’s team had to swap an engine just before the night show and narrowly got it done before the night show.


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