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450 Racing has arrived in Glendale to continue the 2024 Supercross series. The main racers, such as Jett Lawrence, Chase Sexton, Aaron Plessinger, and the rest of the field, are in a tight points chase. Jett Lawrence is coming off a win last weekend in Detroit and is looking to maintain that momentum into this weekend, but it won’t be easy. Chase Sexton, despite battling an injury, looked good on the track during qualifying. Aaron Plessinger is also just a few points behind the lead, and there’s nothing stopping him from taking the win this evening. Great racing lies ahead, so be sure to read below for all the results.



Ken Roczen Glendale Supercross 2024_Ken Roczen-3

Ken Roczen had a flawless race from start to finish.

The holesjot is going to go to Ken Roczen Followed by Aaron Plessinger and Jason Anderson. Cooper Webb around mid-pack used up all of the available track edging Jett Lawrence off. Jett Would start around the ninth position and have to start making his way up. In the front, while pressuring Ken Roczen for the lead, Aaron Plessinger lost front-end traction which sent him to the ground. This would send Plessinger all the way back in the pack. Meanwhile, around the fourth position Jett Lawrence would be applying pressure on Cooper Webb. Jett would end up making an aggressive pass on Cooper Webb moving into fourth and as for Webb, he would start sliding backwards. Jet Lawrence began catching the veteran of Eli Tomac but a pass would not come easy as Tomac seems to be feeling much better than last weekend. Jett Lawrence would end up making the pass moving himself into third position where he would begin trying to catch Jason Anderson. But up front, there was no stopping Ken Roczen, and he would take the win in Glendale.

1 94 Ken Roczen
2 21 Jason Anderson
3 18 Jett Lawrence
4 3 Eli Tomac
5 96 Hunter Lawrence
6 14 Dylan Ferrandis
7 2 Cooper Webb
8 27 Malcolm Stewart
9 1 Chase Sexton
10 7 Aaron Plessinger
11 32 Justin Cooper
12 28 Christian Craig
13 125 Vince Friese
14 12 Shane McElrath
15 46 Justin Hill
16 15 Dean Wilson
17 67 Benny Bloss
18 51 Justin Barcia
19 11 Kyle Chisholm
20 22 Freddie Noren
21 52 Derek Drake
22 91 Devin Simonson

Anderson put together a great race salvaging valuable points.

Aaron Plessinger crash Glendale Supercross 2024_Aaron PlessingerAaron Plessinger was second early, trailing Ken Roczen, until he washed the front end and went down. 

Hunter Lawrence looked his best this evening running in the top five.

450 start Glendale Supercross 2024_450 Main StartStarts are ultra important. Ken Roczen snuck up the inside to get the holeshot. 


Cooper Webb battled with teammate Eli Tomac throughout the heat and would establish his position in the main event.

Aaron Plessinger was able to grab the holeshot in heat 2 followed by Shane McElrath, Hunter Lawrence, and Eli Tomac. Cooper Webb had a great jump out of the gate but had drifted wide in turn one allowing the other riders to slip up the inside of him. Jason Anderson did not have the best jump but started making quick passes getting around Tomac, McElrath, and Lawrence quickly. When Anderson finally moved into second, leader Aaron Plessinger already had a three-second lead which Anderson began chipping away at. Though a clear track in front of Jason Anderson he slowly was catching Aaron Plessinger who was holding his own at the front of the pack. Aaron would hang on and end up taking the heat race win.

1 7 Aaron Plessinger
2 21 Jason Anderson
3 3 Eli Tomac
4 96 Hunter Lawrence
5 2 Cooper Webb
6 51 Justin Barcia
7 28 Christian Craig
8 15 Dean Wilson
9 46 Justin Hill
10 11 Kyle Chisholm
11 12 Shane McElrath
12 22 Freddie Noren
13 75 Marshal Weltin
14 91 Devin Simonson
15 81 Cade Clason
16 148 Justin Rodbell
17 66 Justin Starling
18 80 Michael Hicks
19 282 Theodore Pauli
20 930 Joel Wightman

Aggressive riding from Jason Anderson as he went from sixth to second in just a couple of laps.

Justin Barcia was just at the tail end of the battling group in sixth and was able to put himself into the main event.


Jett Lawrence made a great effort coming from behind and secured himself into the main. 

Vince Friese blocked Jett Lawrence around turn one and was able to come across the holeshot line in first but was quickly overcome by Ken Roczen and Malcolm Stewart. Ken Roczen almost instantly separated himself from Stewart by about five bike lengths Behind them Jett Lawrence made his way around Chase Sexton for fourth but had some trouble getting passed Vince Friese who was riding an extremely wide line. Ultimately Jett Lawrence was able to get around Friese and started making his charge for third. Roczen up front had opened around a three-second lead on Malcolm Stewart. As the race progressed Jett Lawrence started catching Malcolm Stewart as Ken Roczen’s lead grew. In the final laps, however, it was Ken Roczen who easily took home the heat race win.

1 94 Ken Roczen
2 27 Malcolm Stewart
3 18 Jett Lawrence
4 1 Chase Sexton
5 125 Vince Friese
6 32 Justin Cooper
7 14 Dylan Ferrandis
8 52 Derek Drake
9 67 Benny Bloss
10 44 Josh Hill
11 56 Jeremy Hand
12 82 Mitchell Harrison
13 62 Kevin Moranz
14 97 Tristan Lane
15 118 Cheyenne Harmon
16 70 Jerry Robin
17 199 John Short
18 645 Colby Copp
19 173 Hunter Schlosser
20 74 Josh Cartwright

Malcolm Stewart looks really good in Glendale and has the potential for a win this evening.

Riding wounded this weekend Chase Sexton is trying to maintain as many points as possible.


Though he was upfront in the heat race, a mistake had sent Shane McElrath to the LCQ.

1 12 Shane McElrath
2 11 Kyle Chisholm
3 22 Freddie Noren
4 91 Devin Simonson
5 82 Mitchell Harrison
6 56 Jeremy Hand
7 44 Josh Hill
8 66 Justin Starling
9 62 Kevin Moranz
10 97 Tristan Lane
11 75 Marshal Weltin
12 81 Cade Clason
13 70 Jerry Robin
14 148 Justin Rodbell
15 930 Joel Wightman
16 645 Colby Copp
17 282 Theodore Pauli
18 173 Hunter Schlosser
19 80 Michael Hicks
20 118 Cheyenne Harmon
21 199 John Short
22 74 Josh Cartwright

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