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450 CLASS:

Cairoli_MXGP_12_POR_2017Splitting moto wins by going 2-1 is a nice feeling. You don’t gain any points on the rider who went 2-1, but you get the bonus, trophy and name in the papers. It’s even nicer when you are cranking off wins like clockwork like Tony Cairoli.

Herlings_MXGP_12_POR_2017Splitting moto wins by going 1-2 may have the satisfaction that the guy who went 2-1 didn’t really beat you, but when you are 96 points behind him it doesn’t gain you any ground. Jeffrey Herlings is fourth in 450 GP points, but only 1 point out of third and 5 points out of second.

Jasikonis_MXGP_12_POR_2017Who woulda thunk it? Suzuki team manager Stefano Everts gambled on unknown Arminas Jasikonis (27) last year…and it has been a hard two years. However, in Portugal, Jasikonis went 3-3 for third overall. Can he keep beating Paulin, Nagl, Gajser, Desalle Febvre and Bobryshev?

MXGPstart_MXGP_12_POR_2017Agueda has a wide first turn, but not wide enough. Tony Cairoli in the center got the holeshot, with Max Nagl (12) next to him.

Febvre_MXGP_12_POR_2017Romain Febvre’s 5-4 was good enough for fourth overall, but he is over three full races behind in the points chase and sits sixth in the standings.

Nagl_MXGP_12_POR_2017We get a little tired of seeing boats, cars and trucks parked on the infield of race tracks to pay off a sponsorship package, but since this is Fiat Fullback pickup truck we forgive them because they know not what they do—especially when it comes to pickups. Max Nagl’s not impressed.

Gajser_MXGP_12_POR_2017Tim Gajser tries to close in on Max Nagl (12). Gajser was sixth with a 8-6, while Nagl went 4-5 for fifth.

MXGPpodium_MXGP_12_POR_2017If all goes according to plan, Jeffrey Herlings (left) and Tony Cairoli (center) will be running 0ne-two in the 450 World Championship in a few weeks. Although there isn’t another GP until July 23 in the Czech Republic. That is Jasikonis on the right.

1. Antonio Cairoli…2-1
2. Jeffrey Herlings…1-2
3. Arminas Jasonikos…3-3
4. Romain Febvre…5-4
5. Max Nagl…4-5
6. Tim Gajser…8-6
7. Arnaud Tonus…9-7
8. Clement Desalle…6-10
9. Max Anstie…10-8
10. Evgeny Bobryshev……11-9

(After 12 of 19 Rounds)
1. Tony Cairoli…478
2. Clement Desalle…387
3. Gautier Paulin…383
4. Jeffrey Herlings…382
5. Tim Gajser…310
6. Romain Febvre…309
7. Max Nagl…289
8. Evgeny Bobryshev…267
9. Jeremy Van Horebeek…267
10. Arnaud Tonus…253

250 CLASS:

Seewer_MXGP_12_POR_2017Splitting moto wins by going 2-1 is a nice feeling. You don’t gain any points on the rider who went 1-2, but you get the bonus, trophy and name in the papers. Unfortunately, Jeremy Sewer is 124 points behind points leader Pauls Jonass and ties won’t cut it.

Jonass_MXGP_12_POR_2017Pauls Jonass just keeps keepin’ on. He has won five 250 GPs so far—sharing wins with Jeremy Seewer (4), Thomas Covington (1), Jorge Prado (1) and Thomac Kjer Olsen (1). Jonass has won almost half of the 250 GP motos so far.

Covington_MXGP_12_POR_2017Thomas Covington went 3-3 for third overall in Portugal.

MX2start_MXGP_12_POR_2017Thomas Covington (far right) and Pauls Jonass (next to Covington) duel for the holeshot.

Olsen_MXGP_12_POR_2017Thomas Kjer Olsen is third in 250 GP points and has scored points in all 24 motos so far in 2017.

Paturel_MXGP_12_POR_2017Benoit Paturel has put his Yamaha in the top three in 9 of the 24 motos held so far.

Bogers_MXGP_12_POR_2017Brian Bogers was sixth in Portugal.

Lieber_MXGP_12_POR_2017Julien Lieber had a bad day in Portugal, when he DNFed the second moto, but he’s still fourth in 250 GP points and still within one moto’s worth of points out of second.

MX2podium_MXGP_12_POR_2017The 250 podium was Jonass (left), Seewer (center) and Covington (right).

1. Jeremy Seewer…2-1
2. Pauls Jonass…1-2
3. Thomas Covington…3-3
4. Thomas Kjer Olsen…4-6
5. Benoit Paturel…6-4
6. Brian Bogers…7-6
7. Brent Van doninck…9-7
8. Anthony Rodriquez…10-8
9. David Herbreteau…12-10
10. Otano Larranaga…11-11

(After 12 of 19 Rounds)
1. Pauls Jonass…501
3. Thomas Kjer Olsen…377
4. Benoit Paturel…363
5. Julien Lieber…355
6. Thomas Covington…303
7. Brian Bogers…241
8. Jorge Prado…233
9. Brent Van doninck…122
10. Hunter Lawrence…199



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