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MXAction3KYOthundervalleyThe beautiful Coloraro track from afar. 

_DSC1634_250 StartJoey Savatgy gets the holeshot in moto 2 putting him in a good position to take the win. 

_DSC1057_Zach OsborneZach Osborne qualified fastest, but a first moto crash hindered Zach’s overall win streak.

 cantrell744Rookie Sean Cantrell is paying his dues.

seely6050Cole Seely much finished were he started in both motos finishing 6th overall.

mcelrath701Shane McElarth finished 9th.

AlexMARTIN5580Alex Martin led start to finish in the first moto. In the second moto he started 7th and worked his way up to the lead trio. Alex put on the pressure, but Joey didn’t crack.


Musquin4RICHSHEPARDMarvin Musqun guides his way through the Colorado ruts.

_DSC1801_Jeremy MartinThe other Martin brother, Jeremy, finished on the 250 podium as well.

_DSC1436_Justin BogleWhat a surprise to see the RCH Suzuki rider Justin Bogle up front to take the win in the first 450 moto. A crash in the second moto put him out of contention of the overall.

_DSC1763_Jeremy MArtin Trying to pass Joey SavatgyJoey Savatgy and Jeremy Martin tail to nose. Any pass, by any of the top four, would have shuffled the results.

He is currently fourth overall in 450 rider point standings_Jason Anderson rode consistent to a 3rd place 450 finish.

_DSC1726_Dylan FerrandisDylan Ferrandis went 9-6 for 6th overall and sits 10th in points. 

_DSC1629_250 StartThe start of the first 250 moto.

_DSC2109_BLake BAggett and Eli TomacBlake Baggett looked liked his old self in Colorado. He out-rode Tomac for the 450 overall win.

Michael Mosiman finished 10th overall and is currently 11th in 250 rider point standings_Michael Mosiman got bad starts both 250 motos, but salvaged a 10th overall.

Martin Davalos finished 10th overall at Thunder Valley_Martin Davalos finished 10th overall in the 450 class.

_DSC1585_Blake BaggettWill Blake Baggett be a championship contender this year?

Zach Osborne retains his points lead in the 250 class_Zach still has a 9 point lead in the series over Alex Martin. 

MusquinPodiumRICHSHEPARDMarvin gets to keep his red plate. 


Photos supplied by Kyoshi Becker, KTM, Husqvarna and Honda

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