Photos by Krystyn Slack

205A1335The first round of the 2017 AMA Outdoor Nationals at Hangtown. 

ryan dungeyRyan Dungey showed up under the KTM tent to sign autographs following his retirement from the sport. The line was a mile long. 

IMG_9825Dungey’s autograph line. 

Ken RoczenKen Roczen also made his way out to the race. Kenny still has a lot of time before he gets back on the bike, but he has a positive attitude for the future. 

Aaron PlessingerAaron Plessinger being shaded by his mechanic before the first moto on a 90 plus degree day.  

205A0874Hats off for the National anthem.
Mitchell HarrisonMitchell Harrison went 9-11 for 10th overall.

Colt Nichols Colt Nichols rode consistent all day and placed 6th.

jason andersonJason Anderson shows off in the pits for the cameras. 

205A0036Dungey fans collecting parts. 

motocross fanA glove, rear fender ad front number plate made this kids day.

Daniel CastlooDaniel Castloo, mechanic of Dean Wilson prepping the munger 15 machine after practice. 
Josh Grant familyJosh Grant family made it out to the race.

Michael MosimanRookie Michael Mosiman looked great for his first race. He struggled with starts to make in into the top ten. 

Cooper WebbCooper Webb in motion.

Travis ParryTravis Parry giving Josh the signs.

Josh Grant Josh Grant looked great with grabbing the holeshot in moto 2 and leading for a majority of the race. Marvin and Eli eventually caught him. Josh finished a solid 3rd on the day.

Jason AndersonJason Anderson DNF’ed the first moto due to a rock cutting his eye. He came back the second moto and finished 6th for a 13th place finish.

Josh GrantMarvin Musquin closing the gap on Grant.

Jeremy MartinJeremy Martin had some tough luck with a bike failure in the first moto. He came back the second moto and finished 3rd for an 11th overall.

205A9764 Aaron Plessinger’s mechanic telling him to go all out.

Adam CianciaruloAdam Cianciarulo had a consistent day going 3-5 for a 4th overall.

Zach Osborne Zach Osborne has brought his confidence from Supercross into the outdoor. He went 1-1 on the day. 

Marvin MusquinMarvin Musquin’s wife Mathilde cheers him on.

Ronnie Stewart Ronnie Stewart finished 29th. 

Chad Reed Davey CoombsChad Reed and Davey Coombs watch from the side lines. 

Blake BaggettBlake Baggett had the speed to run towards the front, but bad starts keep him from getting there.

Eli TomacEli Tomac was on fire with a 1-1 sweep.

Dean WilsonDean Wilson went 10-4 for 4th overall.

Eli TomacEli doing a practice start. 

Alex MartinAlex Martin stayed consisted by going 4-4 for a 2nd overall. 

Joey Savatgy We thought Joey Savatgy was going to be a championship contender this season. He looked off in Hangtown. 

motocross fansThe Hangtown fans. 

Jimmy DecotisJimmy Decotis.

Adam CianciaruloAdam taking the low line. 

Sean CantrellSean Cantrell finished his first Pro race with a 12th. 

Zach OsborneZach Osborne on the line. 

Christian CraigChristian Craig got the holeshot in the first moto and went 9-14 for 12th overall.

Marvin MusquinMarvin Musquin looks to be Eli’s only competition this year. 

Martin DavalosMartin Davalos qualified 5th on the day and finished 13th. 

Cooper WebbCooper went 5-9 for 7th overall.

Cole SeelyCole Seely went 4-12 for 8th overall. 

Dylan FerrandisDylan Ferrandis qualified 2nd on the day and looked great in the first moto until a mistake put him on the ground hard and did not start the 2nd moto. 

Josh GrantThe Josh Grant crew after his podium. 

Eli TomacEli Tomac with the red plate going into the 2nd round. 

Josh GrantJosh Grant poses for the camera. 

Aaron Plessinger Zach OsborneFriendly competition. 

Zach Osborne Zach soaks the crowd with bubbly. 

Aaron PlessingerWil Hahn gives Plessinger knuckles after a great ride. 

205A9793The trophies waiting for their owner. 

205A0045Tear down time after the race for the Factory Honda crew. 

1. Eli Tomac (Kaw)…1-1
2. Marvin Musquin (KTM)…2-2
3. Josh Grant (Kaw)…3-3
4. Dean Wilson(Hus)…10-4
5. Broc Tickle (Suz)…7-7
6. Blake Baggett (KTM)…6-8
7. Cooper Webb (Yam)…5-9
8. Cole Seely (Hon)…4-12
9. Justin Barcia (Suz)…11-5
10. Justin Bogle (Suz)…8-10

1. Zach Osborne (Hus)…1-1
2. Alex Martin(KTM)…4-4
3. Aaron Plessinger (Yam)…3-5
4. Adam Cianciarulo (Kaw)…2-8
5. Austin Forkner (Kaw)…11-2
6. Colt Nichols (Yam…5-6
7. Joey Savatgy (Kaw)…7-7
8. Justin Hill (Kaw)…8-9
9. Mitchell Oldenburg (KTM)…6-12
10. Mitchell Harrison (Yam)…9-11

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