Photos by Scott Mallonee

new jersey night-The New York skyline.

ricky carmichaelRicky Carmichael during the National anthem. 

Dean WilsonDean Wilson sporting a Odell Beckham Jr. jersey during opening ceremonies. 

Ryan DungeyThe rivalry — orange versus green. 

Ryan Dungey Roger DecosterWe saw a different Ryan Dungey in New Jersey. He was fastest in practice and proved himself all night. 
450 startThe start of the first 450 heat race. Jason Anderson lead from start to finish.

 250 startAdam Cianciarulo gets off to an early lead. 

450 startPrivateer  Nick Schmidt going up against veteran Chad Reed. 
450 podium new jersey Your 450 podium from left to right: Marvin Musquin, Ryan Dungey, Jason Anderson.

Cooper WebbCooper Webb did not fair well with the rutted track.
Justin BarciaWe have to say everyone expected a lot more out of Justin Barcia this year. He tied his best finish of the year with a 9th.

Eli TomacEli Tomac never had title in the bag. Yes, he was riding great and in the points lead, butRyan Dungey’s strategy has always been to wait for the other guy to make a mistake. Eli didn’t choke until fell while leading it over. After that he panic in the rush to make make up ground—but that led to many more mistakles.

Dylan FerrandisDylan Ferrandis got his best finish of the year with a second. Dylan sits 5th in points.

250 poduimYour 250 podium before Joey Savatgy’s penalty. Joey got docked all the way to 8th place for cutting the track after a crash. Find out more HERE.

Zach OsborneVeteran of the 250 class Zach Osborne can taste that number 1 plate.

Christian CraigChristian Craig. 

Jordan SmithJordan Smith was the underdog at the beginning of the season. He now has the red plate going into the last round in Vegas.

250 startThe start of the 250 main with Adam Cianciarulo getting the holeshot.

Cole SeelyCole Seely in his first race back from injury placed 21st. Sadly, he reinjured the same adductor muscle, which is why he finished 21st. He  probably will skip Las Vegas.

Josh GrantJosh Grant won his semi and he waited for teammate Eli Tomac to pass him in the main, but Eli couldn’t get to him.

Nick SchmidtNick Schmidt. 

Chad ReedWhere is the Chad Reed we remember? 

Justin BraytonJustin Brayton finished up with a 6th.

450 startThe start of heat race 1.

Jordan SmithJordan Smith. 

250 start supercross250 East title contenders Zach (16) and Joey (17).

Adam CianciaruloAdam Cianciarulo. 

Ryan Dungey
Ryan Dungey and pops.

Jason Anderson Jason Anderson after winning his heat race. 

ktm team A proud group of guys.

1. Ryan Dungey…KTM
2. Marvin Musquin…KTM
3. Jason Anderson…Hus
4. Davi Millsaps…KTM
5. Blake Baggett…KTM
6. Justin Brayton…Hon
7. Josh Grant…Kaw
8. Eli Tomac…Kaw
9. Justin Barcia…Suz
10. Dean Wilson…Hus
11. Jake Weimer…Suz
12. Chad Reed…Yam
13. Malcolm Stewart…Suz
14. Cooper Webb…Yam
15. Nick Schmidt…Suz
16. Cade Clason…Hon
17. Aj Catanzaro…Kaw
18. Dakota Tedder…Kaw
19. Angelo Pellegrini…Suz
20. Ronnie Stewart…Suz
21. Cole Seely…Hon
22. Bryce Stewart…Hon

(After 16 of 17 rounds)
1. Ryan Dungey…341
2. Eli Tomac…332
3. Marvin Musquin…292
4. Jason Anderson…248
5. Cole Seely…212
6. Davi Millsaps…208
7. Blake Baggett…206
8. Dean Wilson…169
9. Chad Reed…167
10. Broc Tickle…167

1. Zach Osborne…Hus
2. Dylan Ferrandis…Yam
3. Jordan Smith…Hon
4. Adam Cianciarulo…Kaw
5. Christian Craig…Hon
6. Kyle Cunningham…Suz
7. Luke Renzland…Yam
8. Joey Savatgy…Kaw
9. Cameron Mcadoo…Hon
10. Anthony Rodriguez…Yam
11. Gannon Audette…Kaw
12. Fredrik Noren…Hon
13. Mitchell Harrison…Yam
14. Jesse Wentland…Hon
15. Paul Coates…Yam
16. Henry Miller…Yam
17. Nick Gaines…Yam
18. Joshua Cartwright…Yam
19. Jerry Robin…Yam
20. Keith Tucker…Yam
21. Lane Staley…Kaw
22. John Short…Suz

(After 8 of 9 rounds)
1. Jordan Smith…160
2. Zach Osborne…159
3. Joey Savatgy…159
4. Adam Cianciarulo…146
5. Dylan Ferrandis…126
6. Christian Craig…97
7. Luke Renzland…84
8. Anthony Rodriguez…80
9. Kyle Cunningham…77
10. Mitchell Harrison…74

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