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This week’s giveaway for the 2024 Arlington Supercross giveaway is a $150 shopping spree to the Blud Lubricants website. Make sure you have the app downloaded and make your picks to win!

Just sign up with a legit email and phone number to qualify to win all prizes and a chance to win a Triumph 250 four-stroke which will be given away to the overall winner of all 31 SMX rounds!



  • San Diego- Arai VX-Pro4 helmet

  • Detriot- Insta360 AcePro camera
  • Glendale- Acerbis plastic set

  • Birmingham- Maxxis set of moto tires
  • Indy- Nacstar Wheelset
  • Seattle- Ogio giveaway
  • St. Louis- 100 percent giveaway
  • Foxborough- TO BE ANNOUNCED 
  • Nashville- TO BE ANNOUNCED
  • Salt Lake- TO BE ANNOUNCED

SMX series points winners

  1. Triumph 250
  2. Maxxis Truck tires ($2500 max)
  3. Boyesen $500 shopping spree
  4. FMF 4-stroke muffler or 2-stroke pipe and silencer with a $200 clothing shopping spree

Prepare for a  Supercross Fantasy experience like never before! Introducing our cutting-edge app, meticulously crafted to deliver all the action right to your fingertips. Say farewell to web browsers as we usher in a sophisticated, seamless, and completely free platform for you to dive into the world of Supercross Fantasy. While we gear up for the upcoming rider selection entries, you can already engage in intense competitions by joining private parties. Challenge your friends, create groups, and immerse yourself in the competition. If you’re using Apple click here and if you’re on Android click here.

Here displayed is the home screen of the MXA Fantasy League app this is where you can join events check up on how to play and the overall leaderboard of points from throughout the season. You will also find multiple tabs at the bottom for easy direction.


The selection process will soon be accessible through the Supercross button on the homepage or by creating a team in the “My Teams” tab. Once it becomes available, you will notice changes on this page, and the upcoming event will be highlighted in orange. Upon entry, you can select your team, consisting of six riders in the 450 class and six riders in the 250 class. Your choices should be based on your predictions for each rider’s performance in the main event. If a rider is chosen in the correct position, you’ll receive an additional ten points for your selection. However, if the rider isn’t placed correctly, you’ll earn points based solely on the AMA system. Riders placed outside the top six won’t earn you any points. In addition to selecting your riders, you’ll also be tasked with predicting the time gap between the first and second-place riders in the 450 main event, as well as estimating how many riders will be lapped by the race leader in the same event. For achieving the correct prediction in this category, you will earn an additional five points.


Once the platform is accessible, users can dive right in and start crafting their dream team of riders. This team will consist of six 450-class riders and six 250-class riders, giving you the perfect opportunity to curate your squad of riders. Within this user-friendly interface, you’ll find all the tools needed to efficiently and effectively manage your teams with ease.

After making your initial selections, you’ll gain access to a comprehensive overview of your current picks. Before finalizing your choices, you’ll have the valuable opportunity to fine-tune your team, ensuring that it perfectly aligns with your race result predictions. This step allows you to confidently confirm that your team reflects your expectations for the upcoming event. 


You can monitor and manage your selections by accessing the “My Teams” tab. This feature allows you to verify that your picks are in sync with the track’s positioning. Once the event concludes, you can review your selections in light of the actual event results, providing valuable insights into where you made the right choices or where adjustments might be needed.


We’ve introduced an exciting feature – the ability to create private parties! Now, instead of solely competing with the community, you can dive into the action with your very own exclusive group. Keep tabs on all your group members and enjoy a more personalized experience. To create your own private group, simply click the note button at the top of the page, add a name, and generate a unique key. Share this code with your friends, who can then join your party by clicking the plus sign at the top of the page and entering the code. From there, you’re all set to start competing and enjoying the fun together.

Instagram will load in the frontend.


If you’re using Apple click here and if you’re on Android click here

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