2021 KTM 450SXF

The 2021 KTM two-stroke and four-stroke models feature 10 changes that enhance the Austrian firm’s proven formula. For 2021, the new KTM models will continue to deliver superior performance and easy handling, thanks to these major updates. The basic KTM race model features an extremely compact, single-overhead-camshaft engine that, when mated to KTM’s efficient electronic fuel injection, pushes out unrivaled power in the most effective way possible. Here are 10 things you need to know about the 2021 KTM motocross models.


(1) All-new WP XACT front forks. Although the forks look identical to the 2020 OEM forks, the internals have six major differences.

First, there is an oil bypass notched into the outer fork legs to reduce pressure peaks when the stanchion bushing and cartridge bushing get close enough together to compress the fork oil.

Second, there is a trampoline shim stack that has the ability to flex at the end of the stroke to lessen harshness.

Third, the negative chamber’s cross-over bleed slot is twice as long as it was on the 2020 forks. Also, the negative air chamber spacer, which was doubled in size to lessen air space in 2018, has been downsized for 2021 to increase the negative chamber’s air space.

Fourth, the air seal on the left fork leg has four bypass holes to relieve pressure build up.

Fifth, the bottoming cone in the damping leg has been replaced with a bump-stop rubber O-ring.

Sixth, you don’t need a screwdriver to adjust the rebound damping; you can now turn the rebound clicker under the right fork leg by hand.

(2) Shock linkage seal. The rear shock gets new damping characteristics, while the all-new mid-valve damping system improves damping control for better feedback. Plus, the shock gets a more durable O-ring for the internal link piston. Finally, the shock linkage operates on new, low-friction SKF seals for freer movement of the shock linkage. The shock’s damping characteristics are selected to provide a slightly firmer suspension setting.

(3) New mapping. Nothing in the engine’s mechanical parts has been touched since 2020; however, there is new mapping for 2021. Map is much more responsive down low, while Map 2 has more over-rev. Plus, Maps 1 and 2 can be combined with Traction Control (TC) to give the racer four mapping options for increased traction control and power.

(4) Tires/wheels. Dunlop MX33 tires replace last year’s Dunlop MX3S tires. The tires are mounted on CNC-machined hubs with black-anodized Excel rims that combine unmatched performance and durability with massive weight savings.

(5) Shift linkage. The shift locker, the part on the end of the shift drum that engages the star-shaped gear selector, has been updated for more strength. In the past, riders who landed from jumps or went through the whoops and slammed their boot into the shift lever could damage the shift locker mechanism, which would lock the gearbox in that gear. The new shift locker should eliminate this problem.

(6) Hour meter. The triple clamp-mounted hour meter gets additional fixing points but only uses two M6 screw dimensions for the entire casing to make servicing easier.

(7) Optional vented airbox cover. On the 2021 four-stroke modles, KTM includes an optional vented airbox cover for snappier throttle response and stroge roverall power. It comes with the bikes, along with the stock unvented airbox cover for dusty, muddy or wet condition

(8) Graphics. New multi-color graphics with updated scheme.

(9) Top-end. New connecting rod with upper copper-beryllium bushing that reduces friction for enhanced engine character and vastly improves durability over a needle bearing.

(10) Value-Added. Often forgotten when talking about KTM bikes are the value added parts that come stock. They include: Brembo brakes; Pankl transmission; Braided steel brake hoses; Brembo hydraulic clutch, CNC machine steel clutch basket (with the primary gear machined into the basket; ODI lock-on grips; Plastic frame guards; Interchangeable wheel spacers that can accept different axle sizes; Indestructible chain guide; Quick-release fuel lines; In-line washable and replaceable fuel filters, Foolproof air filter/cage/airbox designs; Optional quick turn throttle cam; 223 pound weight (450SXF).2021 KTM 350SXF

2021 KTM 250SXF

2021 KTM 250SX


2021 KTM 125/150SXF


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