As we have seen numerous times during 2018 Supercross, teams have been decimated by injuries. One such team has been the Monster Energy/Yamalube/ Star Racing 250 East coast squad of Dylan Ferrandis, and Colt Nichols. With slim picking available stateside the team turned their attention to the World-racing scene and signed on UK Arenacross Champion, and French Supercross Champion Thomas Ramette. With only two days of testing in California, Ramette would go on to finish a very credible tenth overall in St Louis. While Ramette would finish 19th overall in the East/West Indianapolis Showdown, he scored an impressive sixth in his East Coast qualifier. Anxious to learn more about Thomas Ramette, we tracked down the number 206 rider in the snowy Star Yamaha pits at Lucas Oil Stadium. What we found was an excited, and very enthusiastic Frenchman anxious to make a mark in American Supercross.


THOMAS, LETS BEGIN WITH YOUR RIDE IN ST. LOUIS WHERE YOU FINISHED TENTH OVERALL. Sure, it had been a crazy week with just arriving over here from France, and then riding two days on a Supercross track in California. I rode on Wednesday, and Thursday before heading to St. Louis. So, like I said it was a pretty crazy week, but after St. Louis I was able to get a good week of training in, and I felt much better on the 250 Yamaha. I had not raced the 250 for a while, maybe six years, so I’ve been getting used to the bike, and felt better about racing in Indy.


YOU HAVE BEEN RACING THE 450 IN ARENACROSS, AND ARE ACTUALLY AN ARENACROSS CHAMPION RIGHT? There are two big championships I race in, one is the French Supercross Championship which is run June through December, and another race series from January to February with the U K Arenacross Series which is eight nights of racing.  I won the French Championship in 2017, and I won the 2017 UK Arena Cross Championship too. Like you said, I have ridden the 450’s since a long time ago, and it was a big adjustment to get used to the 250. It is a different riding style, with using a lot higher RPM, so I am getting used to the bike and the racing is going to be better and better.

DID YOU EVER COMPETE IN ANY OF THE GPS IN EUROPE? I did two GPs in Europe some years ago. I think it was my last racing in the 250 class, which was in 2009, but now the GP’s have become very difficult, as many riders have to pay for their GP rides. So the way I see the sport is very difficult for me to compete, so then I focused on the Supercross. Riding on a factory team here right now in and racing 250 Supercross–I am truly living a dream.

THIS SERIES IS ALL NEW TOO YOU, DO YOU HAVE ANY EXPECTATIONS OF WHERE YOU WANT TO FINISH? I am going to take it race by race, but in the short-term, I would like to finish in the top six. That was especially difficult in Indianapolis as it was the East West Showdown, so the goal was to get in the main and do the best race that I can. My main goal is to finish top ten, but get close to the top six.

YOU ARE RACING FOR THE MONSTER ENERGY/YAMALUBE/STAR RACING YAMAHA TEAM THE REST OF SUPERCROSS, WILL THERE BE ANY OPPORTUNITY TO RACE THE OUTDOOR MOTOCROSS SERIES HERE? I have contracts in Europe for Arenacross that start in June, so I am going to fly back after Las Vegas. But I am going to do the best that I can on the Star Yamaha 250, and enjoy every minute of it.


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