2004 RM-Z250

The engine was designed by Suzuki, but the full package is being produced by Kawasaki.

The compact 249cc, four-stroke, liquid cooled engine features a four-valve head (the valves are titanium).

The cylinder is plated aluminum and houses a forged, two-ring piston.

Carburetion is via a 37mm Keihin FCR (with hot start and throttle position sensor)

The lubrication system is a semi-dry sump with separate oil chambers for the crank and transmission, but shared oil.
Five-speed transmission.

Titanium head pipe and stainless S-bend.
Aluminum skid plate with plastic case guards.

2004 RM125

What’s new for 04?

Showa suspension components. the forks have a reshaped oil separator with straighter oil passages. the section section of the outer fork tube has had its diameter increased.

10mm lower seating position
The rear shock has a redesigned lower clevis mount, no piston check valves, and a new shock linkage system. (the cushion lever is now connected to the swingarm–instead of the frame).

New front brake master cylinder with improved sealing and CR-style brake routing.

Floating front rotor.

Integrated rear master cylinder.

2004 RM250

What’s new for 04?

Re-tuned engine for improved overall power and more rev.

New cylinder head with reduced squish (for better low to mid).

New porting.

Redesigned shift cam, stopper plate, stopper arm and stiffer shift spring (for more accurate shifting).

10mm lower seat, 7mm higher handlebars.
Showa suspension instead of Kayaba.

New shock linkage (the cushion lever now attaches to the swingarm).

Floating front brake.

Improved front master cylinder with CR-Style brake routing.

Integrated rear brake master cylinder.

2004 RM85L

The major difference between the RM85 and RM85L is the wheel size (the L is the Big Wheel model).

What’s new for 04?

50mm longer muffler.

Stiffer frame.

Upgraded swingarm with RM125-style chain adjusters.

All-new rear shock (with revised compression valve setting, reshaped rubber cushion, higher grade oil and Kashima-coated inner cylinder.

New brake pads.

Larger front and rear wheel spoke nipple diameter for more durability.