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MXA will hold its annual Industry Ride Day on December 7, 2016, at Glen Helen Raceway. This event is not an open ride day for the public—only riders who have their name on the gate list will be allowed to ride on the track. No name on the list, no entrance. Since the event is an annual ride/lunch for the people in the industry who play a big role in the success of both MXA and Dirt Bike, it is open to industry, race team, aftermarket, products managers, advertisers and supporters of MXA and DB. It is thank you from MXa to its supporters in the industry. How could you get your name on the list? That’s up to what company you work for and whether or not they will vouch for you. We are going to take all of the proceeds from the day, be it from the T-shirt donations or the blind auction of memorabilia and products and donate 100% of the money to Jessy Nelson for his recovery fund.

If you didn’t receive your invitation letter or forget to RSVP to put your name on the gate list contact Dereck Bernard at dereckb@hi-torque.com, Chris Stangl at chris@hi-torque.com, Robb Mesecher at robbm@hi-torque.com or John Barilla at johnb@hi-torque.com. These are the gate keepers and the holders of the master list.

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