Photos by Brian ConverseOn a slightly chilly and wet day in Arlington, Texas, the 2018 Monster Energy Supercross Series visited the home of the “Dallas Cowboys” in AT&T Stadium over the weekend and made for some insane racing in both classes. As for now the 250 East Class is just heating up, and the title fight in the 450 Class might be game over. Here’s how the night went down.

In 250 heat one, the number 36 of Rj Hampshire jumped to the early lead by accidentally slamming the number 35 of Austin Forkner in second. Forkner took that as a clear signal that it was time to play rough, so he made some aggressive moves on Hampshire, and eventually took the win followed by Dylan Ferrandis in second, and Jimmy Decotis in third. Rj Hampshire would cross line in fifth.

In 250 heat two, Martin Davalos put together a solid, smooth, and unbeatable performance aboard the Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki. He would take the win followed by Zach Osborne in second, and Jordon Smith in third. Now, onto the big bikes!

In 450 heat one, Justin Barcia nearly got landed on by doubling the triple taking him out of the nice, and for the entire night show. Tyler Bowers would take the lead, and hold it for multiple laps until getting passed by a very hungry Weston Peick. Weston would take the win followed by Tyler Bowers in second, and Cole Seely in third.

Its been a rough few weekends for Eli Tomac. He’s clearly out of the points chase, but he is still here racking up those wins regardless. He pulled a great start, and lead all the way to the checkers. Jason Anderson followed in second and Dean Wilson in third.

The fans were going nuts for the 250 and 450 LCQ’s. In the 250 class, Lorenzo Laccrucio took first, John Short took second, and Challen Tennant took third. In the 450’s it was Ben Lamay in first, Aj Catanzaro in second, and Henry Miller in third. Now, onto the Main Events!

Right off the bat in the 250 Supercross main there was a huge first turn crash nearly taking out the entire field, and even brought down some big names. Rj Hampshire jumped to the early lead and managed to hold it for nearly a full 8 out of 15 minutes. Zach Osborne started off the race in forth, and slowly worked his way up behind Rj Hampshire. Eventually, Rj would get passed and fall to forth while Zach would take the first 250 East gate drop of 2018.

Colt Nichols wasn’t even sure if he was ready to race as of a week ago. He booked his flight the Sunday after San Diego and managed to put together a great podium performance in Arlington. He crossed the line in second.

This one was a huge sigh of relief for Jimmy Decotis. He’s been putting in a lot of work this off-season with the JGR crew, and has brewed up a fire to win now more than ever before. In Arlington, he finished 3rd. Official Results: Zach Osborne (1st), Colt Nichols (2nd), Jimmy Decotis (3rd).


  1. Zach Osborne (Hus)– 26
  2. Colt Nichols (Yam)– 23
  3. James Decotis (Suz)– 21
  4. Rj Hampshire (Hon)– 19
  5. Jeremy Martin (Hon– 18
  6. Jordon Smith (Hon)– 17
  7. Austin Forkner (Kaw)– 16
  8. Brandon Hartranft (Yam)–15
  9. Sean Cantrell (KTM)– 14
  10. Luke Renzland (Yam)– 13
  11. John Short (Suz)– 12
  12. Lorenzo Locurcio (Hon)– 11
  13. Nick Gaines (Yam)– 10
  14. Cameron McAdoo (Hon)– 9
  15. Cody Vanbuskirk (KTM)– 8

  16. Kyle Peters (Suz) – 7
  17. Challenging Tennant (Yam)– 6
  18. Jayce Pennington (Yam)– 5

  19. Dylan Ferrandis (Yam)– 4
  20. Josh Osby (KTM)– 3
  21. Anthony Rodriguez (KTM)– 2
  22. Martin Davalos (Kaw)– 1

As the flames rose and the gates drooped to start the 450 main event, Eli Tomac pulled a flawless holeshot and dropped the hammer and checked out from the field. Points leader, Jason Anderson was not far behind in second until he made a slight mistake in a corner and would drop a few positions taking him off the podium. Marvin Musquin and Blake Baggett capitalized on Anderson’s mistake and took over second and third.

As the checkered flags waved, it was all about Eli Tomac takes his third win of the season!

Official Results: Eli Tomac (1st), Marvin Musquin (2nd), Blake Baggett (3rd).


  1. Jason Anderson–141
  2. Justin Barcia–113
  3. Cole Seely–106
  4. Ken Roczen–102
  5. Blake Baggett–99
  6. Justin Brayton–99
  7. Weston Peick–98
  8. Marvin Musquin–96
  9. Josh Grant–83
  10. Broc Tickle–82



It looks like after his crash in Arlington, Justin Barcia broke his hand after his crash

Justin commented: “Small set back will have surgery tomorrow and be back in no time. Luckily it’s just my hand and I can still keep my fitness up off the bike! Thanks to all my fans and great sponsors!” 

 After the 250 main event first turn crash, it looks like Martin Davalos will race once again this season.

Martin commented: Honestly last night was so insane and I’m so thankful and blessed I was able to walk away from that nasty crash. My thoughts are, if u get beat to the first turn and everybody is breaking to make the turn, that means u gotta f#%?!*£ break man it’s that simple. It just makes racing so much more dangerous when s#%* like that happens specially when you get hit from behind and your not expecting it. I’m so bummed I felt great all day and I was riding to my full potential. I wanted to really race the guys hard and give it my best for such a hard working team I’m on! Thank you to everybody that supports me I’ll get further evaluation this week on how my body is doing but I’m expecting to race again! And let me tell you bods this ain’t over till it’s over!”

250 Rookie Sean Cantrell made his debut this weekend in Arlington aboard the Red Bull Troy Lee Designs GoPro KTM Team. Sean finished 7th in his heat, and managed to put himself in second for eight minutes of the 250 main. Cantrell made a few little mistakes, and managed to finish 8th.

Sean commented: “Despite getting into the tough blocks, there is a lot to build with from last night! Managed to escape the first turn carnage and run up front for a while. Onto next weekend.”

Up next on the schedule Tampa, Florida. We’ll see you next week!


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