Photos by Brian Converse.On March 3rd  in Atlanta, Georgia, the 2018 Monster Energy Supercross series headed to the all new “Mercedes Benz Dome” in for round 9 of the season. From a fans perspective, it was by far one of the most intense races of the season thus far. But for the riders, it was also the toughest. This night brought the second of three “Triple Crown” race format of the year, which would add an extra  zest to the race. Here’s how things shook down:

To start off the day, Dylan Ferranids clocked in the fastest 250 time of the day in qualifying.

And Eli Tomac once again clocked in the fastest 450 time of the day in qualifying.

As you probably know by now, once qualifying is over, the stadium gets filled with fans from all over the state to watch the death defying sport we call Supercross. Opening ceremonies is a fan favorite.

Chad Reed is, and always will be a fan favorite.

Cooper Webb is definitely gaining momentum in the series. Fans love Webb’s style and drive to win.

Broc Tickle may not have had the results he wanted, but his wheelie game is definitely on point.

A very special moment was on hand in the Mercedes Benz Dome. Supercross Live honored the newly retired Davi Millsaps in his home town of Atlanta.

In case you are unfamiliar with the new “Tripple Crown” format, heres how it goes: Each class will have three main events. The 250SX class will compete in 6, 10, and 12-minute main events, while the 450SX class will compete in 8, 12, and 15-minute main events. An Olympic-style scoring method will be used to determine an overall winner in each class from all three main events where the lowest combined score at the end will be awarded the overall win.

250 Main Event 1 easily went to Zach Osborne. In the pack there was major carriage, but the defending 250 East champion put together a solid performance. The number 29 of Martin Davalos jumped to the early lead, but made a big mistake handing the lead over to Zach Osborne. Behind Osborne was Dylan Ferranids in second, and Jordon Smith in third.

In the 450 Class, things were shaken up drastically due to bad starts and tiny mistakes in Main Event 1. When we tell you that the entire top 5 were grouped together for one epic battle the entire time, believe it. Positions were swapped left and right. For awhile, HRC fill in rider Christian Craig managed to lead the early laps of the race. But these guys were fired up, and his lead didn’t last. In the end, Justin Brayton came out on the top step followed by Jason Anderson and Blake Baggett.

Now, onto the second main events of the night. These are what would shake up the entire night.

Off the start in the 250 class, Austin Forkner jumped to the early lead followed by Zach Osborne and Martin Davalos. Around the 5-8 minute mark, Osborne started challenging Forkner. But Austin would eventually make probably one of the most controversial moves of the night, and knock Osborne out of a podium position. Which left the door open for Martin Davalos to battle his way to victory.

In the end, Martin Davalos made his way past Forkner and took the win in 250 Main Event 2 followed by Austin Forkner in second and Zach Osborne in third.

After Osborne was taken out by Austin Forkner, this was his “aftermath”. Osborne wasn’t too happy.

Next up was the big 450 class for their second Main Event of the night.

In this race, Jason Anderson pulled his first holeshot of the season and eventually went on to take the win in 450 Main Event 2.

Behind him is where all the action happened. Cooper Webb dodged mounds of crashes and lappers   to hold off Eli Tomac for second place. Tomac crossed the line in third.

After all the battles were through in the second mains, it was time to drop the gate for the final mains of the night. Colt Nichols didn’t have the greatest of starts earlier on, but he was looking to improve.

Right out of the gate, Jeremy Martin pulled the holeshot and jumped to the lead. We haven’t seen much from the number 6 in a long time it seems, but he was on fire in Atlanta. Eventually he crossed the line in first winning Main Event 3, but he would get a 5th overall in the Triple Crown standings.

His teammate Rj Hampshire didn’t have the best of luck. Recently we’ve seen a lot out of the number 36, but in Atlanta he seemed to struggle. Rj finished fourth overall in the Triple Crown standings.

Jordan Smith managed to stay consistent with his results all night, which resulted in a third overall on the night.

This Main Event came down to the wire for Zach Osborne. He went down on the first lap, and multiple times saw the overall slip through his fingers. But every pass he made kept putting him closer and closer. Eventually he worked his way up to fifth, which was good enough for a second overall.

Now the reason why Zach landed on a second overall, was because Austin Forkner made a last minute move on Rj Hampshire for third in the Main Event. But with that pass, came one extra point to throw him above Osborne for the overall win.

Official results: Austin Forkner (1st), Zach Osborne (2nd), Jordan Smith (3rd).


  1. Zach Osborne (Hus) – 70
  2. Austin Forkner (Kaw) – 68
  3. Rj Hampshire (Hon) – 57
  4. Jordon Smith (Hon) – 55
  5. Colt Nichols (Yam) – 54
  6. James Decotis (Suz) – 47
  7. Jeremy Martin (Hon – 47
  8. Luke Renzland (Yam) – 42
  9. Dylan Ferrandis (Yam) – 34
  10. Martin Davalos (Kaw) – 34

The fans roared as the big 450 bikes headed off the gate to complete their final main of the night.

Geico Honda’s Christian Craig filled in for the injured Cole Seely for the next few weekends. He managed to jump to the early lead in Main Event 3, but eventually lost it due to a few tiny mistakes. Craig finished fifth overall in Atlanta.

After going on to win Main Event 1, Justin Brayton certainly had the confidence to come through with a solid overall position. He finished sixth in Main Event 3, which gave him a fourth overall on the night.

Eli Tomac stayed consistent all night, which ultimately lead to a third overall. In the main, he had to battle it out with current points leader Jason Anderson on multiple accounts, but just couldn’t hold him off.

Marvin Musquin was your Main Event 3 winner. He managed to stay in the top every main, which qualified him for a second place in overall scoring.

Winning seems to be the new normal for Jason Anderson. He is the spokesperson for the term “consistency”. He only won one main on this night, but still qualified for a first place overall score.

Official results: Jason Anderson (1st), Marvin Musquin (2nd), Eli Tomac (3rd).


  1. Jason Anderson–207
  2. Marvin Musquin–165
  3. Blake Baggett–150
  4. Justin Brayton–144
  5. Eli Tomac-137
  6. Weston Peick–136
  7. Cooper Webb-125
  8. Cole Seely–124
  9. Broc Tickle–118
  10. Justin Barcia-113



Justin Hill had a nasty get off in 450 Main Event 1 in Atlanta. After an impressive unexpected performance in Tampa last weekend, fans were excited to see Justin come back with vengeance to win. After the crash, reports say that Justin suffered a few broken toes after lawn darting out of a deep rhythm section.

Hill commented: “Rollin’ the windows up😭 Broken toes bruised as heck but I’ll live.”

There are no reports on when we will see Justin Hill next.

Dylan Ferrandis was another rider that ended up on the crashing hard off the triple in the Main Events. Dylan clipped a tough block coming off a triple, and landed on the ground after falling from the sky a ways.

Dylan commented: “Had a bad crash at Atlanta Supercross hit a tuff blocks at the take off of a triple, broken arm and broken teeth, don’t know yet about my jaw. Quick stop to France to get big check up and surgeries…”

We want to wish all the best to Dylan on his road to recovery.

On the other hand, Weston Peick crashed in the exact same spot as Dylan Ferrandis during qualifying earlier in the day and ended up okay.

Weston commented: Definitely not how I wanted my day to start off, but I’m glad I was able to walk away from this and race last night. Glad I only have a bruised heel and banged up shoulder after a 70ft gap 😂. #concreteforbreakfast

Weston finished twelfth overall on the night.

Luckily, Broc Tickle is also okay and in good spirits after his nasty crash in Atlanta during Main Event 2.

Broc Commented: “Tough night in ATL 💆🏼 ready for a good week with the boys heading into Daytona 👍🏼 Onward and upwards 🚀”


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